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What is Website Marketing? 31 Website Marketing Strategies & Ideas to Learn

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By Sam Nguyen

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A website is considered as an amazing marketing tool. It can represent your own business on the Internet and it can become among the most effective digital marketing channels you are able to use to drive more traffic, along with making more sales.

Each business that you want to succeed online is required to contain a very clear website marketing strategy. This will not become an option, but businesses should find it important since it helps them survive in a very highly competitive online market.

In this article, you will study what exactly website marketing is and why it is so important to have a good website marketing strategy and how to promote your website online successfully.

An overview of Website marketing

What is Website marketing?

Web marketing is known as the whole process of using the Internet in order to market and advertise your own business. It is packed with the use of blogging, search engines, social media, videos, and email.

Boosting any business always takes time and effort. And in fact, there remain various methods to do it. Traditional advertisement on television and radio, billboards, direct mail, and in newspapers has been being performed in decades.

Web marketing can bring your message to a large wide website. With many people who are using the Internet daily, there exist big chances to take your service and products in front of people who want or need it.

As you can see, web marketing possesses a variety of forms. In which, email promotions, social media posting, and banner ads are the three forms you might hear much. Basically, they and even more forms are living under the “web marketing” umbrella.

What is Website marketing
What is Website marketing?

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Benefits and Advantages of Website marketing

Benefits of website marketing

It is not only SEO but also Social media

Back in the old days, when someone mentioned web marketing, marketers could think of SEO. However, the perception has been changed during the year, then social media come into the picture, and now associating digital marketing with social media and SEO is not something unfamiliar with. Digital marketing is widely known as a broad term that contains all methods and marketing channels you can use at ease in order to boose services and items on the Internet and on electronic devices like mobile phones, TVs, and electronic billboards. Now, it includes lots of pillars, consisting of mobile marketing, content marketing, email marketing, and many more. SEO and social media are part of the equation.

In addition, you have to remember that a well-planned digital marketing strategy can aid you in utilizing all channels available to enhance your online business.

SEO and social media
SEO and social media

You really need a plan and a strategy

Should you not write down your own web marketing strategy having what you wish to achieve your online goals and how to proceed it, then it is like operating with your closed eyes. By getting a strategy well prepared with a plan together, you will know exactly what kind of tools to use, how to apply them, and what to look forward to the expected results from each tool. Furthermore, a plan will make everything become easy to help communicate your aims in your business so that each department is well-aligned with your own strategy.

You really need a plan and a strategy
You really need a plan and a strategy

Do it before competing

Sooner or later, each business will take part in the digital marketing game, and everything will be much more difficult. To lead the game, you have to promote your online business strongly and take it seriously. Implementing the Go URL technique in your digital strategy significantly streamlined the process of tracking marketing campaigns’ effectiveness.

Advantages of website marketing

Now, it is time to find out what the advantages of web marketing are. Marketing on websites provides you with obvious benefits, while other means of promotion and advertising fails to do.

Web marketing is cost-effective

As you might not know, lots of traditional marketing forms cost their enterprises an arm and a leg. For instance, Facebook ads are about three times cheaper as well as more targeted than television, print, and radio ads. Taking advantage of the Internet can assist in expanding, along with engaging your customers are less expensive until you can come up with an ideal plan in advance that can help figure out your targeted audience.

Web marketing is cost-effective
Web marketing is cost-effective

Web marketing is quite focused

There are few advertisement options that enable you to get specific demographics of the customers targeted, such as web marketing. First, you should set your message to have it shown up on your site. Then your prospects can have a chance to visit and become visible to some particular industries, along with geographic locations. You can even target by education range and age in some situations. One more thing is marrying a billboard ad or a television, and radio ad can help you with that.

Web marketing creates good relationships

Lots of marketing selections end up becoming annoying to customers you are striving to reach. When it is done right, web marketing will be a very useful tool for your development. It can provide you with solutions and solve pain points. This can make it become more efficient at beginning your conversations as well as building tryst than another kind of marketing.

Web marketing is easy to edit and adapt

Banner ads, social media advertising, and other online campaigns can be revised and tweaked very fast and go with little fanfare. With the preferences keep changing constantly, this will bring benefits to you. Extra items with new pricing and time-sensitive sales can be managed with ease by your web marketing initiatives.

