Liquid tablerow: Generates an HTML table in Shopify

Shopify is used globally with millions of users, so this marketplace becomes one the most popular and attractive market for online sellers. Known as the last-updated marketplace, Shopify provides online sellers with multiple effective functionalities and support from the experts. It is easy for them to open and manage a Shopify shop to earn lucrative revenue. Especially, with the Liquid-a flexible and safe language, online merchants can build up a professional website.

With the latest version of Liquid, the Shopify store owners can use a significant number of data to have a beautiful front store. In addition, the Liquid codes’ combination including objects, tags, and filters will help the users to display dynamic data. Moreover, the Liquid objects allows the online sellers to configure their website according to their preferences. Besides, Liquid filters can change the results of this output in objects. Thank the valuable asset as Liquid, the Shopify users enable having a professional store website including a beautiful appearance.

How to generate an HTML table in Shopify

About HTML table

HTML Tags or Hypertext Markup Language term has been known on the Internet with the detail description since late 1991. Today it has been innovated with 18 elements comprising the initial, from which to create the online document structure such as headings, paragraphs, lists, links, quotes, etc. Besides, the HTML Tags has a strong influence on web applications despite a simple design.

Another definition is about HTML table which consists of the <table> element and at least one of these elements <tr>, <th>, and <td> allows Shopify store owners to arrange data. Therefore, HTML table can solve all the data into rows and columns of cells such as text, images, links, other tables, etc. The required form of a HTML table is wrapped in opening <table> and closing </table>. Through this article How to generate an HTML table in Shopify, the users are brought with simple steps to create the HTML table in Shopify easily.

The way generate an HTML table in Shopify

Step 1: Input

To create an HTML table, firstly, the Shopify store owners have to log in the admin’s dashboard and then put this input.


{% tablerow product in collection.products %}
  {{ product.title }}
{% endtablerow %}

Step 2: Output

After entering the input, the Shopify users will have the output: Output

  <tr class="row1">
    <td class="col1">
      Cool Shirt
    <td class="col2">
      Alien Poster
    <td class="col3">
      Batman Poster
    <td class="col4">
      Bullseye Shirt
    <td class="col5">
      Another Classic Vinyl
    <td class="col6">
      Awesome Jeans


From this article How to generate an HTML table in Shopify, it is possible for online sellers to contribute a link and connect the data in different cells and rows by themselves.

There are many other articles that help online merchants have more understandings about the Shopify as well as the Liquid-like the following list:

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