How to generate a new product section in Shopify

Updated: March 14, 2021


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In the previous post about how to generate a new product template, you must have followed those steps successfully. This is the continuous guide for you to do the next steps which are to generate a new product section. Thanks to this, you can link your product template with the section you are going to create effectively. Below is the transparent instruction.

Generate a new product section

Step 1: Choose Add a new section

After you’ve done all of the steps in the previous post, you can move to this step. Scroll down and take a view of the Sections field, make sure to choose Add a new section which I’ve marked by the red rectangle in the picture below.

Generate a new product section

Step 2: Generate the section

In this step, you will generate a new product section. To do this, name the new section product-template-requires-contact firstly. Afterward, press on the Create section. You can see in the following illustrated picture.

Generate a new product section

Step 3: Make the file empty

To make the file empty, you need to delete all the default code. To be more clear, blacken all the content and press on the Delete button on the keyboard.

Generate a new product section

Step 4: Copy the content of the product-template.liquid file

Look at the Sections field again and make sure to find the product-template.liquid file. Next, you need to copy all the codes in the file.

Generate a new product section

Step 5: Paste the content into your new file

In this step, make sure that you go to the new product-template-requires-contact.liquid file which you’ve created. Paste the code you’ve just copied into the file.

Generate a new product section

Step 6: : Tap on Save

Finally, don’t forget to tap on Save to save all you’ve done. You’ve created a new product section successfully.

Generate a new product section


After following the previous post and this one, you can replace the Add to cart button for an item in an intelligent way. In addition, you should visit the writing I’ve prepared about how to hide the add to cart button in detail. Tap here to move forward to the instruction. Hope you find these ones useful and easy to carry out. It’s highly recommended that you should follow the process to hide the add to cart button successfully.

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