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Shopify Fitness Store Examples & How to Success?

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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

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This would be an understatement to say that the fitness eCommerce industry is jacked. In 2018, the U.S. fitness market alone amounted to $3,463B. And the demand is projected to expand at an annual growth rate of 4.3 percent, hitting $4.1B by 2022.

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US Fitness segment data
US Fitness segment data

Although a little leaner overall, the European fitness industry is projected to be worth $2.54B this year (2018) and is predicted to rise faster than the US by 5.5 percent annually, reaching $3.1B by 2022.

Europe Fitness segment data
Europe Fitness segment data

The Asia Pacific fitness market, on the other hand, currently stands at $9.11B but is projected to rise more slowly than in the EU, at 5.3 percent per year, estimated at $11.2B in 2022. A global fitness industry analysis shows that China produces the most sales at $6.56B. Business growth is, of course, both a blessing and a curse. Competition comes when there are opportunities.

Asia Fitness segment data
Asia Fitness segment data

In this article, I will introduce to you some of the most successful fitness stores on Shopify, whom you can draw inspiration from. After that, you will learn how to build your own fitness store on Shopify. Now let’s jump right into the details.

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10 Best Fitness Shopify Stores Available This Year

There are thousands of fitness stores on Shopify, but some particular stores have grown to be dominant forces in this market. In this section, let’s take a look at the most successful fitness Shopify store and what you can learn from them.



Product categories (VD: fitness clothing, sport equipment, vv.)

  • Brand: Gymshark
  • Founding Year: 2012
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Focus: Fitness Apparel and Accessories

Main features

  • Rapid Growth: Gymshark, a prominent fitness apparel and accessories brand, originated in a UK garage in 2012. Since then, it has emerged as a leader in its category.
  • Ecommerce Evolution: Initially, Gymshark chose Magento for online sales but faced challenges as they quickly outgrew the platform. A Black Friday website crash, costing an estimated $100,000, prompted a switch to Shopify Plus, enabling international expansion and a reliable online store.
  • Product Innovation: Gymshark continually introduces new products like energy-boosting workout attire and cutting-edge wearables designed to prevent injuries, showcasing a commitment to evolving alongside consumer needs.
  • Enhanced Shopping Experience: Gymshark’s website prioritizes customer experience, incorporating user-friendly features such as “quick add” for added convenience, contributing to its reputation as a top brand in the fitness industry.

Gymshark’s journey from a garage startup to a global leader in fitness apparel is marked by its commitment to product excellence and customer satisfaction. The transition to Shopify Plus has facilitated continued growth and international expansion while ensuring customers a reliable online shopping experience.

2. Women’s Best

Product categories

Women’s Best
Women’s Best
  • Brand: Women’s Best
  • Focus: Premium Women’s Sportswear and Nutrition
  • Essential Products: Leggings, Sports Bras, Hair Supplements, Collagen Drinks

Main features

  • Diverse Product Range: Women’s Best offers a premium selection of women’s sportswear and nutrition products, including leggings, sports bras, hair supplements, and collagen drinks.
  • Celebrity Collaborations: The brand gained prominence through collaborations with fitness celebrities such as Krissy Cela, Tammy Hembrow, Brittne Jackson, and Vicky Justiz, enhancing its credibility and appeal.
  • Recognition by Top Publications: Women’s Best has received recognition from reputable publications like Forbes, Cosmopolitan, and Women’s Health, further establishing its reputation as a trusted brand.
  • Global Localization: Women’s Best tailors its presence to each country it serves. They have individual online storefronts and Instagram profiles for each nation, automatically adjusting currency and language to provide a localized shopping experience, reinforcing their commitment to global accessibility and customer satisfaction.
Women’s Best Instagram
Women’s Best Instagram

3. Mava Sports

Mava Sports
Mava Sports

Product categories

  • Brand: Mava Sports
  • Specialization: Training Gloves and Compression Clothes

Main features

  • Founding Story: Mava Sports was born out of the quest for the perfect training glove and compression clothing for two individuals. It has evolved into a crucial training and recovery aid for athletes worldwide.
  • Elite Athlete Focus: Mava Sports is dedicated to meeting the needs of elite athletes globally. They invest in cutting-edge materials like Bamboo Charcoal Fiber and advanced knitting technology to ensure utmost comfort for all athletes, regardless of their skill level.
  • Optimized Online Store: Mava Sports prioritizes its online store’s performance. Their website loads lightning-fast, thanks to eliminating unnecessary programs and plug-ins. They’ve also implemented a LazyLoad script to enhance user experience. Founder Vali Vetan emphasizes the importance of a speedy website to complement practical advertising efforts, resulting in a site that loads five times faster than before.

