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How to Add a Suffix to a String in Shopify

Thomas Nguyen
Thomas Nguyen Updated: July 21, 2023


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Have you ever forgotten inserting a name of a string in front of items of the string? Don’t worry, string filters will help you. By using prepend formula, your problem will disappear. The tutorial today will introduce you to add a suffix to a string.

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Introduction to Liquid

As you know, Liquid is classified into three subcategories consisting of objects, filters and tags. Liquid use objects to show the location of content on a page. Objects and variable names are denoted by double curly braces. Filters change the output of a Liquid object. Tags create logic and control flow for a template. Tags begin with two curly braces and percent signs. Tags can be divided into three types: control flow, iteration and variable assignment.

Prepend belongs to filters.

What is prepend

Prepend is a Liquid filter that allows you to add the specified string to the beginning of another string. The filter is useful because you can add the topic of the string, in front of elements of the chain. Therefore, visitors can easily follow the information.

How to add a suffix to a string

For instance, you have a chain of fruits including apples, oranges, bananas and you want to insert some fruit before that string to note the name of the chain.


{{ "apples, oranges, and bananas" | prepend: "Some fruit: " }}


Some fruit: apples, oranges, and bananas

Moreover, you are able to prepend variables:


{% assign url = "example.com" %}

{{ "/index.html" | prepend: url }}




To sum up, prepend helps to add a string before an available string. You are able to insert a topic to a list of items. Prepend belongs to filters in Liquid in Shopify. We hope that this tutorial is helpful and let us know your difficulties and we will address them.

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