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10+ Shopify Jewelry Store Examples & How To Build

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Sam Thomas Updated: October 01, 2023


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Jewelry has always been a popular fashion item and a valuable gift. With the rise of eCommerce, more jewelry stores are going online more than ever before. Although the items can be expensive, the Internet’s convenience and availability make consumers ready to buy jewelry by just clicking on “Buy.”

The bigger the market, the more competition you would have. If you are thinking about starting your own jewelry business, this is something to keep in mind. You want your online store to have a platform that outperforms competitors and provides the best shopping experience for your high-value customers.

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Shopify is currently a top eCommerce platform that anyone can use to build a robust online business with all the best features. If you don’t believe me, just look at the Shopify jewelry store examples in this article. They can be your competitors one day, but now they will be the inspiration to build your beautiful Shopify store. I will also guide you through the steps of building an online business with Shopify.

So get your blings ready to go on the market, and let’s dive right in.

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10 Shopify jewelry store examples

These next Shopify jewelry stores are masters of their craft, providing fantastic products through a well functioning eCommerce storefront. I will dive deep into what makes their store worth learning from, what you can learn from them, and also what you can try avoiding. These stores will help you turn your raw idea into a shining diamond after finishing reading.

1. Cherry Diva - Bohemian silver jewelry store

Cherry Diva's bohemian silver jewelry store
Cherry Diva's bohemian silver jewelry store

Cherry Diva is a UK jewelry online store. They resell and design bohemian-inspired items - which are beautiful in a unique way. The business commits to bring affordable and fashionable jewelry to customers all over the world.

Started in 2013, the business idea started with the frustration of trying to find a boho jewelry store in their neighborhood. The business owners couldn’t find affordable boho jewelry from big brands, and there wasn’t much variety as well. With the spirit of an entrepreneur, they decided to start their own silver boho jewelry store.

They were able to source their products from abroad manufacturers and started selling at market stalls, boot fairs, or car boot sales depending on which side of the Atlantic ocean their potential customers were. Social events were where they took their beautiful items too.

The founders didn’t do much research, but they knew they wanted to sell to mass audiences. So they used Shopify to create an online store with the ambition of providing their items to more people. Now, they can manufacture their line of jewelry, having a massive social media presence and being loved by celebrities like Sasha Banks, Joanne Clinton, Sarya-Jade Bevis.

The most impressive thing? They started at only £100 worth of stock. So you too can launch an online store with determination and a little capital to invest.

2. Metal Marvels - Bold jewelry store

Metal Marvels's bold jewelry store
Metal Marvels's bold jewelry store

Launched by Katie Seller (I know, the perfect name for an entrepreneur), Metal Marvels is not shy in being bold for women accessories. The brand celebrates individuality, crushes stereotypes, and promotes the freedom of woman behavior. There is a healthy side of swearing like a sailor for women, you know?

It is really a breath of fresh air to see such expressive nature for women jewelry. Katie says it best with her products, including jewelry, accessories, apparels, drinkwares, and more. This is a brand for women to celebrate being themselves without worrying about others’ perception.

Katie had the business idea when searching for accessories to boost her confidence after having some bad experience with her jobs. But she could only find feminine and dainty items - which couldn’t match her larger than life boldness. So she took it to her own hands and started creating her own jewelry.

Would you want to stand out from the crowd like Metal Marvels? You won’t need a huge amount of money to do it, but you will need to be yourself and prepare to hustle, even if it means being inappropriate to traditions. “Family friendly” brands are overrated anyways.

3. The Faint Hearted - Stylish jewelry store

The Faint Hearted - Stylish jewelry store
The Faint Hearted - Stylish jewelry store

Based in Los Angeles, California, The Faint Hearted is a stylist Shopify jewelry store. They take inspiration from the Californian hairstyle and provide modern accessories with a laid back vibe. Their carefully designed items are both stylish and great for the price. The store also has services for personalized jewelry and jewelry restoration.

The free shipping bar at the top is great to include marketing campaigns and urge customers to spend more. The photography is professional and highlights the products very well, which is not something every Shopify jewelry store can do. The design of the homepage is clean, well laid out, and easy to browse.

