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13+ Best Shopify Baby Store Examples & How To Build

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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

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Baby clothes and baby accessories are some of the most profitable products to sell online. The trouble is that when there are too many stores, they can all look the same, and it is hard to distinguish the good ones from the bad ones. If you are looking to start selling your baby products, this is a problem that you must face.

How can you create an eCommerce baby store that provides your own unique style and attracts parents to purchase for their kids?

A good start is to look at the potential competitors on the market. Not only have they been in the game for a while, but the successful baby stores can also provide you essential information on website design and user experience. With that in mind, I took a tour around the web to find the best Shopify baby store examples for you.

Shopify has powered some of the best online baby stores to give you inspiration for your eCommerce store. And, who knows, you may even find some new ideas to make your business even better. Let’s get started!

Best Shopify baby store examples

Shopify is a highly flexible and customizable eCommerce platform that lets store owners design a beautiful store with top-notch features. The following Shopify baby store examples not only look gorgeous for buyers to visit; they also provide an enjoyable shopping experience for parents who want the best products for their children.

1. Natural Baby Shower - All baby products

Started from spending time in New Zealand, Natural Baby Shower is the creation of Victoria Hampson - a mom who believes in ethical and natural approaches to parenting. She and her husband wanted to provide UK parents with sustainable baby products that are friendly to the environment.

The Shopify store offers excellent and high-quality products at affordable prices, with the commitment to bring conscious products suitable for the delicate little ones. The customer support team is always ready to give parents expert advice, whether through blog posts or live chat assistance.

There is a massive range of products on Natural Baby Showers, including strollers, baby carriers, apparel, meal items, and more. They all look adorable with lovely textures and colors, and parents can easily find unique products for their kids. The store also has a Trustpilot score right on the top of the page, enhancing the social proof effect.

2. Happiest Baby - Smart sleepers

Happiest Baby is a special business based in California that provides automatic smart sleepers to help parents raise healthy babies with good night sleeps. All the products are backed by science, based on 20+ years of research by Dr. Harvey Karp - America’s #1 pediatrician.

These sleepers are safe and sound, just like the baby’s dreams, giving parents the peace of mind without looking after the kid all the time. You can also purchase baby swaddles, blankets, sheets, and more to guarantee nights without the sound of crying.

One thing I absolutely love about Happiest Baby’s Shopify store is the use of social validation. You can find reviews and testimonials on almost every page, including the homepage and the product’s page. This gives a strong sense of trust, especially with delicate products for babies.

3. Sleeping Baby - Sleeping clothes

Here, we have another store that aims to help babies sleep well, only through clothes. With a fantastic collection of pajamas, Sleeping Baby has its unique swaddles and baby gears for many ages. The homepage is immediately persuasive, claiming thousands of 5-star reviews from parent buyers.

The tagline is something I would like to clap for. “Better sleep for your baby, Better sleep for YOU” - this line hits right in the sweet spot with parents. You know how difficult it is to get a good sleep while babies just can’t stop crying or playing. The store also provides more baby gears for a fun sleep night.

The store uses the trust badges provided by shows and news they were featured on, including Forbes, Shark Tank, Parents, and Good Morning America. This is emphatic proof that the business has quite a reputation on the market.

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4. Posh Peanut - Children’s boutique

Posh Peanut started in 2011 as the founder - Fiona Sahakian wanted to provide top quality baby clothes. She is a wife and a mother of two, as well as a hairstylist, so she knows how to create good children’s boutiques and accessories that are also fashionable. Her eye for style is also a contributing factor to the success of Posh Peanut.

The Shopify store is simple, elegant, and very easy to navigate. One thing you can learn from Posh Peanut is how they take pictures of products. All are beautiful real-life images that were professionally shot, so parents can see how the clothes look like on their babies. However, I didn’t see a review section available on the product page, which is a letdown.

5. Huxbaby - Fashionable kid’s clothes

Who says kids can’t look like professional models? Huxbaby is the obvious Shopify baby store example with a bold design that you often only find at adult clothing websites. The business provides clothes and accessories for babies and children of older ages. If you have kids of different ages, this is the perfect place to shop for all.

The clothes look stylish, especially because of the professional style lookbook and the website’s font. The mouse icon would change when you hover over products, which is a nice and cute touch. With a unique style of website design and photography, Huxbaby does a good job at standing out on the market.