4. Alo Yoga

Product categories

  • Brand: Alo Yoga
  • Purpose: To promote yoga worldwide by offering high-quality, sustainable activewear * suitable for both on and off the yoga mat.

Main features

  • Clean and User-Friendly Design: Alo Yoga’s website boasts a clean, uncomplicated design with an easily navigable menu bar, allowing customers to focus on their exceptional products.
  • Visual Appeal: The website incorporates a harmonious color palette with occasional splashes of color that enhance the overall aesthetics. This consistency in design elements creates an inviting and appealing online shopping experience.
  • Product Showcase: Alo Yoga’s website showcases its products through many high-quality images, demonstrating how they stretch and providing a tangible sense of the material. This attention to detail is precious for online shoppers relying on visual cues when purchasing.
  • Comprehensive Descriptions: Product descriptions on the website are detailed and informative, providing customers with essential information to make informed choices.
  • Related Items and User-Generated Content: Customers can explore ‘related items’ and user-generated content below the product listings, offering social proof and influencing purchasing decisions. This feature encourages a sense of community and trust among shoppers.

Alo Yoga’s website excels in its presentation and functionality, effectively catering to the needs and preferences of customers interested in yoga-inspired activewear.

5. Huel

Product categories

  • Brand: Huel (Human + Fuel)
  • Mission: To provide nutritionally balanced, accessible, and eco-friendly food options with minimal impact on animals and the environment.
  • Industry: Diet and Fitness

Main features

  • Compelling Mission: Founded by Julian Hearn in 2015, Huel’s core mission is to offer nutritionally balanced, affordable, and environmentally conscious food solutions. This mission resonates with individuals seeking healthier and sustainable dietary choices.
  • Prominent Homepage Messaging: Upon visiting Huel’s homepage, visitors are greeted with impactful statements such as “the world’s #1 complete food” and “over 150 million meals sold.” These statements immediately convey a sense of credibility and success.
  • Explicit and Engaging Content: Huel effectively engages its target audience with concise, straightforward text highlighting the brand’s unique selling points (USP). This clarity in messaging enhances the appeal of Huel’s products.
  • Fitness Support: Huel provides additional information on how its products can aid individuals in achieving their fitness goals, reinforcing its value proposition as a fitness-oriented nutrition provider.
  • Trust and Credibility: Huel prominently displays its Trustpilot score of 4.6, supported by over 8,000 reviews. This transparent presentation of customer feedback instills confidence in the product and the brand, showcasing a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Huel has established itself as a household name in the diet and fitness sectors by offering nutritionally balanced meals and supplements aligned with its mission of promoting health, accessibility, and sustainability.

6. 310 Nutrition

Product categories

  • Brand: 310 Nutrition
  • Established: Since 2012
  • Industry: Health and Nutrition

Main features

  • Rapid Growth: Since its inception in 2012, 310 Nutrition has experienced remarkable growth, establishing itself as one of the fastest-growing companies in the health and nutrition industry.
  • Mission: 310 Nutrition’s primary mission is to provide consumers with reliable solutions that promote healthy lifestyles and foster a supportive community to accompany individuals on their wellness journey.
  • Thriving Online Community: With over a million social media followers, including 223K members in their exclusive Facebook group, 310 Nutrition has cultivated a vibrant online community. This community serves as a source of encouragement and support for individuals embarking on their fitness journeys.
  • User-Generated Content: 310 Nutrition’s website and campaigns leverage user-generated content extensively. They feature anecdotes, testimonials, and before-and-after images from genuine customers. This approach highlights the effectiveness of their products and showcases their deep engagement with the community, reinforcing a solid customer-brand relationship.