The personalization section really caught my attention. I thought there would be only a few models to modify, but The Faint Hearted has a huge collection of jewelry for customers to create their project accessories. However, I think they are lacking a professionally designed logo, compared to a rather too simple text logo.

4. Qalo - Silicone ring store

Qalo - Silicone ring store
Qalo - Silicone ring store

Qalo is a unique Shopify jewelry store that promotes family oriented products for couples who don’t like the cumbersome nature of traditional wedding rings. Normal wedding rings - made by metals and gemstones are not friendly for many activities. If you are into athletics, your ring will be on and off finger based on what you are doing. But you will have to worry about storage and the possibility of losing your ring.

The founders of Qalo are two newlyweds that couldn’t wear wedding rings, to the point the disturbance caused some small issues in their relationship. So, they tried to find replacement options for traditional rings - which are safe and comfortable, because they still wanted to show commitment and do athletic activities together.

That is when they created silicone rings that are perfect for a versatile lifestyle. This is a new niche market which led to Qalo’s success. Targeted outdoor people but the stylish rings are still desirable for any consumer. The brand also has built a huge community, promoting a healthy lifestyle that is supported by many professional athletes.

5. Dotoly - Animal jewelry store

Dotoly - Animal jewelry store
Dotoly - Animal jewelry store

Founded in early 2010, Dotoly is created by a small group of animal enthusiasts who wanted to bring the most unique and adorable animal themed jewelry to consumers around the world. They wanted to find like minded individuals who would like to express their love for animals of any shape and size through accessories.

The products of Dotoly have one of a kind design that consumers can’t find anywhere else. I mean, where else can you find rings with the shape of a crocodile? Besides, they also sell apparel and home decor that have animal themes.

A big part of the eCommerce store is social proof, so Dotoly includes reviews on the right side so customers can immediately click on and read feedback from hundreds of customers. There are both good and bad Dotoly product reviews available for a truthful view.

6. By Charlotte - Meaningful jewelry store

By Charlotte - Meaningful jewelry store
By Charlotte - Meaningful jewelry store

Founded in 2012, By Charlotte is a spiritual jewelry store that has gained a huge following. Their customer base includes celebrities such as Miranda Kerr, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Shanina Shaik, Georgia Fowler, Tash Oakley, and Georgia May Jagger.

By Charlotte’s products are inspired by the spirituality Charlotte has gained after travelling around the world. She loves crystals, precious stones, symbols and wants the products to have a deeper meaning on the natural progression of life. Every collection aims to inspire and empower owners with mantras of love, enlightenment, and harmony.

With more people searching for individual meaning through spirituality, By Charlotte is a great example for jewelry with a higher meaning. This is also a niche that you can target. Also, learn from the website and include a beautiful video of your product as the hero image, your eCommerce website would capture the customer’s attention much faster.

7. Paolo Costagli - Contemporary jewelry store

Paolo Costagli - Contemporary jewelry store
Paolo Costagli - Contemporary jewelry store

All of the businesses above managed to find a niche market, do something unconventional, or focused entirely on the brand’s image. But, what if the crafters and artisans want to be a recognizable name in the fashion industry? Then, they need to present themselves as a high-class jewelry company that can set the trends for consumers.

Paolo Costagli is a well-recognized jewelry brand thanks to the sophistication, modern, and bold design. The products have the breath and look of the city that never sleeps, where it is based, New York. The collections are shaped by high level craftsmanship and use the finest materials, making them art like jewelry lines that can be trendsetters.

All the jewelry from Paolo Costagli are hand made without any machine touch. Although the products are very polished, they still can be used for everyday wear. If you want to have a place in the jewelry fashion industry, this eCommerce website should be in your notebook for the design and product ideas.

8. One Happy Leaf - Wooden jewelry store

One Happy Leaf - Wooden jewelry store
One Happy Leaf - Wooden jewelry store

Happiness comes from living authentically, and with a belief like that, Anna Anagno founded One Happy Leaf to sell sustainable jewelry items made from wood. The products are handmade and designed in Australia, but customers can buy online from anywhere. The main material is bamboo - which is eco-friendly.