Web marketing is measurable and easy to decide ROI

Will you know how successful your current used ad campaigns are? What is the exact amount of business they garner you? Those questions, sometimes, cannot find any suitable answers. One of the best advantages of web marketing is its capability of quantifying the results. You are able to set up your URLs which are present only in the ads you are placing. In that way, you can check exactly where the leads can be created. The same will come for landing pages. The ability to see what can work and what will not work streamline marketing efforts and save money and time.

While you might make out the advantages of marketing business on the website, you might be unclear in how it is exactly related to your business. Properly, it might be challenging to strive to reveal the time to study the new process.

Measurable and easy to decide ROI

What makes a good website?

As you might not know, websites are among the most critical properties of any business. Possessing a professional and credible website requires efforts and patience. It is estimated that there exist millions of different websites outside and how you can become outstanding from your own competitors.

An engaging website can help you with tons of things. It aids you in drawing customers’ attention, wakes up their emotions, and provides them with what they need. The following are some important things you had better take into consideration when creating your own website for your business.

Organize and structure

A good website means this site is well organized as well as follows the structure. They are professional and clean. They are born around targeted markets and audiences. An organized website can make it become accessible, along with user-friendly. When it comes to data, using a good WordPress table plugin will help the website create and share data sets properly. By generating an organizational structure for your site, visitors can better navigate as well as feel excited about finding your content in your own site. In addition, a good organization structure enables Google to index and crawl your site with ease.

Simply navigate

Successful sites provide you with simple and friendly navigation. Audiences have to find everything they require fast and easily. Should users have to wander around the site and try to find what they really need, they will become annoyed, then leaving. Hence, it is necessary to add a navigation bar to your site.

In fact, relying on the size of your site and content, you may consider carrying out a mega menu, known as uber menus. Those kinds of menus are beyond the typical drop-down list by letting you organize your content in the navigation bar using columns.

simple navigation
Successful sites provide you with simple navigation

Original content

High-quality sites are now paying attention to users’ audience’s needs, not just on what they are selling. Fresh and good content can build up an audience’s interest and invite them, and invite friends, then come back more. Additionally, Google also appreciates content that is relevant and interesting for its users; hence generating original content is an amazing way of dipping double as it comes to building up a good site. There are some companies that can decide to perform this by writing blog posts or articles about their events and items; meanwhile; others can generate pages by dealing with frequent questions that are asked by the customers.

Original content
Original content

Incredible design

Besides an outstanding website, beautiful design will make your site memorable in visitors’ eyes. A website will be built up around the themes that can match its personality and market. But an incredible design encompasses each business’ brand and takes users’ experience. Therefore, you are strongly recommended to design a site for both desktop and mobile devices. Take note that eventually a good site is for all visitors from those who suffer from the colorblind condition to users with more severe disabilities.


Anyone wants to load fast content to get it downloaded and they also require the information quickly without being delayed. In today’s Internet, most of you already know that if you can click on a site and it does not load as fast as you want, they might leave and choose to click on another website. Videos, optimized graphics, and audio offer a site the speed that it needs to load faster.

Furthermore, as it comes to declining pages speed time for mobile, you have to remember that Accelerated Mobile Pages should be in your hand. This is known as a backed project by Google to help you load sites quickly on mobile devices. Page speed has a positive effect when it comes to staying away from your competitors.

website Speed
Anyone wants to load fast content

Clean and validated code

Wrong, messy, outdated code can decline the site’s search engine visibility. Generally speaking, as marketers or web designers get your site analyzed to see what should be improved, they will mostly look at and check your site’s code first. Additionally, it can create browser-rendering problems that can slow down your site/ Validated code aids in browser compatibility, then follow the standard is a good way to make sure the website will meet a better chance to be displayed correctly in different browsers. There remain lots of HTML validators that are available online in order to assist you in examining and improving your code. More importantly, clean code helps save time as it is easy to troubleshoot.

Read with ease

Sadly enough, most visitors do not spend time reading websites; but they scan them. Hierarchy and contrast help your site’s readability just by making your content become easy to read. Good sites will not use black background colors or dark blue text or yellow text and white background color. Meanwhile, hierarchy aids people in identifying vital sections on your site. High-quality sites use headings to separate content in different sections, then offer small blocks of text to assist visitors in reading their content better.

