Liquid Times: Multiplies Number in Shopify

It cannot deny the popularity of E-commerce in the 4.0 century, which means that there are millions of dollar revenue in the marketplace as Shopify is waiting for you to gain. Shopify is known as one of the biggest markets for online sellers all around the world with millions of online shops. It becomes more and more competitive for merchants, however, there always is a way to achieve success in this marketplace without investing a ton of money. There are effective and free functionalities in Shopify that the Shopify store owners can use to attract the potential customers coming to their stores.

One of the useful tools for online sellers is Liquid which is such a flexible and safe template. By using this Liquid, it is possible for the admins to contribute their professional store’s websites with beautiful products images. That is the reason why Liquid is popular for not only Shopify but also in other applications such as Jekyll. In Shopify, with the latest version of Liquid, the Shopify store owners can easily customize their shops with the best performances. In addition, online sellers will use a significant number of Liquid codes types such as objects, tags, and filters so that it is easy to deal with dynamic data to display the stored data in the beautiful appearance.

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About times filters {#about-times-filters}

Liquid filters are one of three types of Liquid codes. This type will allows the Shopify store owners to change the output of a Liquid objects. For example, in some case when the store owners want to multiply their prices with other numbers or when the shopers want to buy more than an items. The prices is necessary to be multiplied. It is easy for the Shopify store onwners to make it do automatically with this times filters. This article Liquid Times: Multiplies Number in Shopify with the basic tutorial will help the Shopify users more understand about this filters.

The way to Multiply Number in Shopify

Step 1: Input

In this step, the users should input as these following example


<!-- product.price = 200 -->
{{ product.price | times: 1.15 }}

Step 2: Output

And then, the output will be like that:




Through this article Liquid Times: Multiplies Number in Shopify, we hope that the Shopify store owners will acquire more knowledge about Liquid as well as Liquid math filters. Including simple steps, it is easy for even the beginners in Shopify can use this article to multiply their expected data numbers. To master the Liquidity in Shopify, it is necessary for Shopify store owners to study more our chain of articles like the following list:

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