Liquid at most - Limit Number to Max value in Shopify

Every year, there are millions of buyers coming to Shopify marketplaces to choose their favorite products. That is the reasons why this market is lucrative and competitive. One of the best functionalities in this Shopify is Liquid which is known as a flexible and safe language. Moreover, Liquid is totally free for online sellers. In Shopify, online merchants enable building professional and beautiful websites without paying any cost.

With the latest version of Liquid, the Shopify store owners can have the best tools to display their products in their shops. There is a number of Liquid codes types such as objects, tags, and filters. Therefore, it is easy for the users to load the dynamic data in the multiple-purposes stores. In an admin dashboard, the Shopify store owners can manage thousands of items.

Through this article Liquid at most - Limit Number to Max value in Shopify, we will bring the Shopify users about the Liquid math filters, we hope that even the beginners can use these simple steps to limit their numbers data in the maximum value.

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About Math filters

Thank the valuable asset as Liquid, the online merchants to have professional stores websites. One of the tools in this Liquid is math filters which are effective ways to boost the conversions in their stores. Moreover, it is also a powerful tool to display customer’s information and other data such as sales, promotions, etc. The form of these math filters are in an output tag {{ }} and then they are denoted by |.

Besides, the Shopify store owners can link these math filters with any other filters, which are in order from the left side to right side. In math filters, there are many ways to deal with the outputs as a number. For example, they can be multiplied, divided, subtracted, added to, or adjusted as many times. Therefore, it is easy for users to make customize their data or their project.

Limit Number to Max value in Shopify

Step 1: Input

After we entering these following input to the Liquid codes setting, we will have the output in the second step


{{ 4 | at_most: 5 }}
{{ 4 | at_most: 3 }}

Step 2: Output




Although this math filters’s function is the same as any Liquid filters, they play an important role in modifying the output of data such as numbers, strings, variables, and objects. This above input and output will show online sellers know Limit Number to Max value in Shopify. Besides, the Shopify store owners have more understanding about math filters.

In addition, online sellers can discover more about other math filters articles like the following list:

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