Search engine optimization

A good website with no audience can become an invisible site. Search engine optimization or SEO will help bring visitors to your site. It is important for you to reconsider that bringing about related users has a great influence on a website’s development. It is not just about generating a potential visitor but it is also bringing promising clients who appreciate and are ready to pay for your own services.

Effective SEO will take time and effort to check for the results; however, it strengthens your site and ships out ROI (return on investment). This is often accomplished by conducting strategies, including optimizing and boosting high-quality content, generating advertising campaigns, and implementing keyword research to make a decision what your visitors are looking for and cleaning up the code.

Search engine optimization
Search engine optimization


The site and metric analysis can provide you with insights into what is on in a website. A wonderful site can measure its traffic as well as marketing effectiveness. Tracking plays an important role in targeting sites’ clients, generating converting websites, and relevant ads. After all, one of the greatest benefits of analytics tools today is that they can enable marketers to pinpoint where your customers complete an action or not. Those actions are completing online purchases, filling out a form, and subscribing to your own newsletter. To possess an incredible website, it is vital to regularly track what is working, along with what is not to make improvements.

Links, of course, are still an important element in deciding a site will occur in the search engine results. Good sites can boost themselves in other high-quality sites such as Yahoo! Local, Google Local, LinkedIn, Yellow Pages, and many more. Another method for promoting as well as improving your link building is getting articles submitting to websites that are relevant to your niche. There are many online blogs or magazines allowing a backlink to your site from your submitted articles.

Let’s think of link building as the referral process of the cyber universe. In case leading sites in your industry niche possess links to your own website, which is valuable traffic, along with prospective customers you are getting links outside. A perfect example of how to work with links is reflected in the industry-specific review pages that guide customers to the services given in your site through those links.

Link building
Link building

31 best website marketing strategies and ideas

1. Have a strong SEO presence

Having a very strong SEO presence is not an option anymore. You might have to fight for Google’s first-page ranking or you will be doomed to obscurity. Whenever people hear about SEO, they can start to think of the complexities of SEO and might think that SEO is only for qualified experts. This thinking gives you the wrong ideas. SEO, in fact, is not so complicated as others think. You are unable to tighten up your site’s SEO and expect the outcomes in the next. No matter you are an expert or just a starter, here are several powerful facts to help you catch up with SEO.

You can also have the choice to study from SEO experts such as Brian Dean from Backlinko, Neil Patel, and Rank Fishkin or ignore the learning cure before calling for an SEO expert to get your site optimized.

  • Optimize your SEO’s images: You can use good images with relevant keywords and specific ones in ALT Text and file names.
  • Keywords everywhere: You had better specific keywords on every URL and website page.
  • Check your site’s URL: Make sure that your site URL is your brand name so that it can help people to find you quickly.
  • Optimize your site pages: Write keyword heavy and detailed meta titles as well as descriptions for your blog articles and your sites.
  • Insert keywords into your content: No matter it is a blog, a video, and an About page, you have to make sure that you insert industry-specific keywords, then Google will know what your own content is to support your ranking online and ensure people can find you.

2. Optimize blog SEO

You might hear this thousand of times; however, possessing blogs is known as one of the greatest ways to get your site promoted and enhance your own brand’s online presence. And here is the reasons:

Brands whose blogs can get 97 percent more links to their site. This means that other bloggers or brands can have chances to reference your articles or products to their own consumers, then expand your online reach. It is not to mention that around 75% of marketers state they are reaching audiences specifically through blogs.

3. Youtube Channel

Take note that more than a billion hours of Youtube content is taken every day. Hence, you may not be surprised as you will be told that Youtube is the second biggest Search Engine on the Internet now.

Youtube is not just about a platform to add videos, but it is also a powerful way to boost your items and blogs in order to earn credibility with promising clients. There is the fact that about 73 percent of customers can make their first purchasing decisions after watching videos.

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Youtube is not the same as other social media platforms. Its videos contain a longer shelf life since their development is not only dependent on constant engagement but over time since they are available for people through searching.