6. Baby Mori - Organic baby clothes

Founded in Turkey in 2015, Baby Mori aims to ensure that young babies have the best possible product in life to grow up. The clothes are soft and safe to have a comfortable feeling. The creators made the clothes have a simplistic design but made from high-quality materials, babies may always want you to buy from this store.

Contrary to the unique style like Huxbaby, Baby Mori has very neutral colors for their items, creating a peaceful feeling. This resonates with the company’s commitment to sustainability and giving back to the community. The company partnered with Little Village in London to curate bundles of clothing for those in need.

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7. Magnolia Baby - Cotton baby clothes

Established in 2006, Magnolia Baby was born with a vision in mind - creating sophisticated designs for babies and children. The products have the highest quality Pima cotton and are hand embroidered. The production process makes all items comfortable with style and luxury. The brand has nearly 450 products and has expanded into markets in the UK, the Middle East, and Asia.

The store’s design is simple and elegant just like the products, but many can find this design to be a little bit outdated. Magnolia Baby also offers wholesale - which not many online stores can do. One thing I really like about the website is the collection tab with updated collections for each year and season. It can really help parents to look for items based on the weather.

8. Wildbird - Baby slings

Wildbird impressed me while I did my research because when I scrolled down from the homepage, I could see a cool animation of expansion that revealed the whole page. Also, the product provided by Wildbird is highly unique as they are baby slings - which lets mothers hold their babies with customization.

By choosing a different approach to baby carriers, Wildbird is able to provide products that buyers can’t find anywhere else. The website is beautifully designed and powered by Shopify Plus - making every customer interaction smooth as a baby’s bottom (bear with me here). The product pages are just amazing with reviews and video guides combined to quickly convince potential customers.

9. Mini Mioche - Canada children clothes

Alyssa Kerble started Mini Mioche in 2009 in Canada as a side hustle to create comfy and timeless designs for children. The products are super soft, gender-neutral, and sustainable. The company promises to create a better future for kids by manufacturing products that can be passed on from children to children.

Baby Mioche also commits to protecting the environment by having no plastic packaging, eco-conscious marketing, and recycled shipping materials. If you buy in-store, you can donate used products to have a discount on the next purchase - which is a great idea for any kid store. This mindful approach of a baby store gives a generous vibe that many parents can stand behind.

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10. Rock Your Baby - Cool kid clothing

Since the store’s launch in 2003, Rock Your Baby has constantly designed high quality and cool fashion items for kids. Each season, the company will find new artists to collaborate with and introduce new collections, just like an adult fashion company. The company believes in the own sense of fashion of little kids, so they have many fun clothes that shoppers can’t find anywhere else.

With a unique style of clothing, Rock Your Baby provides dresses, tops, bottoms, track pants, playsuits, sleepwear, and more to kids from big to small. The store design keeps the simplicity of a Shopify theme but still creates a fun vibe by playing with many colors. I really like the product designs, since they take inspiration from adult items and turn them into kid-friendly versions.

11. Skobi - Children’s shoes

Sophi and Jason founded Skobi because they couldn’t find suitable school shoes for their children in the Australian market. The company has five ranges of products for different kinds of activities, so kids can comfortably enjoy their active lives. The products use the finest leather provided by European factories. There is also a partnership program for schools to contact and offer better shoes to students.

One thing I really like about Skobi is how they design the product page with a deep filter that buyers can select products by style, color, and features. A list of comparable products is available so shoppers can immediately see the special features of each product line and what they lack.

12. Rocket Baby - Italy baby products

Based in Italy, Rocket Baby is a general Shopify baby store that offers a huge selection of products. They literally have a navigation feature to shop by A-Z, which means their products are across alphabetical order. All the items are amazingly fashionable and stylish, having the best Italian quality for maximum comfy.

The homepage lets you scroll indefinitely for product categories - which just shows how large this online store is. What I would like them to add is an About Us section, since I couldn’t find it anywhere. The product categories are well placed with moving images here and there to demonstrate items, which is helpful. Also, the review score can be larger, especially when they have over 3,000 good reviews.

13. Milk Tooth - Baby toys

Milk Tooth was a work from the home project by Kath, which soon led to success for the two-daughter mother. The store focuses on providing the most beautiful toys and decor for children. Milk Tooth has been featured in many magazines such as Minty Magazine, The Herald Sun, and Home Beautiful magazine.

