Liquid divided_by: Divide Number in Shopify

The Shopify marketplace is lucrative and promising with any online sellers because there are millions of buyers coming to Shopify to choose their favorite products. That market is also extremely competitive so the Shopify store owners should invest more about their shop’s functionalities as well as appearance. One of the best functionalities in this Shopify that helps the users to contribute a professional and beautiful front store is Liquid. Known as a flexible and safe language, Liquid is a useful tool to load the dynamic data. Moreover, this tool is totally free for online sellers, they do not need to pay any cost for amazing applications.

In Shopify, online merchants enable customizing their Shopify stores depending on their preferences with the latest version of Liquid. By the Liquid objects, it is easy for the Shopify store owners to build up their page easily and beautifully. Moreover, with the Liquid filters, the shop owners can change the outputs so they can change the display of their products in their shops. Because of the combination of a number of Liquid codes types such as objects, tags, and filters, the Shopify store owners can load all the dynamic data.

Through this article Liquid divided_by: Devide Number in Shopify, we will bring the Shopify users about the Liquid math filters as well as these simple steps to divide a number in Shopify.

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About divided_by

It is possible for the Shopify users to load the dynamic data from the texting, numbers, etc. With the math filters, they can manage a number of these store data in the dashboard. Thank the valuable asset as Liquid math filters, the online merchants can apply the math functions into their store’s websites to display customer’s information and other data. Therefore, math filters are effective ways to boost the customer’s conversions in their stores. Moreover, it is also a powerful tool such as sales, promotions, etc.

Especially, the Shopify store owners can link these math filters with any other filters. The form of these are in an output tag {{ }} and then they are denoted by |, which are in order from the left side to right side. In math filters, there are many ways to deal with the outputs as a number. One of the features of this math filters is divided_by which allows the Shopify store owners to divide by an integer and an integer will be a result of this chain. In case online sellers divide the float, the results will be a float. Or if the user divides a number by the specified number, the output will be the nearest integer.

Devide Number in Shopify

Step 1: Input


<!-- product.price = 200 -->
{{ product.price | divided_by: 10 }}

Step 2: Output

After entering the input, the output will be as below:




This article Liquid divided_by: Devide Number in Shopify provides the readers with the most basic steps to divide a number in this Shopify marketplace. Moreover, we hope that online sellers can approach Liquid math filters more by our chain of articles like the following list:

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