• Currencies Shopify Guides for Developers

  • Insert currency customization options to the theme editor

    Theme editor is a tool that lets you convert or preview theme settings in real-time. You can use theme settings to customize some features in your store such as fonts and colors, modify your social media links and checkout settings as well. Your customers need to deeply understand the checkout or payment process. In this step, customers have a chance to choose their own local currencies to pay for their orders using methods that you’ve enabled in your store, which is much essential and convenient.

  • How to modify your money formats

    It can be much easier for the customers to choose their own local currencies when they browse your Shopify store and pay for their orders. Showing different currencies in a catalogue lets you provide a drop-down selector which allows your customers to catch sight of your prices in multiple currencies. Their currency selection will be found in a cookie and customers can use it another time when they visit your store.

  • How to generate your currency picker

    The online sellers always want to expand their business abroad, which means that they need to make their stores suitable in multiple currencies. When e-commerce is getting more and more popular, international customers can easily purchase the products from other countries in their home currencies. Enabling purchasing in the customer’s currencies will increase the liquidity as well as the sales. In addition, by a strong international brand, online sellers will earn more and more revenue in different countries.

  • How to include the currencies snippet

    Snippets are customizable components which helps the Shopify store owners approach easily to the online platform. If the users expect to adapt the changes by using recyclable design components, it is necessary for them to change their theme’s system. It helps the shops to update all the changes on the code from any file. Furthermore, Snippets are especially helpful for the online sellers to keep repeated code in a file.

  • How to place the currency picker in your theme.liquid

    With the expansion in Shopify market in global business, the international market is so lucrative. The online sellers who want to abroad their stores need to install a tool to exchange into multiple currencies. The foreign visitors want to know how much they will pay for their expected products in their home currency, therefore, the currency picker plays an important role to increase their sales and the customer’s satisfaction.

  • Set up the currency options

    Setting up currency options in Shopify is extremely necessary to determine what currency your customers are enabled to use when they pay for their orders in your store. Product prices will be shown in the local currencies that your customers choose. Especically, you can customize your store admin’s appearance if needed.

  • Upload jquery.currencies.min.js file as a theme asset

    Shopify app provides currencies.js library which is built to work around common floating point issues in javascript. jquery.currencies.min.js file is an expansion of currencies.js library and plays an important function in your store. currencies.js changes only a money amount from one currency to another; whereas, jquery.currencies.min.js changes all money amounts on your store’s page and shows a formatted consequence with a currency symbol and descriptor.

  • How to generate a second snippet for your toggle button

    Selling in another country requires the online sellers to install a tool that helps them to exchange their home currency to another one. Moreover, international customers would like to know how much they will pay for the products in their currencies. In the market, the Shopify store owners who would install toggle button will increase the competitive advantages as well as maximize their profit.

  • How to include the toggle button snippet

    The checkout process is one of the most important part in the buying decision of customers. This final step just only can be be displayed in the operating currency, which means that the international customers do not know exactly how much they will pay for their products. However, the Checkout transaction amounts can be exchanged by one of the most effective tools for the online sellers the toggle button snippet.

  • Modify the HTML for currency formatting

    One day, you receive an order from a foreign country using different currency from yours. What do you need to do on your website to inform purchasers about the payment? This question will be solved in this tutorial. You are provided a solution to modify the HTML for currency formatting.