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Shopify Venture Theme Review: Perfect Theme for High Volume Stores

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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

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There are hundreds of different themes provided on Shopify, which allows you to flexibly choose the aesthetically attractive one and gives your online store the best look for attracting buyers. However, if you have already had a theme that boosts your quality products but you find yourself not selling the amount that you expected, maybe a good looking theme is not enough.

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As usual, a quality theme on Shopify is what can provide your online store a vibrant style that just shows out and grabs the attention of all the visitors that you want to attract. However, not all theme was made to suit many types of store, especially when the high volumes ones that can make it harder to load. In this case, the solution is a specific theme for these kinds of stores, which will bring a smoother experience while loading. I highly recommend the Shopify Venture Theme for you guys.

So, this article today is going to be Shopify Venture Theme Review: Perfect Theme for High Volume Stores including its outlook, its content, what it can provide, and the previous review about it.

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What is Venture Theme on Shopify?

Venture is a free theme published by the Shopify team. Overall, this Venture theme is absolutely a bold yet minimal theme, which is designed for high volume stores with large inventories. It is going to provide users a great mix of colors and features that helps you tell the overall look and feel of your online store. You are going to be impressed by its edge-to-edge slideshow, multi-column drop-down menus, and a promotional bar and many more outstanding features.

There are three different styles included in Venture with each catering to a different type of eCommerce store, which are Snowboards, Outdoors and Boxing. We will start moving on to know more about each of them.

Snowboards Style

The first one is the Snowboarding style that offers a blue-colored with the grey palette, which is very great for selling snowboarding and other snow tools. From another aspect, it is also suitable for selling water-activity products.

what is shopify venture theme: snowboards style

Outdoors Style

The second one is Outdoors, which provides its exciting adventures in the layout. As a result, it can bring a rugged look for online stores to sell camping and trekking products.

what is shopify venture theme: Outdoors Style

Boxing Style

The last one is Boxing style, which has a pretty self-explanatory layout, also a dark and red palette. With this outlook, it is more likely to be settled for selling t-shirts and other accessories that are related to boxing, martial arts, MMA, and many more.

what is shopify venture theme: Boxing Style

Main Features of Venture Theme

There are so many features provided on this theme that will definitely make your store stand out, I will go through some significant features on this free Venture theme that you can find in some of the paid ones.


The first one is about its slideshow. Venture allows you to utilize its dynamic slideshow on the homepage to display your entire collection. What is more, the slideshow is horizontally occupied, which means that you will not have any empty space on both sides of your website. Also, each slide can have a heading and a subheading, and the text can be linked to any page.

shopify venture theme features review: Slideshow

Once customers visit your slide, the first thing that they see is your slideshow, and Venture handles it well to look stunning and show off your top products to your visitors. So, just take the best picture of your products and put them in the homepage slideshow to convey the overall feel and design of your online store.

Multi-column Menu

Most theme is designed with one sub-menu that shows up when a user hovers the mouse on top of it. With Venture, it will feature product details and images in a large, multi-column drop-down menu, which means the sub-menus will not appear on the right, but your product will. As a result, your buys will be able to see the content of that collection right at the moment they want to see.

Promotional Banner

On Venture, you will be able to put a banner on top of the slides on your homepage. It could be a stylish promotional banner, which will give you the opportunity to showcase your best products, deals, discounts, offers, and many more. At the same time, you will also be able to utilize it to create time-sensitive promotions and appeal to your customers to purchase those products. What a great place for your important products and promotions to grab attention!

shopify venture theme features review: Promotional Banner

You will be able to choose a product that is highlighted in the center of the page. In case you want to promote a single product that you want to dispose of or a new product that you want it to go viral, this will definitely help!