Anna first sold at the local markets, but soon expanded to eCommerce and started selling online. She is selling for wholesale clients too, with more than 40 stores in Australia and worldwide. Also, the company plans to plant one million trees by 2023 - which is a very generous cause for an eCommerce business.

Eco-friendly products are getting more recognized everyday. So if you want to start selling online and also be responsible for the environment, learn from One Happy Leaf and start a sustainable Shopify jewelry store like this.

9. YCL Jewels - Premium handmade jewelry store

YCL Jewels - Premium handmade jewelry store
YCL Jewels - Premium handmade jewelry store

YCL Jewels is a Shopify store that sells premium hand-made jewelry, based in the down under lands of Australia. The inspiration for their items comes from everyday life, but the finished products still have a high class look that spells elegance.

The brand’s creator is Fabienne - a self-taught artisan jewelry designer. She used to work as a nurse in mental health, but then picked up jewelry designing as a hobby. The success of YCL jewelry led to Fabiennee being featured in Business News Top Entrepreneurs on the Gold Coast under 40 in Australia.

The jewelry design of YCL is very feminine and minimalistic. The company also believes that beauty shouldn’t come from animal suffering, so they claim to never use products made from animals in the manufacturing process. The packaging also is as little as possible to protect the environment.

YCL Jewels is a proof that your passion can take you very far. It is an inspiration if you seriously consider turning your jewelry hobby into a business.

10. Ana Luisa - Carbon-neutral jewelry store

Anna Luisa - Carbon-neutral jewelry store
Anna Luisa - Carbon-neutral jewelry store

First thing first, wow, that hero image is just stunning. If you want to create a memorable Shopify jewelry store, fantastic images are a must. Ana Luisa has a simple backstory with the aim to be responsible, transparent, and sustainable to be beautiful inside out.

The company aims to save consumer money by creating sustainably-crafted pieces with a responsible attitude. The products have a minimalist design, and the website reflects this as well. You can use the navigation bar to browse the whole product collection and categories.

But the filters for such a large collection of items seem to be a bit lacking. They can include more options for filters so customers can look for items more easily. The product pages are just lovely to look at and buyers only need to scroll through to see all the information. This is definitely a jewelry eCommerce website that you can learn from.

How to build a Shopify jewelry store?

How to build a Shopify jewelry store
How to build a Shopify jewelry store

The nex easy steps will guide you through to successfully build a Shopify jewelry store, so you can start dazzling your customers with your blings.

1. Deciding on what you want to sell

One of the first things a jewelry business owner should consider when starting selling online is the niche market for your products. This is important even if you sell second hand items. Look at your jewelry products and ask yourself:

  • Who is most likely to buy your items?
  • How will they shop from your store?
  • Which channels will you use to connect with the audience?

It is important to know who your jewelry business is selling to. This will give you a better idea of what marketing strategies to use and what branding choices are suitable for your target customers. For example, if your customers are young people, social media is the channel to use, and a light tone for the branding may be better.

Finding the right niche market will give your products the opportunity to stand out and be unique. This will have a big impact on your sales process, so take time to consider carefully.

2. Setting up your Shopify store

Selling jewelry through an online store is the most professional way for a business. You have total control over your business’s design and branding - creating a consistent experience and a smooth shopping journey from start to finish. While many may not believe in building an online store, Shopify has made it extremely easy for anyone to start.

You won’t need to hire any expensive web designer and developer to build your store. With Shopify, the process is easy: Pick a theme template, customize it, add products, tailor the settings, pick a domain name, and go online! You can start selling with a robust backend system, a beautiful frontend, and a friendly budget.