310 Nutrition’s dedication to its mission and the creation of a robust online community have contributed to its rapid success in the health and nutrition industry. Their use of user-generated content underscores their commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction.

7. Altitude Sports

Product categories

  • Brand: Altitude Sports
  • Industry: Outdoor Retail
  • Specializations: Large sizes, specialized climbing equipment, unique color options

Main features

  • Pioneering E-Commerce: Altitude-sports.com stands as Canada’s premier online outdoor retailer, blazing the trail in e-commerce at a time when online shopping was in its infancy. This digital platform has since grown to serve customers worldwide.
  • Specialized Product Range: Altitude Sports is renowned for its commitment to providing customers with highly technical and hard-to-find outdoor items, often unavailable in traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Their inventory focuses on large sizes, specialized climbing equipment, and a diverse range of colors that other retailers may hesitate to stock.
  • Digital Dominance: 2008 Altitude-sports.com introduced a new version of its website, swiftly outperforming its brick-and-mortar counterpart within a year. This digital success underscores the brand’s adaptability and relevance in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape.
  • Altitude-blog.com: Altitude Sports expanded its online presence with Altitude-blog.com, a valuable resource for outdoor enthusiasts in Canada. This blog serves as a reference point, offering product reviews, vacation experiences, camping cuisine tips, and a platform for sharing outdoor adventures and camaraderie.
  • Collaborative Partnerships: Altitude Sports maintains collaborations with industry-leading companies like The North Face and Quartz Co. These partnerships ensure the brand remains in sync with current trends and evolving customer preferences, demonstrating a commitment to staying ahead in the outdoor retail space. Altitude Sports has pioneered e-commerce in Canada and carved a niche in specialized outdoor gear, backed by a solid online presence and strategic partnerships. Their commitment to serving the needs of outdoor enthusiasts has positioned them as a prominent player in the industry.

8. Gym and Fitness

Product categories

  • Brand: Gym and Fitness Online
  • Location: Australia (International Supplier)
  • Product Range: Cardio, Strength, Athletic, In-Home Exercise Equipment
  • Essential Products: Treadmills, Ellipticals, Gym Weights, Gym Mats, Walking and Running Products, Yoga Mats, and more.

Main features

  • Extensive Product Selection: Gym and Fitness Online offers one of Australia’s largest selections of fitness equipment. They cater to various fitness needs, providing cardio, strength, athletic, and in-home exercise equipment options.
  • International Supplier: As a leading international supplier, Gym and Fitness Online serves customers in Australia and globally, making their diverse product range accessible to fitness enthusiasts worldwide.
  • Comprehensive Equipment Range: Their inventory includes various fitness equipment such as treadmills, ellipticals, gym weights, gym mats, walking and running products, yoga mats, and more, ensuring that customers can access a comprehensive selection of exercise options. Gym and Fitness Online stands out as a go-to destination for fitness enthusiasts in Australia and beyond, offering various exercise equipment to cater to diverse fitness needs. Their international reach and extensive product range make them a prominent choice for those seeking quality fitness solutions.

9. Kinobody

Product categories

  • Brand: Kinobody
  • Founder: Greg O’Gallagher
  • Focus: Fitness, Diet, and Lifestyle
  • Core Product: KINO Collagen Protein

Main features

  • Transformational Fitness: Kinobody, founded by Greg O’Gallagher, is a thriving company that empowers individuals to achieve the coveted “Hollywood physique” akin to superhero actors through a minimalist approach to nutrition and exercise.
  • Digital Promotion: Kinobody’s success story is rooted in its digital presence, with an influential presence on YouTube and Instagram. Greg O’Gallagher leveraged these platforms to build a multimillion-dollar fitness, diet, and lifestyle brand.
  • Impressive Website Introduction: Upon visiting the website, visitors are welcomed by an impactful video featuring the founder, Greg O’Gallagher, who introduces one of their core products, the KINO Collagen Protein. This video highlights the product’s features and benefits, creating an engaging and persuasive initial impression.
  • Customer Validation: Kinobody incorporates customer reviews throughout its website, showcasing feedback from previous buyers. This social proof helps build trust and confidence among potential customers, reinforcing the product’s effectiveness and the brand’s credibility. In its pursuit of helping individuals attain a “Hollywood physique,” Kinobody combines a robust digital presence with a compelling product lineup led by the KINO Collagen Protein. The brand’s success is evident in its $8 million revenue 2018, demonstrating its appeal to those aspiring to achieve superhero-like fitness goals.

