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20+ Best Shopify Apps Every Store Needs in 2024

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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

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The world we are living in has changed dramatically over the years thanks to technology. Nowadays, as an eCommerce entrepreneur, all you need is a laptop and you can start making a real profit. Thanks to a robust platform like Shopify, everyone is able to facilitate an eCommerce business of all sizes and ranges in just under an hour.

But we won’t stop there, and nor would customers. Your store needs to be continually expanding so it can satisfy the diverse needs of millions of people on the internet. Whether it is about increasing sales, attracting more visitors, optimizing the site, logistics, etc. That is when Shopify apps come in and help you with every business’s needs.

Among hundreds of apps available on the Shopify app store, I have gathered a list of the best Shopify Apps that every store needs. They are reliable, easy-to-use, and comprehensive. Without further ado, let’s get started!

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Key Takeaways

  • The article lists 20+ best Shopify apps for different categories: SEO, reviews, sales, marketing, and shipping.
  • It explains the main features, pricing, pros and cons, and target audience of each app.
  • The article helps Shopify store owners to choose the best apps for their needs and goals.

Before choosing an app

The apps you choose can have many effects on your store’s performance. So don’t make your decision on an app too quickly before considering these factors:

Compatibility: Check carefully if the app you want is compatible with other apps you have. User’s reviews may help a lot here. Look through them to see if any store encountered compatibility problems after purchasing the app from the store.

Website performance: Every time your site is loaded, the apps load as well. And the number of apps your store has negatively affect your site speed. See how heavy the app is before installing and check if you have any inactive apps that you can delete.

Outdated apps: Time changes, and the internet changes even faster. Tech developments are renewed every day, so make sure your choices of app are regularly updated for proper functionality and to avoid problems from the app not working correctly.

Keep things organized: Too many apps can become distracting. While all apps are attractive in their own terms, downloading everything that you think can help is not the solution. Test and choose the one you want to go with, one app at a time. You don’t need three chat apps to effectively connect to your customers.

Now that you know what to consider before adding an app to your store, let’s get to our list of the best Shopify apps.

The Shopify app store has apps for all the needs of an online business. Do you want to improve your customer support? Or perhaps you want to manage your inventory better? Maybe your store needs some updates in security? You can find it here, with all the best Shopify apps below.

Best Shopify apps for SEO

1. AVADA SEO Suite - Best for SEO

Best Shopify apps: AVADA SEO Suite

AVADA SEO Suite is a premier solution for optimizing your Shopify store, boosting your visibility in search engine results, and enhancing user experience and site usability. Its assortment of features is designed to cater to a range of SEO needs, from meta tag optimization to preventing duplicate content, making it an ideal companion for Shopify store owners keen on leveraging SEO for success.

Main features
  • Image Optimization: Enhances images for optimal search engine performance.
  • Auto-add Google Structure Data (Rich Snippets): Improves search result visibility by providing additional, relevant information.
  • Meta Tags Optimization: Fine-tunes meta tags to bolster search engine rankings.
  • Redirect 404 Pages: Manages missing pages adeptly to mitigate negative SEO impacts.
  • HTML Sitemap: Facilitates search engine’s understanding and navigation of the site’s structure.
  • Prevent Duplicate Content: Guards against SEO penalties by maintaining content uniqueness.
  • Site Verification: Authenticates site ownership across various platforms.

AVADA SEO Suite offers an attractive pricing structure, providing its suite of SEO tools for Free, ensuring accessibility to a broad spectrum of users, irrespective of their budget constraints.

Pros & Cons


  • Comprehensive SEO Solution: Offers many features catering to diverse SEO needs.
  • User-friendly: Easy to navigate and implement, making it suitable for users of all proficiency levels.
  • High Customer Satisfaction: A robust rating of 4.9 suggests users find significant value in the app.
  • Cost-effective: Free pricing enables even small or budding enterprises to leverage top-tier SEO tools.