Product Filtering

On Venture, your customers will be able to filter products by type and sort by best sellers and price on the collection page in order to see only the products that they are interested in. As a consequence, the visitor on your page will be able to find the type of products they are looking for and not have to search for each product individually.

shopify venture theme features review: Product Filtering

Why You Should Use Venture Theme for Shopify


First of all, this is the best free theme on Shopify. If you pay developers for the features above, you will be more likely to spend more then 50 dollars to get them. Plus, Venture also doesn’t require users to pay for the subscription fee. What a great choice for a free theme that can supply you a lot, right? You will be surprised while using it.


This is absolutely a highly responsive theme that can flexibly adjust on any device. Venture is smart enough to detect the type of devices that your customers use as well as adjust itself to the proper size to give your visitors the best image of your store.

Ideal for Large Inventories

If your store has one of the following criteria, I believe that you should start installing this theme for your store because it could be your solution:

  • Your business has more than 50 products.
  • Your store has 5 or more collections.
  • Your store needs to provide large menus.

why use shopify venture theme: ideal for large inventories

Customer Review on Shopify Venture Theme

Most users have no dissatisfactions about Venture as they are happy with the way this theme works for theme. However, there are still a number of reviews, which is not positive about Venture.

Overall, there is 46 percent out of 59 reviews that are positive on the Shopify theme store. Most of them agree that Venture has stayed true to its commitment to a free, responsive theme for High Volume Stores.

  • There was an account named Young Broke & Messy has commented on Jan 03, 2021:

“It’s pretty easy and simple to set up. Upside is that it’s good for beginners and quickly set up a neat and clean shop. Downside- there’s a lack of customization, it’s pretty much what you see is what you get. If you want an example of how I set up mine check out YoungBrokeMessy.com”

  • In addition to that, a user named IndianAquarium has commented on Feb 05, 2021 with similar content:

“Absolutely great Free Theme, easy to set, you cannot do much on customization, all the components present on the home page layout are not applicable to the rest of the pages, it could have been great if it is added to all the pages. Basically, it’s pretty much what you see is what you get. This is my site www.indianaquarium.com.”

  • The user named Collette’s Home Décor has given a comment on May 05, 2016 that said:

“I days of trying and customizing Supply, Launchpad-Star and Classic, I finally returned to the one I started with, Venture. It is true that the mobile version has some problems to start with, but within an hour, I fixed it. This is by far the easiest to change, code-wise. Good job and thanks!”

customer reviews on shopify venture theme

Meanwhile, the complaining comments are about the lack of customization, problems with the theme code, and some other minor issues.

  • On Nov 25, 2017, a user named Unleashed has put a complaining comment:

“Why it isn’t written that the theme can’t be customized? I paid for someone to make me a popup cart just to find out that Free themes don’t support this option. It would have been honest to mention it before someone spends money on code that he can throw to the trash!!!”

  • There was a comment from Bumblebee Buzz Pte. Ltd. on Feb 21, 2017, which said:

“Overall, the theme is good only if the slideshow image does not matter even if the image is cropped. I used an image 1800 x 1000 which is recommended from Shopify. The resolution is shown on laptop and mobile (worst resolution ever) very blurry. My site looks so unprofessional. I even increased the resolution higher, it is still blurry!!! but when I used in other themes, it is sharp n good.”

About the coding thing, many of them agree that this theme is not easy to make changes for beginner. However, if you are a beginner on Shopify, you will be more likely not want to change anything in the coding, as it is hard to do for you. Because this theme is free so that there will be some web elements are not available or flexibly added via code. So, we can not ask too much on a free theme.


In conclusion, I think this theme is still deserved to be a worth using theme. If you are building a store that’s focused on outdoor activities and or some other type of sporting activities, or you are just a beginner who has a lot of products to sell, then this theme is absolutely your solution. As this theme is free, so just feel free to try on any one of these niches or something similar to see how it works for you.

I really hope the content in this Shopify Venture Theme Review can help you a lot in finding the right them for your online store, especially the high volumes one. If there is something you are not sure about, then contact us so that we can provide you more information.

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