10. Splits59

Product categories

  • Brand: Splits59
  • Established: Since 2008
  • Location: Los Angeles, USA
  • Product Range: Soft, Elastic Sportswear for Women
  • Essential Products: Leggings, Sports Bras, Tanks, and More

Main features

  • Innovative Design and Eco-Friendliness: Splits59 crafts soft, elastic sportswear, focusing on innovative design and eco-friendliness. Their clothing is designed to be both stylish and functional, suitable for various activities.
  • Stylish and Functional Apparel: Splits59 offers a range of comfortable yet elegant activewear, including leggings, sports bras, tanks, and more. Their products are designed to seamlessly transition from workouts to daily living, catering to women’s active lifestyles.
  • Commitment to Sustainability: The company is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint and enhancing sustainability by developing eco-friendly and repurposed clothing capsules. This commitment aligns with the growing demand for environmentally conscious fashion choices.
  • Appealing to Chic Audiences: Splits59 is known for its edgy sportswear brand, catering to a younger, chic audience. Their website showcases their unique designs and silhouettes, embodying the fashion-forward spirit of Los Angeles, where the brand originates. Splits59 is a sportswear brand that combines style, functionality, and eco-friendliness, making it an ideal choice for women seeking versatile and fashionable activewear. Their commitment to sustainability reflects a broader shift towards more responsible fashion choices.

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Step-by-step to build a Shopify store for fitness products

First you need to register an account to open a store here!

Step 1: Choose the right theme

If you need to create an online shop to sell gym or workout equipment, then check out these Shop themes. Each of these Shopify themes is built for gym and fitness websites and comes with useful features. You can use any of the themes in the list below to create an amazing gym and fitness store online.





GymFit is a new, clean, and professional Shop Theme. It lets you make the most of using eCommerce to fuel your online store. The concept is well adapted for all modern markets, vendor-based marketplaces, affiliate websites. It’s perfect for fitness, fitness center, fitness equipment, fitness club, gym wear, wellness, sports, sportswear, sportswear, exercise, workout, yoga or any other category such as fashion, shoes, clothing, clothing, jewelry, jewelry, pharmacy, grocery, baby & children’s toys, etc.

It is designed and comes bundled with the most advanced features available on the most common eCommerce websites such as Amazon. So whether you’re an Amazon customer, or want a multi-vendor platform for your niche market, or a store owner, it’s for you. The code is really simple and extensible. GymFit – Workout And Fitness Sensitive Shopify Theme is designed for speed with careful attention to clean, organized code. It helps to increase dialog speeds. It’s totally sensitive, looks amazing on all sorts of screens and apps.





When you need a sports store website, you can use the Firtue Shop theme. It’s a clean but attractive website theme. This also requires well-developed visual effects. This theme includes pre-built Category Set, Sale, and Catalog pages. These sites contain even more product and category sections.

This feature helps you to provide customers with intuitive navigation. You may also blog about Firtue’s different topics and the new arrivals. And because of the full Shopify app pack, this theme includes a cart, a wish list, and a Compare button. In addition, due to currency options and language options, you can provide customers with a convenient shopping experience. You may offer shoes, clothes, and accessories for various styles of sports or yoga.





This Shopify fitness eCommerce template is the perfect option to create a fitness shop, sports clothing for men and women ‘s website company. It has a rather sleek interface and includes all the pages you need to make your future sports website truly appealing to new guests.

The design is completely customizable and allows you to quickly rebuild the blocks of the page according to your needs. With Shopify Visual Builder, you can create and combine as many different templates as you want and change the view of your Home Page.





Fitt is a sensitive fitness website design that is a ready-to-use style for sports outfits and fitness apparel websites. Developed by a team of professional coders, it has a well-balanced, modern design with a well-structured interface that will run smoothly on all screen resolutions.

Gym Active:

Gym Active
Gym Active



Gym Active is a great theme for sportswear & fitness equipment stores. If you’re a fitness professional, a yoga instructor, and you want to create a fantastic gym or fitness center website, Gym Active is your best option.