  • As the detailed cons are not provided in the original content, it is recommended to review user feedback and test the app to identify any potential drawbacks or areas of improvement.
Who is it for?

AVADA SEO Suite is a versatile solution suitable for Shopify store owners from varied sectors and scales. Whether you are a startup stepping into the eCommerce domain or an established enterprise aiming to bolster your online presence, AVADA SEO Suite is designed to meet your SEO requirements efficiently. Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible for individuals with varying levels of technical proficiency, ensuring that enhancing SEO is a seamless experience for all users.

2. SEO Image Optimizer - Auto SEO

Best Shopify apps: SEO Image Optimizer - Auto SEO

SEO Image Optimizer: Auto SEO stands out as one of the most prominent apps for Shopify users aiming to refine their image SEO. Recognizing the vital role of image search engines like Google Image Search in driving website traffic, this app provides a comprehensive suite of features to optimize images effectively. Crafted by dedicated eCommerce experts, it ensures that the site’s paintings are primed to attract more visitors.

Main features
  • Alt-Text Optimization: Infuses images with suitable alt-texts to bolster SEO.
  • Weekly Checks for New Images: Systematically optimizes new images added each week.
  • Unlimited Image Syncing: Allows seamless and limitless image synchronization.
  • Meta Tag Optimization: Refines meta tags for superior SEO outcomes.
  • Fix Broken Links: Rectifies any broken links to avoid adverse SEO effects.
  • Autopilot SEO Fixes: Automates solutions for prevalent SEO concerns, enhancing efficiency.
  • Free: Provides essential SEO image optimization features.
  • Pro: At $24.99/month, it encompasses all the free plan attributes, advanced SEO optimization, and automation.
Pros & Cons


  • Comprehensive Solution: Addresses all facets of SEO image optimization effectively.
  • Time-Efficient: Automation features and regular checks save considerable time.
  • Highly Rated: Over 4,000 positive reviews underscore its reliability and effectiveness.
  • Informative: Offers valuable SEO data to help users make informed decisions.


  • Since the content doesn’t specify any cons, users are advised to explore user reviews and experience the app firsthand to identify potential limitations or areas needing improvement.
Who is it for?

SEO image optimizer: Auto SEO is apt for Shopify store owners keen on leveraging optimized images to drive more site traffic. Whether you are a newbie still navigating the intricacies of eCommerce or a seasoned entrepreneur looking for advanced solutions, this app caters to a broad spectrum of needs. Its emphasis on automation and efficiency makes it especially beneficial for those looking to optimize their time and focus on other essential aspects of their business.

3. Plugin in SEO - Improve SEO

Best Shopify apps: Plugin in SEO - Improve SEO

Plugin in SEO is a reliable solution for Shopify users eager to enhance their SEO practices and propel their business growth. Designed with user-friendliness at its core, it offers many features that allow business owners to elevate their site’s rankings without the need to delve deep into the intricacies of SEO.

Main features
  • Bulk Edit: Enables users to make mass adjustments efficiently.
  • Meta Titles and Descriptions Fix: Resolves issues in meta titles and descriptions to optimize SEO.
  • Blog Optimization: Refines blog content for optimum search engine visibility and performance.
  • 404 Broken Links Management: Detects and fixes broken links to avoid adverse SEO implications.
  • FREE FOREVER: Offers unlimited Access to SEO, blog, and speed problem checks, along with fix instructions & code and automatic email alerts, all free.
  • PLUS: Comes at $20/month, providing a 7-day free trial and features like automatic SEO improvements, free installation, structured data, robust SEO control, and premium support.
Pros & Cons


  • User-Centric Design: Simplified interface and functionalities for users of all levels.
  • Comprehensive SEO Solutions: Addresses a broad spectrum of SEO tasks and issues.
  • Regular Updates: Ensures users receive the most current SEO tools and solutions.
  • High User Satisfaction: Over 1,600 five-star ratings underscore its reliability and efficacy.


