How to Add a Tag Link in Shopify

There is a effective marketplace Online sellers are using the lastest version of Liquid in Shopify, which helps them to improve their store’s effectiveness. Known as the useful tool, this . In addition, with the combination of the online sellers will use the latest version of Liquid with a significant number of Liquid codes types such as objects, tags, and filters. To display the store data, the Liquid provides the objects to. Besides, it helps the Shopify users manipulate storefront. Thank the valuable asset as Liquid, the online merchants are easy to have professional stores websites including product representing.

About Shopify collection

Shopify collection provide them options to arrange those items according to their similarities. Therefore, admins enable managing thousands of their products. By this Shopify collection, it is easy for the Shopify store owners to arrange their items into groups. In addition, the buyers can find out these items which they want to within a minute. By different tags, the Shopify store owners enable creating a link to a collection page and all products in the to same tag, which helps the shopping experiences more easily.

In the last blog, we have brought you a guiding article about How to Get a Tag Link in Shopify to help online shoppers save time on searching for their favorites in given tags. Therefore, the Shopify store owners can increase their sales effectively. Moreover, the buyers have more time to buy other items. For this article How to Get a Link From Vendor in Shopify, the Shopify shop owners can easily add more tags and links in their products so it can helps the sellers maximize their customer’s satisfaction.

Step 1: Input


<!-- collection.tags = ["Mens", "Womens", "Sale"] -->
{% for tag in collection.tags %}
  {{ tag | link_to_add_tag: tag }}
{% endfor %}

Step 2: Output

After entering the input, the Shopify store owners will have the following output: Output

<!-- If you're on "/collections/frontpage/mens": -->
<a title="Show products matching tag Mens" href="/collections/frontpage/mens">Mens</a>
<a title="Show products matching tag Womens" href="/collections/frontpage/womens+mens">Womens</a>
<a title="Show products matching tag Sale" href="/collections/frontpage/sale+mens">Sale</a>


This article How to Add a Tag Link in Shopify which includes simple steps so even the beginners in Shopify will be able to create more links to their products.

In addition, we hope that online sellers can have more kowlegde about Shopify as well as Liquid through our chain of articles as the following list:

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