Youtube Channel
Youtube Channel

4. Email Marketing

According to a 2017 research, there existed more than 3.7 million email users and that figure is expected to increase to 4.3 billion users by 2020. At that time, half of the world’s population will use emails to do trading. Emails are unlimited to welcome your new clients and it aids in pushing your customers to your site with deals, contests, discounts, and promotions. Email marketing is the norm; hence Oberlo’s Email Marketing Stats have found out that there are several subscribers who want to get emails from their deals or brands.

However, great emails are, the issue is you are not the only person who sends to your potential customers. Since anyone who is sent up 50 emails daily, standing out in the inbox is difficult. Should you not be ready to send emails, but nobody opens them, there might be one more reason your email marketing strategy does not work.

Email Marketing
Email Marketing

5. Claim Google My business

If you have not done it before, you had better claim your own business on Google My Business. Google’s business feature is packed with necessary information people might require to know more about your business on Mobile, Search, Google Maps, and another Google property. Furthermore, you can insert your own contact details, along with your websites so that your promising clients are able to find many things they have to know about you on the very initial search.

Google My business
Google My business

6. Do keyword research

Reading up to this, keyword research is one of the most important things for your content marketing to drive more traffic to your sites. In fact, regarding keyword research, you have to join it for a long game. Keyword research is not just for your own blogs. Instead, it is for your Google, social media, promotions ads, and website optimization. You can easily find keywords or apply paid keyword searches. At any time, you might have to perform both.

Do keyword research
Do keyword research

7. Do guest posting and contribute articles

Finding websites or blogs that are searched to be the leaders in your industry niche, then you can try to submit your posts or articles to help them set in front of their viewers. This is known as one of the perfect ways to build up backlinks as well as drive organic traffic to your site.

However, contributing articles might take some work, and you have to make sure that your blog has high-quality work, and the article that is contributed by you will have 10x more quality. If you aim at contributing to websites like Huffington Post and Forbes, you will need to develop your credibility as a writer online before reaching out to be its contributor.

8. Create affiliate program

Affiliate programs are among the easiest ways to encourage people to click on your sites and seek more information about their enterprises. Until now, there is around 81 percent of brands have been enjoying affiliate marketing programs.

Affiliate marketing programs are a long term of investment, and you need to build up a program where people want to take part in and manage to get as well as control quality affiliate programs so that you can get your expected results.

Let’s take an example. As Shout Me Loud starts their affiliate program, they revealed that about 80 percent of affiliate sales came from around 20 percent of affiliates since 80 percent of affiliates do little or do nothing to contribute to sales. Therefore, you have to get involved in affiliates via social media or emails to keep up your programs. Right after your program is up and running, you will possess thousands of people sharing and boosting your products and websites with the aim of driving traffic and clicks to your sites.

Create affiliate program
Create affiliate program

9. Start online course

Staring an online course sounds weird in this situation; however, creating an online course will help you get fruits of your labor, and here is the reason why. Having an online course will pay off your big time when you want to get your sites and brands promoted. For instance, Hootsuite is well-known for its Hootsuite Academy in which they can support social media marketers to nurture and enrich their skills.

An online course with your blog is an approval that you already know your stuff.

To host an online course, you can refer to one of the following:

  • You are able to launch an email campaign to teach people via email. Keep sending a course daily until it is completed.
  • You can host online classes on video platforms, including YouTube, Facebook Live, and IGTV.
  • It is time for you to sign up some platforms like SkillShare, Teachable and Thinkific, or all platforms in which you can host paid online classes.

Obviously, an online course goes with their benefits than drawbacks. More importantly, you have to work to keep the community of students you are teaching for maintained. Also, you will need to generate a platform that consists of good user interfaces or students who will easily get frustrated and leave.

Should you have your online courses that are done right (both free and paid), you will surely possess a community of students, along with fans who will be your supporters and promoters of your brands for both free online as well as offline.

Start online course
Start online course

10. Use Google analytics

Google Analytics enables you to have the right access to detailed information related to your store’s sales and traffics. When it comes to website traffic measurement for any eCommerce store, Google Analytics is considered as the undisputed champion. It provides you with information on the number of people who visit your online shops, what pages they are on, various traffic sources, and demographic details of different users. You can apply Google Analytics reports learning more about a website traffic source.