  • Specific cons are not provided in the original content, so users are advised to read through user reviews and experience the app to uncover any possible downsides or areas needing enhancement.
Who is it for?

Plugin in SEO is a versatile choice suitable for Shopify store owners across various sectors looking to improve their SEO without the technical hassle. Whether you are a beginner in the eCommerce sphere or an established entrepreneur, this app’s extensive and user-friendly features can meet a wide range of SEO needs. Given its automated solutions and regular updates, it is especially beneficial for those who prefer a hands-off approach, allowing business owners to focus on other essential aspects of their enterprise.

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Best Shopify apps for reviews

4. Loox - Collect photo reviews

Best Shopify apps: Loox - Collect photo reviews

Loox operates as a distinctive review app for Shopify, focusing primarily on enabling businesses to collect and showcase photo reviews. By leveraging the power of visual social proof through authentic customer reviews, Loox aims to build customer trust and amplify sales for Shopify store owners. It’s incredibly potent in providing potential buyers with a tangible insight into product quality and customer satisfaction.

Main features
  • Photo Reviews Hosting: Allows the integration of visual customer testimonials directly on store pages to enhance credibility.
  • Dedicated Review Page: Offers a specialized page exclusively to feature customer reviews, impressing visitors and building trust.
  • Automated Email Requests: Automates sending emails to customers to ask for their photo reviews, saving time and effort.
  • Discount Codes: Incentivizes customers by offering discount codes in exchange for their valuable photo reviews, encouraging feedback and repeat purchases.
  • BASIC: $9.99/month, includes 100 monthly review request emails, offers, discounts, and widgets.
  • ADVANCED: $29.99/month, encompasses 500 monthly review request emails, all Basic features, and additional integrations.
  • PRO: $59.99/month, extends to 1,500 monthly review request emails, all Advanced features, and allows full customization and branding.
  • ENTERPRISE: $99.99/month, broadens reach with 10,000 monthly review request emails and incorporates all Pro features.
Pros & Cons


  • Enhanced Social Proof: The emphasis on photo reviews provides potent visual social proof, bolstering brand credibility.
  • Conversion Boost: Claims a substantial increase in conversion rate by 91% with products that feature photo reviews.
  • User Engagement: Automated email requests and discount codes incentivize user interaction and feedback.
  • Diversified Display Options: Offers versatility in displaying reviews on store pages or a dedicated review page.


  • The provided content does not outline specific cons. Thus, prospective users should consult user reviews and try the app to identify potential drawbacks or limitations.
Who is it for?

Loox is versatile and can benefit a wide range of Shopify store owners who wish to enhance their store’s credibility and boost sales through authentic visual customer testimonials. Whether you are a small-scale seller or a large enterprise, the array of features and pricing plans can accommodate your specific needs and preferences. It mainly benefits those who want to leverage customer satisfaction and product quality through visual representation. It is a substantial asset in sectors where product appearance and user satisfaction are paramount.

5. Product Reviews

Best Shopify apps: Product Reviews

Product Reviews is a streamlined and user-friendly app on Shopify designed for store owners who wish to integrate a review section on their product pages effortlessly. This app is not just about simplicity; it is feature-rich, ensuring the review area is in sync with the store’s theme, and offers functionalities like bulk filtering and SEO-friendly review scores, all aimed at enhancing customer engagement and boosting sales.

Main features
  • Simple Integration: Facilitates the easy addition of a product review section to product pages, enhancing user interaction.
  • Theme-Friendly Design: Guarantees that the review section harmoniously blends with the store’s existing aesthetic, maintaining visual coherence.
  • Bulk Filtering, Importing, and Exporting: Provides advanced management options for handling reviews efficiently.
  • SEO-Friendly Review Scores: Aim to boost the search engine visibility of products through optimized review scores.