Here are five reasons making Shopify the perfect option for your online jewelry store:

  • Budget and value for money: You can start at only $29/month and have two more plans for when your store keeps growing. Most business owners find the basic plan perfect to start.
  • The platform’s ease of use: Even if you have zero knowledge about building a website, Shopify is super beginner friendly. You can sign up for a 14-day free trial, 60-day trial or 90-day trial and test all the features for yourself.
  • Design: Want to have a professional storefront and showcase your beautiful jewelry? There are 73 themes with various variations to choose from, and you can easily customize the theme just by dragging and dropping.
  • Tools: A rich toolbox can help your business function smoothly. Combining the built-in features and apps from the Shopify Store, you have all you need for inventory management, blogging, analytics, marketing, and more. Give your jewelry store what it needs to succeed.
  • Customer support: When things go wrong or get confusing, you need a helping hand. Shopify provides 24/7 support via mobile, email, and livechat. There is also an expert marketplace with certified freelancers and agencies to help you build the best store.

After following the steps provided by Shopify, you will see your online jewelry store up and running in no time. But, before you publish your store and start selling, you should have a checklist to run through before launching. Here are a few things to watch out:

  • Links: Do all your links work? Do the links take visitors to the right pages? Do new pages load properly?
  • Checkout: One of the most important things to check is the checkout page. Go through your own checkout process to see if it is a seamless and smooth experience.
  • Images: Make sure your beautifully shot pictures are properly uploaded without being blurry or fuzzy. Using an upscale API will make sure all your pictures are smooth and pixel-filled. And don’t leave any empty greybox left without an image inside.
  • Settings: Check if your store’s currency, language, and contact details are correct and up to date.
  • Mobile: It is always worth seeing your store on mobile, as you can lose many valuable customers with a terrible mobile experience. Most Shopify templates are responsive on all devices, but just test to make sure. -Shipping: Fill in where you will ship your products from, and the shipping zones with the shipping cost so customers can know the fee before checking out.

3. Promoting your jewelry products

There is no magical way to let consumers know when a cool jewelry website just went online. You have to find methods to attract visitors to your store. There are five things you will need to get on top of while promoting your new Shopify jewelry store:

  • SEO: There are already some built-in SEO features and apps to optimize your website and get a higher ranking in Google. An app like Shopify SEO Suite can help you build a well-optimized website effortlessly.
  • Email marketing: By sending out emails, you can promote new jewelry, release blog updates, educate consumers on your products, and announce promotions, as well as send out personalized suggestions. You don’t have to be a marketing genius to run an email campaign, just try the Email Marketing Campaign app to create stunning emails and track the automated campaign’s success with built-in analytics.
  • Multi-channel selling: To further promote your business, you can sell on many platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Facebook, and Instagram. With Shopify, you can manage all your sales from just one place by installing apps to integrate your Shopify store with other platforms.
  • Social media: Everyone now knows the power of promoting the brand through social media. It is a fantastic way to sell, connect with new buyers, and re-engage with existing customers. You can announce new products, share user-generated content, and even run competitions to build a social media presence.
  • Customer reviews: About 95% of consumers read reviews before making a purchase online, making reviews an effective tool to build trust and boost sales. If you are selling expensive jewelry, customer trust is vital. Make sure to include both good and bad reviews, you just need to respond positively to both.

Doing these five above well and you will see much more consistent traffic for your website and buyers for every touchpoint.

4. Managing your sales

If you are promoting well, your jewelry will be selling itself like hot cakes. This is where Shopify shines by managing your sales really conveniently. You can manage your orders and track stock levels to avoid missing customers’ orders or selling out of stock products.

Shopfify’s built-in features will let you know about stock levels, alert when stock is low, and automatically label products’ stock levels on the product pages. You can also see reports on revenue for each item and how many customers have visited your site.

Before moving on to launching your Shopify jewelry store, make sure to set up your inventory tracking and low stock labels on the storefront.

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Final words

You have seen every stage of setting up an online Shopify jewelry store and the best examples in the industry! If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, it is totally normal. The important thing is how you approach your jewelry passion and grow your business. As long as you have uniqueness, your jewelry products can find the way to shine.

I hope you liked the article, and if you have any questions on setting up a Shopify jewelry business or install an AVADA app, feel free to ask in the comments section. Until next time, happy manufacturing more blings in your life!

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