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How to Get a Tag Link in Shopify

Sam Nguyen
Sam Updated: May 13, 2024


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Liquid is known such a flexible and safe language for any web developers. With a significant number of Liquid codes types such as objects, tags, and filters, it is easy for the store owners to display the store data. the Liquid provides the objects to. Along with the popularity of Liquid in Shopify, it helps the Shopify users manipulate storefront.

In Shopify, online sellers will use the latest version of Liquid, which allows them to contribute a beautiful and professional website. In addition, Liquid is also used popularly in many website and applications because of its functionality. Thank the valuable asset as Liquid, it is helpful by creating a link to all products that are having the tags. Each tag which allows the buyers to buy their favorites and save a lot of time. By this article How to Get a Tag Link in Shopify, the Shopify store owners totally can do that without a lof of time or effort.

About Shopify collection

There is a tool that allows admins to manage their shop products is Shopify collection. This Shopify collection provides multiple options to arrange those items based on the Shopify store owner’s purposes. For example, the products can be divided into groups having the same vendors or other similarities. It allows the Shopify store owners to structure their products into groups, so the shoppers can save time on searching for their favorites and have more time to buy other items. Besides, admins are also easy to take their products under control.

Through this How to Get a Link From Vendor in Shopify, it is simple for Shopify sellers to creates a link to all products having given tag in a collection. These links will be an effective tool for the users to increase the customer’s shopping experiences as well as to boost the store’s sales.

Step 1: Input


<!-- collection.tags = ["Mens", "Womens", "Sale"] -->
{% for tag in collection.tags %}
  {{ tag | link_to_tag: tag }}
{% endfor %}

Step 2: Output

The output will be like this following after entering the input:


<a title="Show products matching tag Mens" href="/collections/frontpage/mens">Mens</a>
<a title="Show products matching tag Womens" href="/collections/frontpage/womens">Womens</a>
<a title="Show products matching tag Sale" href="/collections/frontpage/sale">Sale</a>


In this article How to Get a Tag Link in Shopify, we hope that the Shopify store owners can have more understandings about Shopify as well as its collection. From these above simple steps, even the beginners in Shopify also enable creating a tag links.

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