In addition, you are able to compare different site traffic sources, along with its period to check whether your site traffic is increasing or decreasing. This helps you track the following:

  • The place on your landing pages or sites might affect your sales
  • How well it performs and what kinds of link are offering the most traffic on your site
  • In case you need to concentrate on link building heavily
  • Get you to stay informed pages with an error that need to be fixed
  • Generate better sales or marketing funnel for your online shop
Google analytics
Google analytics

You can have more traffic driving to your sites with a powerful backlink strategy. Google’s search engine uses links as the three most vital SEO ranking factors for websites. There is the fact that the initial page of Google capturing most of your web search traffic. The first result of Google can receive around 36 percent more click-through rates than other result pages.

You can get your site’s SEO backlinks improved by getting backlink of your site in the article you are contributing as guest writers. When you have a suitable strategy plan, you will start to see your site’s click-through rate increase, along with traffic coming.

12. Host giveaway

Host a giveaway on your site is known as a certain way to help promote your site. Giveaways are loaded with a bunch for your site rather than you expect. You can consider the following:

  • Brand awareness: Should your goal is brand awareness, you should ask for your contestants to use your items in the picture or to cooperate with a creative idea resonating with the brand’s message.
  • Increase subscriptions: This enables you to allow your contestants to give their own email addresses to subscribe or enter your own email subscription to create leads.
  • Drive traffic: If you wish to drive traffic as well as boost the conversions on your site, you can let your viewers sign-up on your site or let them be directed to your website in order to sign-up for your giveaway.

13. Feature Industry Experts in Your Content

Getting experts Incorporated in your industry on your website and in your own content is known as one of the greatest ways to boost your own site. It gives you credibility, then building trust with your viewers.

Reaching out to your experts in your own industry, then having them do guest posts, videos, or highlighting their work in a way to complement the content on your site.

To be frank, sometimes experts are busy, and try to reach out to get unanswered. However, you should not worry since there’s always a simple way around it. Let’s try to reach via email or insert some of the advice of experts to your own online content.

14. Use remarketing to get users back

Using remarketing to get users back seems to be an old marketing rule that shows that a number of potential customers had better see or hear ads or messages a minimum of 7 times before they make a final decision to buy a service or product. This can also apply to Internet marketing. In website marketing terms, you have to get users to visit your sites a couple of times before they move to the following step of the funnel. Having new content updated and published frequently as well as using social media marketing, along with email marketing, are incredible ways to perform this before there is one more effective method coming.

When it comes to remarketing, you have to use advertising platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and even Google Ads to connect again people who already visited your site. Remarketing helps you focus on targeted traffic, reduce advertising costs, and increase the conversion rates.

15. Create a Referral Program

People are more likely to purchase a product or a service if they are referred by friends or family members since 71 percent of customers are more likely to buy based on their social media referrals. Take note that a referral program is totally different from an affiliate program. This means a referral program enables you to earn rewards, then exchange for referring their friends or family members to sign up and complete actions for the business.

The referral program is much more powerful to aid in developing your own business by leveraging your fans. Instead of striving to do heavy-lifting, it lets your fan do it. Whenever your promotion is finished, you can use it in order to get your site promoted more.

Create a Referral Program
Create a Referral Program

16. Create business card with your website on it

Business cards are still widely used in the business world and become indispensable for any businessmen or businesswomen. Business cards have their own place, especially in seminars or events. An email signature can be used as a business card; hence, every time you send your email, your leads will know where to find you if they really need you one day. Online and offline cover your basic information when they are promoting you. You can use Canva to generate a professional card with ease within seconds.

17. Reply online reviews and social media comments

About 92 percent of customers see online ratings and reviews before purchasing; meanwhile, 40 percent of them create an opinion of your business before connecting with you. No matter it is a negative or positive comment, you had better take care of them to aid in improving SEO, then promoting your services and websites.

18. Do Influencer marketing

Working as an online entrepreneur, you cannot know that influencer marketing is listed in the top five marketing strategies during the last 4 years and keep lasting. And if you can use influencer marketing well, it will help drive a huge amount of traffic to your sites. You can take advantage of influencer marketing in various ways. One way is to partner with one of them to do co-promotions like special discounts, prize package, or simply a giveaway.

