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Shopify Grid Theme Review 2024: Tell a Story on Your eCommerce Website

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By Sam Nguyen

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In this article, we will show you Shopify Grid theme review 2024: Tell a story on your eCommerce website. We will go into details of what Shopify Grid theme is, its main features, and how beneficial it is to use Grid theme for Shopify. Now, let’s begin to explore this theme and decide whether it will work for your website!

Considered one of the most dominant eCommerce premium Shopify themes in recent years, Pixel Union’s “Grid” has a clean and modern layout and offers many features. Released by Pixel Union in 2015, the number of users has been increasing. Also, since the introduction, it has had some updates, tweaks, and additional features

What is Shopify Grid theme?

what is shopify grid theme What is Shopify Grid theme

With a bright and modern appearance, this flexible Grid theme will help develop your brand with the Grid’s unique layout and robust navigation.

The Grid Shopify theme by Pixel Union offers an array of features designed to enhance the shopping experience for both customers and store owners. With its multi-column menu and quick shop functionality, Grid empowers customers to effortlessly discover their desired products and breeze through the checkout process. One of its standout features is the modern masonry layout, which presents products and multimedia content in an engaging and visually appealing grid design.

This layout is not only eye-catching but also highly versatile, making it ideal for showcasing a diverse range of products, videos, and more. Whether your online store boasts an extensive product catalog or a more concise collection, Grid’s adaptable multiple page layouts and navigation tools ensure a seamless shopping journey for all types and sizes of e-commerce businesses, creating a user-friendly and dynamic online storefront.

Main feature of Shopify Grid theme

Optimized for large catalog

shopify grid theme is optimized for large catalog Optimized for large catalog

Shopify Grid theme is specifically developed for online stores that have a significant number of products and collections.

Unique masonry grid

The uniqueness of Grid masonry-style layout allows you to display products, videos, etc. stylishly.

Multi-column menu

You can showcase product images in a broad and multi-column drop-down menu.

Quick shop

With a streamlined add-to-cart popup, Grid can speed up the process that leads up to checkout.

Masonry and Standard layout

Display various products, posts, or promotions in masonry as well as standard layouts.

Multiple product page layout

With various product page layouts that Grid offers, you can make your customers enjoy shopping experience.

Benefits of using Grid theme for Shopify

After the introduction of Windows 8 and 10, the design area from webpages, smartphones, and other user interfaces to magazines, architecture, art, and many more have witnessed the popularity of modern grid appearance. However, how come is that this uncomplicated line of rows and columns has become so universal? More specifically, in addition to outstanding features that we will mention in the next part, grids emphasize on a neat, organized design, and consumer-friendly navigation.

For each designer, using a Grid theme nowadays is beneficial, however, if you are not sure to choose a clean and simple appearance, you may be more convinced reading the benefits offered by Grid to your store.

Grids Create a Fresh Structure

Grids Create a Fresh Structure Grids Create a Fresh Structure

A primary objective of organizing your elements in a grid format is to make a clean and structured space. Typically, structure and symmetry are visually appealing.

We are inherently drawn to order and prone to feel comfortable when we see organized things. For instance, the distinction between entering a messed up book store and going into a store that has everything classified into specific categories is striking. In an organized store, you can find your favorite book quicker and feel more at ease.

The picture is the same when you visit a website. Instead of getting overwhelmed by various options and wasting time browsing around, you can opt for a stylish and simple structure that allows easy navigation. Overall, with a clean and organized space, the grid will never let you down.

Easy Creation and Navigation

In addition to disposing of unnecessary stuff, Grid theme has a simple design and becomes your time saver in terms of coding or structuring your design. The use of a grid does not require you to be an expert designer or webmaster. These days, designing a well-functioning website is super easy.

More specifically, a grid serves as a design guide in your decision in where to place, scale, and position segments. Troy Templeman stated that it assists designers in determining where content should be placed rather than where it could be placed.

