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How to add the gift-wrapping snippet in your cart template in Shopify

Sam Nguyen
Sam Updated: June 23, 2024


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Customers always love bonus gifts when they buy any products at your store. Gifts will make purchasers happier and feel that they are treated better at your shop than the other. Therefore, you might get more loyal customers. The tutorial will instruct you to include the gift-wrapping snippet in your cart template.

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General information about sectioned and non-sectioned themes

The sectioned theme is a new theme allowing you to create and arrange the layout of your e-store’s websites while the non-sectioned theme is an older one published before October 2016 without Section directory. Therefore, to check which theme you are using, you go to Edit code page, if files exist in Section directory, it means that sectioned theme is being utilized or vice versa.

In addition, a sectioned theme will show two tabs at the top of editor titled Sections and General Settings while a non-sectioned theme has only one column in theme editor consisting of tools or functions like general, colors and fonts, headers, footers, collection pages and so one.

Attention with cart template

These steps are not customized for drawer and pop-up style and only work for a cart page. In case you use a cart drawer or pop-up, you have to change your cart-style to page in theme editor. Then you add a product to the cart in theme preview and open Cart page to view your cart setting.

Let’s move to steps to include the gift-wrapping snippet for the sectioned and non-sectioned theme.

How to add the gift-wrapping snippet in your cart template for the sectioned theme and non-sectioned themes

Step 1:

Open cart-template-liquid in Sections directory. Unless your theme has a cart-template-liquid, then click cart-liquid in the Templates directory.

How to add the gift wrapping snippet in Shopify

Step 2: Look for the </form> tag in the code, then you paste the following code in front of a closing </form> tag.

{% include 'gift-wrapping' %}

Step 3: Save


Briefly, the tutorial aims to instruct you to add the gift-wrapping snippet in your cart template. We hope that your website will bring a new shopping experience for customers. Let’s us know your difficulties and we will help you to address these problems.

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