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  • Social Media Shopify Guides for Developers

  • Insert social media buttons

    That integrate social media with your online shop is a smart way to increase the traffics access to your store. There are a lot of actions you can take to do this effectively. In this tutorial, I’ve prepared for you one of the best customizations which is to insert social media buttons. You can complete this in two different ways. Take a view of them and decide to do the one that suits you the most.

  • Change the Like button image on Facebook

    As a way to connect Facebook with your Shopify store, you can add the Facebook Like buttons to your site. However, the images Facebook has selected don’t meet your expectation. Hence, you will look for a solution to change the Like button image on Facebook. This post provides you with a transparent tutorial to do that. Here come the details.

  • Insert a Pinterest button to your store

    As reading in the writing about how to insert social media buttons, you must have known the benefits if you integrate social media such as Pinterest with your online store in Shopify. From that tutorial, you also know about the way to insert the Pinterest buttons by installing an app. In this post, I’ve prepared for you the another way to insert a Pinterest button to your store manually. Follow some simple steps below.

  • Insert a Twitter button to your blog

    As a mean of driving more traffics to visit your blog, that insert a Twitter button to your blog is extremely a smart choice. Plenty of your Twitter followers will come to view your blogs about products and make some purchases. Hence, I’ve prepared a step-by-step guide for you to follow to do this. Below is the details.

  • Embed a Twitter feed in your online store

    If you’re using Twitter, you can inspire your customers from your online store in Shopify to follow your Twitter account by following this post. It provides you with the way to embed a Twitter feed in your online store easily. In other words, you can display your recent tweets on your website. With those interesting tweets, your customers must be really impressed and want to be your Twitter followers. You can take advantage of it to marketing effectively.

  • Insert a Google+ button to your store

    As well as Facebook, Google+ is a type of social network which includes many users. If you’re generate your own website, what you expect is that increase the interactions dramatically. Hence, you should connect the Google+ with your website by inserting a Google+ button to your store. This action can drive plenty of visitors to both your Google+ page and your website. Here comes the detail.