A grid implies that beginning from zero is off the table. Just imagine, for example, in architecture, a grid will be something like the structure of the house already constructed. Your single job is to decide on where to place the furniture. You don’t have to build it from scratch, it will be fantastic. However, you still need to do dome interior designing. It is time for creativity to enter. Likewise, you need to consider some options to intensify and beatify a grid.

Don’t be worried about the Hierarchy

Don’t be worried about the Hierarchy Don’t be worried about the Hierarchy

Some believe that the use of a grid eliminates all hierarchy because all the elements are of the same dimension. Not all that, it happens when you combine blocks to use the grid properly.

Let’s consider our above house example again, the grid is similar to your house with spaces for your designing ideas. However, in this case, you knock down a wall to merge the kitchen and dining room. Not a problem, you can build a larger room and make spaces to be prominent. Hence, making a hierarchy will be a piece of cake with grids.

Make Infographics Effortlessly

Grid Theme Makes Infographics Effortlessly Grid Theme Makes Infographics Effortlessly

Another outstanding advantage of grids is the easy integration of various elements like pictures, numbers, and text. When you take this a step further, you can use a grid to make your infographics. You only have to put numbers and descriptions in different tiles, and bam! You got yourself an infographic.

Structured but Original

Structured but Original Structured but Original

Sometimes, you can choose to drift away from the grid completely to give an additional eye-catching effect. By doing this, you can attract attention to specific content; however, you should use it carefully.

Balance is Established

Balance is Established Balance is Established

Grid’s portrayal of balance is among its charms. It achieves equilibrium by its symmetrical layout used to balance out your elements and determine if one side overwhelms the other.

In art and photography, the grid principle is also very popular in comprehending the balance point. You may have heard of the rule of thirds whereby the canvas is split into three columns to make the focal point sit on these points.

Grids Help Arrange Everything

grids help arrange everything Grids Help Arrange Everything

Art, photography, and design give us another lens on how to apply the grid and understand the balance point. Have you heard of the rule of thirds? The canvas is broken into thirds, so there are nine parts and the points of interest are placed on the intersections. Compared to a grid, it is somehow different. The use of grids does not require filling each tile, the requirement here is to see the balance of the content. It is a fantastic way to demonstrate any layout, design, or presentation you create.

High Flexibility of Grids

High Flexibility of Grids High Flexibility of Grids

Have you ever doubted the suitability of the simple square layout and the content that is more complicated and essential? The adjustability of Grids can enable you to organize such information. You only have to insert more rows and columns because a higher number of blocks means more flexibility you will have. Hence, no matter what you intend to do: writing a news briefing, a business report, representing business analyzes, or planning a presentation, the grid can perform perfectly in being arranged shortly.

10 Best Grid Shopify Theme Alternatives

  • Prestige by Maestrooo: Prestige is a premium theme known for its grid-style design, making it perfect for high-end and luxury brands. It offers advanced customization options, a stylish look, and various grid layout options.

prestige by maestroooPrestige by Maestrooo

  • Symmetry by Clean Themes: Symmetry is a versatile theme that offers different grid layout styles. It’s suitable for a wide range of businesses and provides features like customizable homepage sections and a clean, modern design.

symmetry by clean themesSymmetry by Clean Themes

  • Booster by Clean Canvas: Like Instagram Shopping, Booster theme’s LookBook feature lets you add shoppable, high-quality product photos. These photos have a small white dot, indicating they’re for sale. Additionally, you can showcase these images in either a grid or list format, depending on your preferences or niche.

symmetry by clean canvasBooster by Clean Themes

  • Parallax by Out of the Sandbox: Parallax is a theme known for its stunning parallax scrolling effects and grid-style product displays. It’s visually engaging and suitable for stores that want to create an immersive shopping experience.

parallax by out of the sandboxParallax by Out of the Sandbox

  • Masonry by WeTheme: Masonry is designed for stores that want to emphasize visuals. It provides a masonry grid layout that’s great for showcasing products, images, and videos in a unique and compelling way.

