Liquid ceil - Round Up Number in Shopify

To display the store data in Shopify, it is essential for the Shopify store owners to customize their code settings. By the updated version of Liquid, the Shopify users do not need to deal with the complicated chain of codes. In addition, Liquid is open-source so it is free for online sellers to build up their website professionally. This is also considered as one of the best tools in Shopify to solve dynamic data. With the Liquid objects, it helps the users to contribute their front store beautifully.

Such a flexible and safe language, Liquid is used in many website and applications. Besides, a significant number of Liquid codes types such as objects, tags, and filters are the reason why the Shopify store owners can customize their shop appearances with their preferences. Along with the popularity of Liquidity, it also helps admins to configure their multiple-purposed stores in their admin dashboard.

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Overview of Math filters

Liquid is a useful tool for the online merchants to have professional stores websites including product representing and the beautiful appearance. With the different Liquid filters, the Liquid provides multiple methods to deal with different data such as number, texts, etc. Moreover, there are many ways to deal with the outputs as a number, the Shopify store owners can multiply, divide, subtract, add to, or adjust as many times.

For more underestanding about rouding up the numbers data in Shopify, the Shopify store owners should refer this article. In detail, in this article Liquid ceil - Round Up Number in Shopify, there are simple steps for the shop owners to customize by themselves. Thank the Liquid Math filters, the Shopify store owners can round their outputs up to the nearest integer.

Liquid ceil - How to Round Up Number in Shopify

Step 1: Input


{{ 4.6 | ceil }}
{{ 4.3 | ceil }}

Step 2: Output

The result of this output will be like that:




We hope that the basic knowledge about math filters in this tutorial Liquid ceil: Round-Up Number in Shopify will help you to more understand about the Shopify store owners. Moreover, it is possible for online sellers to round up their numbers into the nearest ones. Besides, we hope that online sellers can have more understanding of math filters through our chain of articles like the following list:

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