Liquid at least - Limit Number to Min value in Shopify

Online sellers choosing the Shopify marketplace to start their business because this market has a number of effective functionalities that allows them to boost their sales. Besides the 24/7 support from the Shopify team, one of the best tools for online merchants is Liquid which is known as the flexible and useful language. This function allows users to build their professional and beautiful websites. Especially, Liquid is open-sourced; therefore, online sellers do not need to pay any cost for this amazing tool. In Shopify, with the latest version of Liquid, it is easy for even beginners can know what they will do and update their stores.

The Liquid also allows the users to load significant data by a significant number of Liquid codes types. They are objects, tags, and filters. The Liquid provides the objects to create and display information in attractive ways. Besides, it helps the Shopify users apply calculations to output specific information.

This article Liquid at least - Limit Number to Min value in Shopify will bring the users simple steps to limit a number to a minimum value.

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About Math filters {#about-math-filters}

Among Liquid filters, math filters which include a series of calculations are simple ways that modify the output of any kind of data from numbers, strings to variables or objects. The location of these filters are in an output tag {{ }} and are denoted by |. With the mathematical tasks, the Shopify store owners can boost their conversions effectively. That is the reason why Math filters plays an important role in contributing to a website. Math filters are a great way to add new functionality to a client’s site to boost conversions.

Within minutes, the Math filters have been around. For example, with Math filters, the users can unlock a range of options and display the promotion sales and other information such as transaction fees, taxes, etc. Besides, it is possible for the Shopify online sellers to link Math filters with other filters in order of left to right. There are many functionalities in Math filters that admins can use to maximize their effectiveness such as minus numbers, add numbers, times, divided_by, etc.

Limit Number to Min value in Shopify

Step 1: Input


{{ 4 | at_least: 5 }}
{{ 4 | at_least: 3 }}

Step 2: Output

The output will be as following example after entering this above input: Output



We hope that through this above example about math filters in this article Limit Number to Min value in Shopify will bring the users more understanding about this Liquid filter type. Besides, these steps are the best way to approach to limit their data type in the numbers to the minimum value.

In addition, the the following list with the articles allow online sellers to have more understanding about math filters:

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