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Set Conditions Based on Price, Weight, or Inventory Stock on Shopify

Last updated: May 01, 2024
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You can set the conditions of your products not only based on the product title, variant title, type, vendor, or product tags, but you can also set it according to the price, weight or inventory stock of the products.

After you have set the conditions of a collection based on the product price, compare at price, weight, or inventory, all the products which satisfy the conditions will be added automatically to that collection.

It depends on the option that you will set in the second drop-down list. Your collection will include products that match exactly, greater, or less than the value which you entered in the third field.

In this tutorial, I will explain all the options which you will have when setting conditions to help you to make decisions quickly and more effectively.

  • is equal to: A product which has the price, weight or inventory stock identical with the value that you have entered will be automatically added in your collection.

  • is not equal to: This option will be applied for the products that not match the value.

  • is greater than: All the products which have the higher price, heavier, or have more stock than the values in the condition section will be added to the collection.

  • is less than: In this option, the product that less than the value will be added.

Above is some basic information about the meaning of all the options which you will have to deal with. To make it easier for you to imagine and practice, here is an example on how to set up a condition which will add all the products that are $50 or more expensive in the More than $50 collection.

How to set conditions based on price, weight, or inventory stock

Step 1: Choose collections

Login to your Shopify account. After that select Products. Choose the Collections section to view all your collections.


Step 2: Click on Conditions section

Choose More than $50 collection by clicking the name of it. Then scroll down to see the Conditions section.

Step 3: Choose Product price

In the first drop-down list, select Product price.


Step 4: Select the option Is Greater than

In the second drop-down list, choose the option is greater than.


Step 5: Set the value for the condition

To set value for your condition, enter 50 in the third field.


Step 6: Choose save button

Finally, click the Save button to apply the new condition.

After you have saved it, all the products which have the price higher than $50 will be added to your More than $50 collection.



In conclusion, the conditions of the collection can be set based on different values. I hope that the instruction above will give you the essential information on how to set conditions based on price, weight, or inventory stock on your Shopify page on Desktop. You can also apply this method to set up conditions on iPhone and Android.

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