Product Reviews offers all its features and benefits utterly FREE of charge, making it an accessible choice for every Shopify store owner.

Pros & Cons


  • Cost-Effective: Available for free, offering all its features without any charge.
  • Enhanced Customization: The theme-friendly design allows seamless integration with the existing store design.
  • User Engagement: The simplicity and accessibility of the review section encourage customer interaction. SEO Optimization: SEO-friendly review scores can enhance product visibility on search engines.


  • Since the content does not mention any specific cons, users are advised to check the app firsthand and read user reviews to uncover potential drawbacks or limitations.
Who is it for?

Product Reviews suit Shopify store owners of all scales and sectors looking to integrate a simplistic and effective review section on their product pages. Whether you are a small-scale entrepreneur or a well-established business, this app’s ease of use and theme-friendly design make it a convenient choice for enhancing customer interaction and trust. It is especially ideal for those on a tight budget who want to maintain a review section’s quality and efficiency.

6. Yotpo: Product and Photo Reviews

Best Shopify apps: Yotpo- Product and Photo Reviews

Yotpo is a renowned app in the Shopify ecosystem, designed to streamline the collection and management of customer feedback, including product and photo reviews, ratings, and Q&As, aiming to bolster online reputation and build brand trustworthiness. With Yotpo, businesses can leverage diverse customer testimonials to validate their products and services.

Main features
  • Automated Review Requests: Utilizes emails or text messages to automatically solicit customer reviews, optimizing the collection of genuine feedback.
  • On-Site Review Widget: Incorporates a dedicated widget on the site, enabling customers to leave their thoughts effortlessly.
  • Review Showcasing: Provides the ability to highlight top reviews, customer-created videos, and Q&As on the website, enhancing social proof.
  • Advanced Analytics: Employs analytical tools to understand customer feedback and preferences better.
  • AI-Powered Comment Moderation: Offers the option for automated moderation of comments using built-in AI, ensuring relevancy and appropriateness.
  • Review Categorization & Filtering: Allows the classification of reviews based on specific details like size, delivery, etc., facilitating more straightforward navigation for other customers.

Yotpo offers a diverse pricing spectrum, ranging from a Free plan to $119 per month, accommodating varying business needs and budgets. Additionally, it provides specialized higher-end business solutions for more extensive requirements.

Pros & Cons


  • Extensive Social Proof: The app enhances credibility by enabling diverse customer testimonials, including reviews, photos, and Q&As.
  • User-Friendly Review Collection: The on-site widget and automated requests simplify acquiring customer feedback.
  • Insightful Analytics: The analytical features offer valuable insights into customer preferences and behavior.
  • Automated Moderation: The AI-driven moderation feature maintains the quality and relevance of the discussions.


  • Detailed cons are not provided in the content, so potential users should explore user reviews and experience the app firsthand to find any limitations or areas for improvement.
Who is it for?

Yotpo is a versatile solution app suitable for a broad spectrum of Shopify store owners who aim to enhance their online reputation and brand trust through authentic customer feedback. Whether a business is small and emerging or well-established and expanding, Yotpo’s range of features and pricing plans make it a fitting choice. It’s especially beneficial for those who want to utilize customer testimonials as social proof to drive traffic and conversions and who value insights from customer feedback for business improvement.

Best Shopify apps for sales

7. Mageplaza Instagram Feed

Mageplaza Instagram Feed

Mageplaza Instagram Feed offers a comprehensive solution aimed at enhancing the visual appeal of your online store. By following simple instructions, you can effortlessly integrate captivating Instagram photo or video widgets onto any page and position, thereby enriching visitor engagement and fostering brand interaction.

Moreover, it builds trust by seamlessly incorporating customer testimonials and simplifies administrative tasks through easy feed creation, customization, and control. Explore the capabilities of Mageplaza Instagram Feed today and elevate the visual appeal of your storefront!