Do Influencer marketing
Do Influencer marketing

19. Find partners

Co-branding is regarded as one of the most effective marketing strategies to help get your brand promoted. You had better pick up a brand having products and services complimenting your own to work. If it is done right, it will become a win-win for everybody. As it is heard that two heads are better than only one head, you have just doubled your audience and manpower to perform digital promotions, giveaways, social media, and promoted projects.

20. Do marketing on social media

There is about 90 percent of different marketers say that social media marketing has made their business become much easier and increased their sales. In 2013, it was believed that 67 percent of customers who used both Facebook and Twitter for their customer service. Currently, more than 8 billion messages are usually exchanged between many people as well as businesses on Facebook Messenger monthly.

The fact that people are fond of positive interactions with their favorite brands on their own social media. It enables you to boost your site, along with your products. One of the most incredible examples is Peel’s Instagram, since with every post, they make sure that they can comment and engage with each comment their fans leave behind.


There is around 78 percent of customers who use Facebook to find their desired services and items from various business owners like you. Facebook still has its own place and it lets you create your business profile, along with inserting your own business related-contact information and a link to your site. You should get started by generating your own Facebook pages for your own brand. With Facebook, you can get your Facebook page optimized. By sharing your content linking back to your prospecting pages and sites directly, Facebook is a wonderful way to promote your site.



Instagram stories can be your videos or images you are able to upload on your own account and will disappear after 24 hours. Should you have over 10,000 followers, you are able to add a swipe-up link to your own story and let viewers directly to your site. Furthermore, you can get Instagram stories incorporated into your social media.



There are about more than 400 million Twitter users monthly and that is the reason why using Twitter for your blog is known as one of the most useful ways to help connect and reach out with your clients. With over half of the Twitter population who are willing to retweet your own content; hence, you had better not ignore this chance by dropping links to your website or blog and let the world outside recognize your effort. If you can use Twitter properly, it will bring you much more traffic to your blog than you expect. However, tweeting your blog’s title with a backlink to your website will not be workable.


21. Use Linkedin

If your business is B2B, Linkedin is a perfect place to help you connect with your own market, drive traffic back to your website, and build up relationships. With over 500 million users, Linkedin is your social site for your business networking.

In case you would like to drive traffic to your sites from your LinkedIn account, you had better become active and post regularly on your site:

  • Update status several times each week. The more people see you on the site, the more they will trust you, and the more likely they will click your blog.** Additionally, this trust can build up into partners and customers.
  • Stop spamming your network. Let’s use the judgment to decide how many times per week, you had a better post.
  • Get articles links posted to your blog. Let’s use Linkedln to develop relationships more by inviting contacts to help connect with your business blog.
  • Post links to another article. Should you not have two and three articles in a week, post links to another article. For instance, post articles about news in your own industry or from famous industry leaders.
Use Linkedin
Use Linkedin

22. Fix website errors

Broken external links are links leading nowhere or provide users with errors. Perhaps, you are busy sharing links from your own site and there remain old content and web pages you might forget deleting. Remember that over time, you will lose your promising traffic as well as customers if you forget to change your own site in order to find out external links.

Fix website errors
Fix website errors

23. Create online Webinars

Online webinars are known as one of the most common and effective methods to aid in nurturing and capturing engage customers. You are able to use your own webinars to boost your items, build relationships with new leads, and teach a class. The selection is yours, but you have to make sure that it is engaging enough and it will grab your attention from your targeted customers.

24. Automate your marketing

Let’s think of one thing. Automation is the future. Under the recent study, marketing automation can help you drive up to a 14.5% increase in selling as well as reduce 12.3% of the marketing overhead. As you can see, more companies right now are applying marketing automation than that back in 2011. When it comes to marketing automation, you are allowed to automate your chat, social media, and emails in order to cut your workload and let your own marketing efforts become active while you still work on the rest of the projects.

25. Engage visitors with visual marketing

Words sometimes can drive visitors to your site; however, the textual content will not make them stay. If you have not heard of visual decision making, then you should not miss out on this part. Visual decision making is a concept that decisions are made by us like what to do, where to go or what to purchase based on what can be seen. To help your site be effective, you need to apply lots of content to drive your customers’ attention. Let’s engage them with videos, infographics, and photos.