The theme is completely decorated with sporting equipment and gadgets, so you can easily highlight your company and every part of your fitness or yoga studio. Thanks to the drag & drop pages, it’s very easy to build activities, goods and wellness, yoga or gym classes.

What can also come in handy for any gym and fitness enthusiast is the e-commerce apps that can be set up on your website and are totally intuitive? Gym Active offers a wide range of home and inside pages, collections, and product description templates that allow you to create a supreme website.

See more Shopify Fitness & Gym Themes here!

Step 2: Take great photos for your website

Fitness photography is all about energy and a balanced lifestyle. When you take photos of fitness app development products, your job is to catch that and make your pictures look like they’re in a wellness magazine. Below are some ideas on how you can do that. What you’re going to need are cameras and some photography skills.

Connect your products with the model’s story

Each athlete has a fitness story of his own. It will give you ideas, help your team up with an athlete, and show you what they’re comfortable with. It can also help you select the right location and props to shoot.

Don’t be shy to ask them about their favorite poses. Because they’re experts, they can help you take pictures that are true to their story. It would get you closer to taking fitness pictures that look good on social media and magazines. Ask them if they’re confident giving you input during your photoshoot.

Fitness photoshoot
Fitness photoshoot

Take test photos before the photoshoot

If you need to take your pictures in a gym, keep in mind that gyms don’t have the best fitness photography room. You won’t want to start your photoshoot feeling stuck. You can prevent this confusion by taking test pictures with a friend in front of your photoshoot.

Ideally, the gym will be the same one you’re going to use for the athlete. This is a perfect time to find the best lighting spots. Change your ISO and white balance and take as many test shots as you can. You can also use these images as a guide when taking your picture if you like.

Fitness photoshoot
Fitness photoshoot

Shoot in a Simple Location to make your product stand out

When you take pictures in a crowded gym, your pictures don’t look good, and it’s hard to emphasize your products. Blogs, social media pages, and magazines are all searching for clean images that tell a story. You can accomplish this by selecting a visually appealing venue. Everything you need is a plain backdrop that doesn’t suit the outfit of your model.

Take pictures outside if possible. Make sure there aren’t too many people out there and you don’t get unintentional photobombs!

It’s not always possible to take outdoor fitness pictures. When you’re going to have to shoot in a gym, pick a corner that looks clean. Get next to your creation so the surrounding equipment doesn’t steal the spotlight.

Fitness photoshoot
Fitness photoshoot

Blur out distractions by using a large aperture

When it comes to fitness photography, a large aperture is your best friend. F/1.2 or f/2.8, for instance. The smaller the number, the more blurred your background will be. An aperture of, for instance, f/2.8 is enough to catch the nuances of your model’s faces and blur the distractions. Of course, the opening you want depends on your style of shooting. Experiment with different apertures to find the optimal ratio of blur/sharpness.

Fitness photoshoot
Fitness photoshoot

Shoot Through Objects to Make Your Fitness Photos Look Candid

Fitness imagery is not typically raw, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fake it. By shooting through artifacts, you can make your images look random. When you use a wide aperture, the object you ‘re aiming through would appear blurry. This is going to frame your picture and get rid of distractions. Ask the athlete to perform his normal routine. It is going to make it look like they’re totally unaware of your video.

Fitness photoshoot
Fitness photoshoot

Take Photos Next to a Window for Flattering Fitness Portraits

A wide window is ideal for workouts that do not require equipment. Yoga is a very good example of this. You may use a wide window to generate either direct light, side light, or backlight. It will give you a lot of variety in your pictures. (It can also offer a blog or a magazine more images to choose from.) For individual portraits, make sure the model is as near as possible to the camera. For group pictures, you should shoot from a distance. Through the frame, the better it is.

Fitness photoshoot
Fitness photoshoot

Focus on Details to Emphasise the Athlete’s Strength

Another way to make your fitness images more diverse is to concentrate on specifics. You should do so at the end of your photoshoot. Focus on first having the most important shots, and then move on to the specifics that can help your plot.

