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Liquid upcase: How to Convert String to Uppercase in Shopify

Sam Nguyen
Sam Updated: May 23, 2024


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Developed since 2006, Liquid is considered as one of the most effective functionalities in Shopify marketplace. As a Ruby template language, this functionality is a useful tool to build a professional website in e-commerce. In addition, Liquid is used popularly in multiple sites as well as other applications. With a combination of tags, objects, and filter, Liquid plays an integral part of Shopify to load all the dynamic data in Shopify.

With the Liquid objects, the Shopify store owners can build up an online shop based on their preferences while the filters help online merchants to change the output from the Liquid objects or customize their front store. Moreover, to control the content, the shop owners can use Liquid tags which allows them to apply conditional statements to loop through objects, create variables.

How to Convert String to Uppercase in Shopify

About Uppercase

There are two helpful functions of JavaScript that the Shopify store owners can convert their texts to uppercase and lowercase provides two helpful functions for converting . are String.toLowerCase() converts a string to lowercase, and String.toUpperCase() converts a string to uppercase.

One of the code types in Liquid is filters, which plays as the tool to make the Shopify stores customizable. There are many useful features in Liquid and one of them is capitalization. This feature allows the users to capitalize on the first word or each character in a string. Especially, it is possible for the Shopify store owners to make every characters uppercase in a string without affecting other strings. In this guiding article How to Convert String to Uppercase in Shopify, it is easy for the Shopify store owners to upercase any expected string by themselves.

The way to cut down string to number of words

Case 1

In this example, after admins open the string, we should enter the following input as below.


{{ "Parker Moore" | upcase }}


Case 2

Another case is that when this string is available uppercase, this process will not affect them. Input

{{ "APPLE" | upcase }}

Output Capitalization does not affect this case so the output will be like that APPLE


For capitalizing a string, the Shopify online sellers do not need any additional tool to do that through this article How to Convert String to Uppercase in Shopify. includes all the basic steps to edit the theme footer setting.

In addition, we also hope that online merchants to have more understanding of Shopify as well as Liquid through our chain of articles like the following list:

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