Liquid capitalize: Lower case first character in Shopify

Every online sellers who build a Shopify store knows about the imporatance of Liquid to their store’s settings. Liquid allows the store owners to have a flexible, useful environment to create their pages. In addition, the structures of Liquid includes objects, tags, and filters. Filters plays a role as a tool to display data of their stores in storefront to visitors and customers. Therefore, it is the most important part in the Liquid. Moroever, it also manipulates strings in the Shopify stores.

In the article about Liquid Camelcase: How to Convert String to CamelCase, we provides the basic definition about the CamelCase languages. That is one of the tool for the Shopify store owners to make the descriptive in domain names have capital words. But it is not default for the online merchants to capitalize the first letters in a Shopify shop domain.

There are many ways to make the title uppercase from one or all of the letters. However, when using proper CSS, the Shopify store owners just need to change the theme settings. Text- transformation is also useful for the online merchants to do that. How to capitalize this letter without affecting the others which is the question that the users should need to answer. It will be necessary for them to change the theme settings to do that. Make a string capitalized, the Shopify store owners should follow all steps in our below guiding aricle Liquid capitalize: Upper case first character in Shopify. Besides, we hope that they also have more understandings about this tool and can change their domain names by themselves.

Liquid capitalize: Upper case first character in Shopify

Step 1: Run the command

Let input the followign command line to upper case the first character of a string on Shopify:

{{ "title" | capitalize }}

Step 2: Get the output

Out put after running the capitalize command:


Another example the title is “my great title”, the Shopify store owners will need enter their title in the title space.


{{ "my great title" | capitalize }}

And then the result which is not changing any words except for the first character “M”. It is like that:


My great title


We has just introduced about Liquid capitalize: Lower case first character in Shopify, we hope that the Shopify store owners can capitalize their expected letter by those steps in this guiding article. Moreover, because of the simple process, the beginners can also do it by themselves. For outstanding performances, it is important for the Shopify online sellers to display beautiful and noticable domain names with the captial letter in the first character. Besides, the online merchants can read more about online about the liquidity in Shopify, there are some recommendations such as:

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