Details can include the model’s clothes, muscles, limbs, or facial expressions. Use oil to give your bodybuilders a good glow. Dramatic top lighting is going to make their muscles stand out. Using the zoom lens to create a gap between yourself and the image. Remember that ff you come too personal, you might make them feel awkward.

Fitness photoshoot
Fitness photoshoot

Use Selective Colour to Get Rid of Vibrant Distractions

No matter how hard work you put in your photoshoot, you’re still going to have to edit your pictures. Simple color correction is enough to make your fitness images look beautiful. Selective color is your best friend, particularly if you have a lot of images of the gym. You may use this method to de-saturate different colors.

Fitness photoshoot
Fitness photoshoot

For edgy gym photography, you can de-saturate any color but the skin tone of your model. It will concentrate on your theme and give your photos a clean look. You can mute highlights and add contrast to the outdoor fitness images. You can also improve the contrast of your pictures slightly to make them stand out more.

Step 3: Install basic apps

You can’t sit back and relax in Ecommerce – there’s always something that you need to optimize, something more to do to boost sales. Here’s a list of some basic Shopify apps for fitness stores. They may not be household names, but they will help you manage your store better.

1 Product Review ‑ Photo Reviews App

Worried whether or not newcomers see your store as trustworthy? That is where Photo Review is coming in. It helps you to gather feedback from buyers and user-generated material. What’s even better is that you can use it later on your website, on social media, and on Google. Social Proof works well when it comes to attracting picky clients, and there’s no excuse for you not to use it.


2 McAfee Secure

Trust is essential to Shopify stores and to any online company in general. Visitors will never give you their money unless your store looks safe. The McAfee Secure Shopify app lets you keep your store safe and transforms concerned customers into buyers. Nowadays, most people are aware of and respectful of cybersecurity.

“Intelligent safety in website security is the guardian of your online presence, ensuring that your virtual doors are not just locked but fortified against an ever-evolving landscape of digital threats. Just as we protect our physical assets, we must safeguard our digital storefronts and data with the same level of diligence and commitment. In the interconnected world, website security is the foundation upon which trust, reputation, and success are built” - Hari Ravichandran, CEO of Aura.

You can use McAfee Secure to:

  • Display the trustmark of McAfee, which is well known and will make you more trustworthy.
  • Verification page that also strengthens your trustworthiness and reputation.
  • All are published in more than 20 languages

3 Quizify - Quiz Builder


Quizify is a quiz type creator that enables eCommerce stores to offer customized, interactive, and engaging shopping experiences to their customers. Using Quizify, you will ask your customers questions and reward them with a discount coupon. This way, you’ll be able to get reviews on your items, the online store, and what consumers are searching for more from you. You can customize and target ads based on our data and get a higher conversion rate.

  • Drive engagement
  • Get more insight into your customer behavior and needs
  • Increase sales and conversion rate
  • Get an email for each response
  • Generate Leads
  • Create mobile responsive forms that work on any device
  • Fully customize fields, look and feel as well as the layout

Step 4: Enhance your store with AVADA’s free apps

Having developed apps for eCommerce stores for several years, we, AVADA, have a deep understanding of what owners need to build up a well-functioning store. With that knowledge, we have put together a collection of apps that are must-have for every new Shopify store, whether you are in the fitness industry or any other industry.

On top of that, deposit knowing all the life-easing benefits that apps can bring, new store owners often have a budget constraint so they’d rather do things manually instead of paying for apps that get things done for them. We understand that too, but we also believe that if new stores can have access to necessary eCommerce apps, they will be able to grow their store faster, and as a result, have more budget for advanced apps later on.

This is why we have put together a collection of must-have apps that every new store should install, and all of them are FREE. These apps will make the development of your Shopify fitness store so much easier, and you will be able to run it more efficiently. All of these apps are available on the Shopify app marketplace, so after you create your store on Shopify, you can go and grab them immediately. Now, let’s go through what our apps can do for you.



SEO Suite helps you to build elements of your on-page SEO effortlessly. It will help you optimize website images and structure in a way that is most compatible with the Google Search algorithm.

