Liquid round: Round to Nearest Integer in Shopify

Liquid is one of the most important functionalities in Shopify because Liquid contributes the themes setting. With this effective tool, Shopify store owners can customize their multiple-purposed stores so that they enable creating competitive advantages compare to millions of online shops. Especially, by the combination of the Liquid tags, objects, and filters, which is possible for the Shopify store owners to load dynamic content without dealing with the complex codes. Moreover, with the latest version of Liquid, it is easy for online sellers to use this tool to set up their storefront.

Known as the powerful Shopify tool, Liquid is also used popularly in many websites and Jekyll too. Liquid is such a flexible and safe language that the Shopify users should master. In addition, this tool is open-source so the Shopify store owners do not need to pay any cost to make their shops professionally and beautifully. However, it is not easy for the Shopify beginners to know how to use Liquid with the highest effectiveness.

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About Liquid math filters {#about-truncate}

In these articles about Liquid math filters, online sellers will have the basic definition of this type of Liquid filters which allows admins to apply the mathematics applications into their stores. Moreover, there are various data that the math filters can deal with such as texting or numbers. Especially the number data, they can be added, subtracted, etc by the other numbers.

Thank the Liquid math filters, the online merchants customize their numbers such as prices into the round numbers so it can help the Shopify stores look more professional. Therefore, math filters which are effective ways to boost the conversions in their stores. In this tutorial, we specialize the topic about Liquid round: Round to Nearest Integer in Shopify. After reading this article, we hope that the Shopify store owners have more understanding about how to round a number of data to the nearest integer.

Round to Nearest Integer in Shopify

Step 1: Input

The first step is that the Shopify store owners enter their admin dashboard to open their theme settings to find out what data they want to round up. Then, they enter the round code after these data.


{{ 4.6 | round }}
{{ 4.3 | round }}
{{ 4.5612 | round: 2 }}

Step 2: Output

After entering the input, the output will be as below example:




This article Liquid round: Round to Nearest Integer in Shopify includes the basic definitions, as well as simple steps for even the beginners in Shopify, enable making their numbers rounded. Besides, some other articles about the math filters will help the Shopify store owners to have more chances to expert the Liquid in Shopify:

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