How to Get a Link From Vendor in Shopify

In Shopify, Liquid is considered as one of the most important functionalities with online sellers. Because the Shopify store owners are necessary to have a tool to help them to contribute any professional shop websites. With the latest version of Liquid, online merchants can use the different types of Liquid codes to display the store data on the storefront. Besides, by these Liquid objects, Liquid tags, and Liquid filters, the Shopify sshop owners can easily solve a significant number of data.

As the Liquid - a flexible and safe language, it is used in many website and applications. Many Shopify stores are selling various products for the visitors with multiple choices. In addition, in each shop, there are a lot of vendors, so it is difficult for admins to manage their items as well as for the customers to find out what they really want. Therefore, it is essential for the Shopify store owners to organize their products into the Shopify collections, which helps the visitors to devide their items based on their vendors.

About Shopify collection

To help admins to manage their shop products, Shopify collection provide them options to arrange those items according to their similarities. It allows the Shopify store owners to structure their products into groups. Therefore, the buyers are easy to find out these items which they want to. Creating a link to a collection page lists all products in the to same vendor, which also allows the users to take control their products easily. In addition, when the shoppers can save time on searching for their favorites, they have more time to buy other items.

Through this How to Get a Link From Vendor in Shopify, the Shopify shop owners can easily link their products with their vendors their own. These links will allow the users to increase the customer’s shopping experiences as well as to boost the store’s sales.

Step 1: Input


{{ "Shopify" | link_to_vendor }}

Step 2: Output

After that the result of this above input will be as below:


<a href="/collections/vendors?q=Shopify" title="Shopify">Shopify</a>


In conclusion, the HTML links that plays an important role for the Shopify store owners in creating the internal connection as well as the . This article How to Get a Link From Vendor in Shopify helps online sellers to understand more about the Shopify collection tool and guides them to create a link to connect to the vendor by simple steps.

Besides, the following list about the Shopify URL filters will support online merchants:

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