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Liquid slice: How to Get One Character in a String in Shopify

Sam Nguyen
Sam Updated: May 07, 2024


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Today Shopify is so popular for online sellers who want to start and grow their business. Considered as one effective platform with helpful and modern functionalities, it is easy for the Shopify store owners to boost their online ecommerce. They can sell products to anyone, anywhere—online with your ecommerce store. By integrate with multiple social media, this online marketplaces can maximize the shop owner’s sale revenue. Especially, online merchants enable managing orders, shipping, and payments within a single dashboard. Online merchants enable having the customer insights so they are easy to boost the sales.

Liquid is one of the best tools of Shopify to build a professional website. Furthermore, it is an open-source template language so the Shopify store owners can use this freely. In addition, this Liquid is used popularly in different web applications. Since 2006, Liquid has been developed to maximize the effectivity from their theme setting. At the beginning at the index, it is possible to substring of 1 character by the argument. From this guiding article Liquid slice: How to Get One Character in a String in Shopify, we hope that the Shopify users can have more understanding about the Liquidity. Especially, they enable returning a character in the string on their own.

How to Get One Character in a String in Shopify

About Liquid slice

String which is an unit of a theme includes characters or numbers from 0. There are many ways to exam, search or substring the content of a String. For example, within a string, online sellers enable changing case. In addition, other methods that help the Shopify store owners to get one character from a string as using loop or the String’s charAt( ). Starting at 0, this The String’s charAt( ) method allows the users to retrieve a character within the String object. While the loop with the range from 0 to String.length( )-1, this method helps process all the characters in a String.

The way to get one character in a string

Step 1: Input

In the first step when the Shopify store owners log in to the admin dashboard, they find these codes in the theme. Then, they should enter their expected word to change after the replace_first section


{{ "Liquid" | slice: 0 }}

Step 2: Output

After replacing the string will be like that :



{{ “Liquid” | slice: 2 }}



Another example:


{{ “Liquid” | slice: 2, 5 }}



In case the first parameter is a negative number, the indices are counted from the end of the string:


{{ “Liquid” | slice: -3, 2 }} ```




We hope that the Shopify online sellers can have more understanding about the String in Liquid. This article Liquid slice: How to Get One Character in a String in Shopify includes all the basic steps to take a character from a string. Besides, we have been building up a chain of blogs about Liquidity and Shopify’s topics, the online merchants can refer such as:

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