26. Use clear navigation

Despite being not so obvious, navigation is very necessary for every marketing plan since it has a positive impact on user experience on a significant level. The website can be nice, but the information architecture is one of the essential parts of your own site design. In addition, audiences reach your site to do some specific things such as checking for a price or product. In case it takes so long for them to check as your site layout is not clear, your bounce rates might soar. You have to ensure that your menu has to be well-organized and simple so that visitors can make out what they need easily. Moreover, you have to make sure that breadcrumbs are utilized that can aid people in navigating back to where they start. Also, posts should be organized from 4 to 8 different categories. By doing this, you are ensuring that people are able to find out the content they are seeking. Categories are for grouping and they will become hierarchical. Besides, tags are known as a way to drive more traffic with their own content.

It would be a great idea to put links into your own category archive pages on the own navigation menu to make your area become clear and not hard to find.

27. Optimize Call-to-action

Whatever your customers want to do, you should make it become easy with a Call-to-action. You have to guarantee that it is easy to click, then get customers to do whatever they want. Your Call-to-action should be optimized by putting it somewhere prominent on your pages and using different colored buttons standing out our placing it into a callout box.

A Call-to-action should be displayed into key areas to help drive conversions. This can help you save your valuable time since you only have to insert the code into single areas and choose where you want it to show up.

Optimize Call-to-action
Optimize Call-to-action

28. Optimize website for mobile

You have to make sure that your website is also mobile-friendly. An important thing is you have to possess a responsive website. As you can use responsive designs, then you do not need to have different mobile apps. It means that each update you can make on your system of content management can transfer into mobile. Let’s check your website on your smartphone as well as other mobile devices to ensure that you are giving your customers the best mobile experience. Additionally, you can check your site is now mobile-responsive by getting the corner of the browser window grabbed before dragging inward. Should the content respond to this change by getting the screen sizes to be adjusted, then your site is mobile responsive. In fact, this offers you a better idea of what your site can look like on mobile, especially when your content blocks appear and the menu can replace the desktop menu.

29. Leverage PPC ads

Right after you get started with social media marketing and SE, you will recognize one thing. It will take time for SEO to work and receive a large number of followers on social media. Should you want the fast result, you will have to insert one more thing to your site marketing and that is called paid advertising. When it comes to website marketing, you are able to get the targeted traffic fast as well as start making sales, along with conversion.

There exist many advertising platforms you can apply bu the most popular are:

  • Google Ads: Target viewers based on their search terms used on Google and display your ads on other Google properties like Gmail and YouTube as well as websites taking part in Google AdSense.

  • Facebook Paid Ads: Get your social media ads and postings or your Facebook pages promoted to people using Instagram, Facebook messenger, and Facebook.

However, you need to be careful not to waste their finance on advertisements because of those two effective methods without getting anything back. You should start with lower budgets and try to measure your campaign’s effectiveness and put more money.

Leverage PPC ads
Leverage PPC ads

30. Increase search ranking with guestographics

Building up links is important as it comes to higher ranking in the search engine result pages. While guest-post is a better way to help you receive high-quality backlinks, it is believed that guest graphics are effective. Geographic is simply understood as an editorial site. The reason why a guestographic is more effective than a guest-posting is since infographic is more attractive than text, and it can bring more value to existing posts. In addition, you are able to make your own in just minutes by applying infographic makers. It can make the whole process of receiving links back, which are very money-saving.

31. Review your strategy

As you can see, website marketing is packed with lots of moving parts. A strategy can work well for one company, but it may not work for other companies. As a business owner, it is believed to be important to open various strategies and test their performance. Moreover, it is beneficial to discover different techniques which are based on the customer needs as well as how the business’s service and items help deal with those needs.


You can believe or not, but a website is a wonderful marketing tool. Before beginning a web marketing promotion campaign, you had better review your site and guarantee that it can represent well your own business. Don’t forget to come back as well as review your site and content to ensure it is up-to-date and related to get users satisfied. We hope that with our complete guide on website marketing, you can understand more about it and 31 best website marketing strategies and ideas to boost your business further.

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