The business provides a huge variety of products, including wooden toys, dolls, baskets, soft toys, interiors, and more. All products are kid-friendly so children can have fun without worrying about anything. A favorite approach for marketing that Milk Tooth uses is email marketing, offering rewards and news through emails.

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How to build a Shopify baby store

With all the Shopify store examples above, you must have found some inspiration for your own business. In this section, let’s see how you can use Shopify - one of the most used eCommerce platforms in the world to build a successful baby store.

Step 1: Plan your baby business

A clear plan is essential to any eCommerce business, it will help you map out the specifics and discover what you need to start selling. A few important questions to ask yourself about your baby store are:

  • Who is your target market (baby, kids, boys, girls, etc.)?
  • What are the costs for startup and running your business?
  • How much can you charge customers for your products? (Your margin)
  • What will you name your baby store?
  • How can you make your baby store more profitable?

Each of the examples above has different answers to these questions, and so does your business. If you plan to sell online only, Shopify is the perfect option to start with its robust eCommerce features. If you also want to sell in a brick and mortar store, you should see if Shopify POS and Payment is available in your country to save transaction costs.

Your store’s name is also extremely important since it is how parents see the appropriation of your products to their children. When researching, you will need to see if your name is available and not taken by any other store in your target market. Shopify helps you insert a new domain name easily, so you don’t need to worry too much.

Step 2: Set up your Shopify baby store

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If you are ready to build your Shopify baby store, then let’s do it! First, let’s get to Shopify and sign up for an account. You have a 3-day free trial and first 3 months of using Shopify for only $1 to test and try all the features, so don’t worry about the cost yet. If you are happy, the lowest plan for Shopify only costs $39 per month. After that, you will have a dashboard to create the store and manage all the backend of the business.

The process is simple from here. You will need to pick a template from the Shopify theme store to build your look, then add the products and check the settings for all your needs. Finally, you choose the domain’s name of your online store and you will be good to launch!

With templates, you have over 70+ options on the Shopify Theme Store. All of them are fully customizable so you can have the best look and feel for your baby brand. A Shopify theme often has 2-4 variations, so you can change your store’s look in many different ways with just one purchase. The example above is the Boost theme, Turbo Theme, Parallax Theme.

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By adding products, you have a straightforward process in the dashboard. You will need a product photo, name, description, and price to start. Then, you can create product collections and relevant items to upsell or cross-sell.

With the domain’s name, you will need one that suits your brand’s name and target customer. Seeing the examples above, I’m sure you can see that many have the word ‘baby’ in their names - this is for shoppers to instantly recognize the purpose of the store. You can try the same approach, just keep in mind that your company’s name should be special enough to stand out on the market.

Oh, and don’t forget to make a checklist before you start selling. You will need everything to function smoothly for a good shopping experience. See if you have a shipping method, contact information, review page, and checkout methods in place. Then, your Shopify baby store is good to go!

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Step 3: Define and market your baby brand

Your brand is what your baby company stands for, as well as how the public will perceive it. A strong brand will leave a strong impression and gain your brand many loyal customers. This impression will depend on how you market your baby store.

If you are selling online, you will need tools to reach out to potential customers, such as parents and school officials. A direct email campaign is a good way to target people that are actively searching for baby products. You can also launch a blog with good baby advice and create social media accounts to interact with parents. There are many approaches that you can use to make your baby store’s name more well-known.

But, more than that, you need to keep a consistent brand image. If you want to create sustainable baby products and be eco-friendly, don’t forget to mention that in any of your advertising pieces. This will let customers know why they should care about your brand and if they agree with your commitment.

A quick tip: If you want to keep customers coming back, you will need to run specific promotions for the first six months to a year. You will be able to build a customer base with this. Then, with quality products, competitive prices, and exceptional customer service, they will keep coming back.

Building a long term relationship through emails in this phase is a good idea. So try installing our app – AVADA Email marketing to create automated email campaigns - which can educate, nurture, and convince potential buyers to purchase. The app is free to start using, so you can start sending great emails at zero risks.

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Final advice

Raising a kid is never easy, and a good Shopify baby store may provide the exact solution parents need to make their children happy. All of the store examples in this article have a unique brand that can suit different needs and kids, which helps them establish a position on the market. That is what you should learn if you want to create a Shopify baby store that can last in a highly competitive market.

So, do you know what you can sell online to provide a better life for babies and children? Start now, because in the current situation, more parents than ever are shopping from home, and your products may be what their carts are missing.

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