Collection Pages

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  • generate a menu to control your collections list page


  • customize your list-collections.liquid template


  • generate a collection to control your catalog page


  • generate a new page template

    Collections, also known as categories, are the feature to keep your products organized and help customers to find it easier. To make the collectections, you can group your products based on it name or characteristics to meet the demands of buyers. This feature is one of the most vital factors for all the online shopping store on Shopify platform. You can customize the way your store shows collections in many ways, such as create a new template or make a menu to control your collections. A page template gives you the ability to diverge from your website existing structure in addition to adding new features.

  • generate a page on which to feature your collections

    In Shopify platform, a page template is a means for you to show your customized business page, you can display a lot of content on your template page, such as news, events update, and especially collections.

  • generate the menu controlling which collections are shown

    Overview In Shopify platform, collection is a means for you to show your customized business page all of your products in categories, you can display a lot of collection on your page, such as in alphabet order, or in function. If you own a business website for products such as clothes, accessories and so on, it is important to show up your collections on your page, you can display your collection for top, short wear, dress, etc.