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How to search a variant ID in Shopify

Thomas Nguyen
Thomas Nguyen Updated: March 19, 2023


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Added to represent one version of a product, a variant it will be an effective tool to customize theme codes. Furthermore, the capacity of its options for each product can be a maximum of a hundred variants. Besides, with a sequence of numbers, the Shopify store owners could follow their inventory.

Because the Variant ID is unique and stable, it also a useful way to search for information of products within a click. With Variant identifiers, Shopify store owners can find out what product they want within a minute. In the product image file name, the product variant ID is used when adding an image to a product.

For different kinds of products, there are different types of identifiers and structural variants. To maximize the speed to extract product ID, the Shopify store owners should use an app from the Shopify app store like Product & Variant IDs. However, it is free for you if you consider this guiding article How to search a variant ID in Shopify. This article will provide simple steps to find out their product variant ID.

How to search a variant ID in Shopify

Step 1: Go to Products

At the admin section, there are many functionalities in the left corner. One of them isProducts, admins click to choose it to start finding the product ID.

Step 2: Choose a product

Then at this step, the users tap All products to view all their products.

Step 3: Add .xml to URL

After finding the expected product categories which the online sellers want to find the variant ID, they should concern about the browser’s URL bar. There is an example below about the format of URL, the users continue by adding .xml at the end of the URL:


The result after adding is:


Step 4: Redirect to a new page

By clicking Enter key, the store owners can change their browser to a new page. As a result, the users can have all the information about that kind of product by tracking an XML file. The data about the variants including an opening <variants type="array"> tab and a closing </variants> tag. With the content inside the <variants> element, the information for variant will be exposed to the store owners could collect about its elements information like <id>, <title>, <price>, and so on.

Step 5: Find the title

Finishing step 4, the users can collect the <title> tag inside an element, which is the summary of the product options including variant. After that, with the options separated by /s, the title here will provide the ID for a variant. There are many options such as Color, Fabric, and Size. For instance, that product’s value options are Blue, Cotton, and Small; so that their XML code will be like this:

<title>Blue / Cotton / Small</title>

Step 6: Find the variant id

When admins have the <title> for the variant, it is easy for them to find <id> tag. There are two lines above the <title> tag as below example:

  <id type="integer">657848769</id>
The number found within the <id> element is the variant ID. In the above example, the variant ID is 657848769.


We hope that this article How to search a variant ID in Shopify have just provided the Shopify online sellers the overview and basic steps to search for variant ID. Besides, another guiding article that the site builders can discover more about modifying their products in Shopify through How to modify a product page template and How to modify theme’s JavaScript file.

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