Key benefits of AVADA SEO Suite

  • Improve website loading speed
  • Free
  • Faster Google index of websites images, content
  • Auto-complete Google structured data for your website
  • Increase click rate with standardized meta tags
  • Control all web issues by SEO checklist
  • No duplicate content
  • One-click auto-run, no technical skills required

Get SEO Suite now.

AVADA Social Proof

AVADA Social Proof
AVADA Social Proof

81% of global customers rank trust in a brand as their top buying consideration. Trust issues are one of the biggest problems that you need to solve when it comes to eCommerce. There are many ways to build up trust with website visitors. Displaying dynamic customer interactions on your website is one of the easiest ways. This is why we build Social Proof.

Proofo - Social Proof will display visitors’ interactions with your website in the form of pop-ups. Don’t worry, these pop-ups are not the in-your-face type, but small ones that appear at the bottom left corner of your website. This design will prevent the feature from annoying your site visitors.

There are many types of pop-ups that Proofo can display, and you can learn all about them in seconds.

Get Proofo now.

AVADA Free Shipping Bar

AVADA Free Shipping Bar
AVADA Free Shipping Bar

Offering free shipping will help boost your sales and attract new customers. Free shipping is actually one of the strongest incentives that can encourage customers to make purchases.

With AVADA Free Shipping Bar, you can set up a banner on the homepage of your website so that visitors can notice your offer immediately. There are also many cool modifications that AVADA Free Shipping Bar can do to meet your needs.

You can learn all about Free Shipping Bar here.

AVADA Size Chart

AVADA Size Chart
AVADA Size Chart

If you’re going to sell fitness clothes or shoes on your Shopify store, size charts are an absolute must-have so that your customers can choose the correct sizes for themselves.

AVADA Size Chart is very easy to use; it has 11 presets available to suit all kinds of fitness products such as Men’s Shoes, Women’s Shoes, Men’s Top, etc. All it takes is one-click to apply any preset instantly.

Get Size Chart now.

AVADA Discount Code Generator

AVADA Discount Code Generator
AVADA Discount Code Generator

Apart from free shipping, offering discounts is another way to boost your revenue. With the default feature of Shopify, setting up discounts is a little bit tricky. In Shopify, you can only have one single code for a discount. This can cause trouble when you want to have multiple different codes for the same discount so that you can send them to different customers. Using the AVADA Discount Code Generator, you will be able to generate a load of different codes for any predefined discount rule.

Get Discount Code Generator here.

Step 5: Go through our ultimate checklist before launching your Shopify fitness store

Developing a fitness Shopify Store will take a ton of time and work. As there are lots of tasks to complete, it will be difficult to not miss something important. This is why we have put together an ultimate checklist that you can use before launching your fitness store. Check it out here.

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What to prepare for building your own fitness Shopify store

Decide What to Sell

Starting a fitness ecommerce store begins with choosing what you want to offer. You can sell physical products like workout equipment, supplements, or clothing. Alternatively, you can provide digital products, subscriptions, or a combination. To make the right choice, consider your target customers and their needs. Look for problems to solve, focus on your interests and expertise, stay updated on fitness trends, and listen to customer feedback.

Choose Your Business Model

After deciding on your products, select a business model that fits your goals. There are various options, such as selling directly to consumers (B2C), selling to other businesses (B2B), selling directly to consumers (DTC), private labeling, wholesale, or subscription-based models. Your choice should align with your products, customers, and marketing strategies. Some businesses even use multiple models simultaneously to cater to different customer segments.

Pick Your Ecommerce Platform

Now, it’s time to choose the platform for your fitness ecommerce store. You have three main options: Software as a Service (SaaS), On-Premise, and Cloud. SaaS platforms, like Shopify Plus, are recommended for their scalability, reliability, and ease of use. Look for platforms with features such as high uptime, PCI compliance, inventory management, scalability, fast checkout, and extensive integrations. Shopify Plus, in particular, offers an ideal solution for fitness companies with its scalability and support.

Final words

Fitness products are a potential and lucrative market to get into. I hope the example of fitness stores in this article has inspired you to build something great for your own. Although it can take lots of work and efforts to develop a Shopify store for fitness products, following this guidance will help make your path much easier. I hope you have gained valuable information from this blog post on how to build a fitness store on Shopify. Please feel free to leave comments below for further discussions. :-)

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Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.