Liquid floor: Round Down Number in Shopify

With the development of E-commerce in the world, it is easy for any online merchants to sell any products in the marketplaces. The Shopify is an outstanding market for the store owners because it has experienced support and effective functionalities. Moreover, in Shopify, there is the latest version of Liquid which is considered as a flexible and safe language for online sellers. Along with the popularity of Liquid in Shopify marketplace, online sellers should understand more about Liquid.

There are many types of Liquid codes. For example, to display data, the Shopify store owners can use Liquid objects to manipulate storefront while the Liquid filters will help them to customize and change the output of objects with a significant number of Liquid codes types such as objects, tags, and filters. In their admin dashboard, there is a tool as Liquid tags so the Shopify store owners can find out and manage their items.

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About Math filters

One of the Liquid filters is the math filters which play important roles in the Shopify. Because of this tool, the store owners can apply mathematical tasks into their themes setting. With math filters, there are many ways to deal with the outputs as a number. The output is within those tag {{ }} and then they are denoted by |. , which are in order from the left side to the right side. Moreover, the Shopify store owners can link these math filters with any other filters.

In the last tutorial Liquid ceil: Round Up Number in Shopify, we provided online sellers the simple process to approximate their number data. In contrast, in this article Liquid floor: Round Down Number in Shopify, we bring about the users with the best way to round down the nearest whole number in Shopify. We hope that we can bring the Shopify users about the Liquid math filters as well as these simple steps for the users approach it easily.

Liquid floor: Round Down Number in Shopify

Step 1: Input


Firstly, we sould enter those input into their code setting as below:

{{ 4.6 | floor }}
{{ 4.3 | floor }}

Step 2: Output

After entering the input, the output will be like that:




Through our chain of articles about math filters such as Liquid floor: Round Down Number in Shopify, we hope that the Shopify store owners can have more understanding about these types of Liquid store. Including simple steps, this tutorial also helps the users to round down their numbers in Shopify. The following list that the Shopify store owners can refer is like that:

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