How to hide sold-out variants for sectioned themes in Shopify

Updated: March 15, 2021


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The Shopify marketplace is very competitive and lucrative with millions of potential customers. It is necessary for the Shopify store owners to impress their visitors whenever they come to their website. One of the reasons that make their visitors disappointed is out-of-stock products. This status of products makes the customers feel so annoying when they desire to buy a product.

However, there are too many of products variants that the online sellers cannot manage. Therefore, when some of them are sold out, it is really difficult for them to track all of them. To avoid customer’s dissatifaction, the online sellers should hide not available products in their shops

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About sold-out variants

The steps for this tutorial differ depending on whether you are using a sectioned or a non-sectioned theme. A sectioned theme is a newer theme that lets you drag and drop to arrange the layout of your store’s pages.

If the Shopify store owners want to find a tool to avoid customers from selecting sold-out variants, this guiding article How to hide sold-out variants for sectioned themes in Shopify will be useful for them. With simple steps, this tutorial will give the Shopify store owners . In the case that you use a sectioned theme, then you can follow these steps to hide sold-out variants on the product page.

How to hide sold-out variants for sectioned themes in Shopify

Step 1: Go to Themes and Edit code

In the admin dashboard, the users click to Online Store and then choosing Themes. For expected themes that the Shopify store owners want to edit, they just need select it by clicking Actions and Edit code.

hide sold out variants in shopify

Step 2: Add a new snippet

At this step, admins can come to the Snippets directory and choose Add a new snippet.

Step 3: Create remove-sold-out snippet

After creating a new snippet, the users should name it as remove-sold-out

insert custom form fields in shopify

Step 4: Paste on Github

Choose this code which is hosted on GitHub to paste in the new snippet file.

Step 5 : Save

After that, the changes should be saved by clicking Save.

Step 6: Back to layout

For the Layout directory, the online sellers click theme.liquid to continue.

insert custom form fields in shopify

Step 7: Paste code

It is necessary for the store owners to paste these code below in the end of the file which is before the closing </body> tag.

{% include 'remove-sold-out' %}

Step 8: Save

Click Save to finish all steps.


How to hide sold-out variants for sectioned themes in Shopify above has just brought the users the simple process to hide the sold-out products. Besides, in case the Shopify store owners want to disable sold-out variants in their shops, they can refer this article Jekyll with a chain of articles such as How to disable sold-out variants for sectioned themes in Shopify.

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