masonry by wethemeMasonry by WeTheme

  • Venue by Safe As Milk: Venue is a grid-based theme that focuses on simplicity and flexibility. It’s easy to customize and offers various grid layout options, making it suitable for a range of industries.

venue by safe as milkVenue by Safe As Milk

  • Broadcast by Invisible Themes: Loaded with over 20 customizable sections, Broadcast enables you to swiftly launch your site with pre-built content pages. The product listings in a collection page are systematically arranged in a grid format, facilitating effortless navigation and seamless product exploration

broadcast by invisible themesBroadcast by Invisible Themes

  • Blockshop by Troop Themes:The Blockshop theme stands out with its distinctive spacious grid-style layout and striking hero imagery. Its most notable feature is its responsiveness. Developed with a flat UI design, this theme offers expansive and customizable layouts along with a minimalist user interface.

blockshop by troop themesBlockshop by Troop Themes

  • Flow by Eight Themes: The Flow Shopify Theme allows you to display your products in a masonry-style grid that emphasizes each product upon hovering over them. The Flow Shopify Theme is meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of high-volume stores that handle an extensive number of transactions within a specific timeframe. It is ideally suited for businesses that frequently conduct flash sales, thanks to its built-in features designed to facilitate time-based promotions effectively.

flow by eight themesFlow by Eight Themes

Shopify Grid Theme: The Bottom Line

Because Grids has a professional theme that requires minor updates during the process, it is very simple to follow the minor version releases. After that, you can simply scan through and ensure the correctness of everything updated and prompt solutions for any minor problems that arose. It is the Grids’ daily tasks. Yet, “Grid 3.0” is a significant update, hence, if you have already been using the Grid theme and hope to have all the additional features, performing a full manual update will be crucial.

If you have already been using the Grid theme on your Shopify store, you can gain access to this important upgrade at no additional fee, which is amazing. Because with all essential updates, you will need to spend your time and effort to guarantee the proper functioning and appearance.

Occasionally, an eCommerce website refresh is simply what the specialist requested to jump-start engagement and sales. And Grid 3.0’s new features are powerful enough to make it viable. Similar to the previous version, the new and upgraded Shopify Grid theme still includes four styles: Bright, Light, Warm, and Moody. Users can customize and modify each of the styles, which are ready to perform all the new improved features.

As Pixel Union states, about several years ago, big images, parallax and slideshows are only shown on the top of the homepage. Nowadays, though, this area or the most important asset on your site should be something other than overwhelmed with colors. More specifically, it should convey a message also.

Grid 3.0 allows you to make that significant asset all text or to place powerful and SEO-able engagement messages right above the top of your brand image.

Bear in mind that “big” images do not necessarily have to be “big.” A failure in optimizing your header image correctly may result in a slow down in your page load speed. In this online world, this is the thing that we should avoid by all means.

Nowadays, video is all the buzz for user engagement from Shopify eCommerce to social media. Grid 3.0 adds a homepage video with a text overlay. More specifically, with Grid 3.0, you can add playable videos in the home page’s masonry section with blocked images and text. This section typically shows right below the brand image. With short videos in the masonry area, you can have a chance to think outside the box and create engaging videos.

In terms of that masonry section, Grid 3.0 offers additional layout options. Nowadays, the words “masonry” and “grid” do not have to be a series of evenly space image slabs. These sections, though, have images of different dimensions and properties. Hence, it will be less “cinder-block wall” and more “image mosaic.” Now, how the images are sized and placed will matter.

With many other updates since the release including on-board font options, a better mobile and responsive experience, and a new customer testimonial section on the home page, Pixel Union has been trying their best to improve this theme. Pixel Union has set up a gorgeous landing page for the Grid 3.0 release, and you can gain access to each style’s full demos.

Thank you so much for your time reading our article Shopify Grid theme review 2021: Tell a story on your eCommerce website. We hope that you have made up your mind choosing Grid theme for your site.

Furthermore, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to help you out in case you need anything. Also, if you find our article helpful, please share it with your social network. We would be glad if you could do that.

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.

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