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Liquid strip_newlines: How to Remove New Line from String in Shopify

Sam Nguyen
Sam Updated: May 07, 2024


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Online sellers coming to the Shopify marketplace with the desire to earn a huge amount of money. There are millions of sellers in this channel so it has expanded to many countries as revenue retail. Moreover, with simple operation and 24/7 supposition, Shopify is considered as one of the most popular markets for online merchants. Besides, with the lastest Liquid version, the Shopify store owners have the best tool to boost their sales as well as their customer’s shopping experiences.

Liquid allows the shop owners to their product’s description and images on their websites. By an open-source template language, online sellers can have an effective tool without paying any cost. Moreover,Liquid also provides helpful functionality to contribute an online and offline retail market. There are three kinds of Liquid codes such as objects, tags, and filters. For the Liquid filters, online sellers can change the Liquid object’s output.

The following instruction is for How to Remove New Line from String in Shopify, which guide you the what input format should use to delete a new line from string.

How to Remove New Line from String in Shopify

About string new line

As a unit of a theme, String plays an essential role in building a website. The structure of a string includes numbers from 0. For example, within a string, online sellers enable changing case. For unique purpose, each of theme is made up of Liquid template files.

In a rendered tag, because of including tag syntax {{-, -}}, {%-, and -%} , the whitespace is from the left or right side. In case the output is not texting, which means that there are blank lines in their rendered HTML. For that reason, in this article How to Remove New Line from String in Shopify, we will provide the Shopify store owners the process to delete newlines characters from a string.

The way to remove new line from string

Step 1: Input

For example below, there is a string which has many line breaks. We should enter the strip_newlines code like the following input at the end of the string.


{% capture string_with_newlines %}
{% endcapture %}

{{ string_with_newlines | strip_newlines }}

Step 2: Output

After entering the input, the output will be removed all the line breaks: Output



This article How to Remove Whitespace tabs, spaces, and newlines in Shopify which includes simple steps to remove all the unexpected line breaking. In addition, we hope that online sellers can have more understanding of Shopify as well as Liquid through our chain of articles like the following list:

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