Main features
  • Flexible customization: This module allows you to freely customize the display of Instagram widgets, including selecting the layout, choosing the number of photos/videos, and customizing the title, description, and order.
  • Easy Management: You can easily manage multiple feeds (create, edit, delete feeds, and update status).
  • Multiple Feed Display: You can easily create Instagram widgets and embed Instagram blocks on the Home Page, Product Listing Page, Product Page, and any CMS pages, depending on your specific purposes.
  • Customer redirection: After customers click on any image or video on your website, they will be directed to the Instagram account comprising that image or video to view all the photos.
  • Data Synchronization: This app stays updated with automatic or manual data synchronization, ensuring your feed remains current. User-Friendly Design: User-friendly interface and responsive design help to enhance user experience on all devices.
  • FREE
Pros & Cons


  • Provide a free version with all features
  • Compatible with Hyva theme that helps to avoid potential issues like display errors
  • Have a team of enthusiastic and experienced developers and customer service
  • Always available to support customers
  • Come with all the latest features because it was just released in 2024


  • May encounter minor issues since it is a new release on Shopify
  • Have not many reviews and ratings on Shopify yet
Who is it for?

Mageplaza Instagram Feed is ideal for any online store owner looking to enhance the visual appeal and engagement of their storefront. Whether you’re a small business owner, a boutique retailer, or a large e-commerce brand, Mageplaza Instagram Feed offers a versatile solution to showcase your products and connect with your audience. Whether you’re looking to leverage user-generated content, highlight customer testimonials, or simply add dynamic visuals to your store, Mageplaza Instagram Feed provides the tools and flexibility to meet your needs. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced e-commerce entrepreneur, Mageplaza Instagram Feed offers an intuitive interface and easy-to-use features that make it accessible to all levels of users. If you’re ready to take your online store to the next level and elevate its visual appeal, Mageplaza Instagram Feed is the perfect solution for you.

8. Recom.ai - Cross sell and upsell

Best Shopify apps: Recom.ai - Cross sell and upsell

Recom.ai is a distinguished app in the Shopify domain, specializing in enhancing cross selling and upselling strategies for store owners. It stands out with a 4.8 rating on the Shopify app store. It utilizes advanced AI or rule systems to swiftly facilitate the mass creation of upsells across an entire store’s catalog, negating the need for time-consuming manual interventions.

Main features
  • AI-Powered Upsells: Employs AI to create mass swiftly upsells throughout the store’s catalog, optimizing product visibility and sales opportunities.
  • Customizable Displays: Offers flexibility in personalizing the presentation and placement of upsells or cross-sells on any preferred site page.
  • Automated Upsells Creation: Generates automatic upsells for various categories, including items frequently bought together, top-sellers, and new arrivals.
  • Full Functionality Across Plans: Provides unrestricted Access to all its features, regardless of the chosen pricing plan.
  • Free Plan: Offers less than 500 widget views, full functionality, and unlimited upsells and cross-sells.
  • $29.99/month plan: Supports less than 5,000 widget views, with full functionality and unlimited upsells and cross-sells.
  • $99.99/month plan: Designed for less than 20,000 widget views, granting full functionality and unlimited upsells and cross-sells.
  • $149.99/month plan: Caters to less than 100,000 widget views, maintaining full functionality and unlimited upsells and cross-sells.
  • All pricing plans include a 14-day free trial to explore the app’s features.
Pros & Cons


  • Time-Efficient: AI and rule systems negate manual setup, saving considerable time.
  • Versatile Display Options: Customizable displays allow upsells and cross-sells on any page, maximizing visibility.
  • Comprehensive Functionality: Automated upsell creation and full Access to features enhance user experience and sales strategies.
  • Flexible Plans: Diverse pricing plans with a free trial offer accessibility and convenience.


  • The provided content does not specify any cons. Thus, users should read reviews and try the app to identify potential limitations or drawbacks.
Who is it for?

Recom.ai is ideally suited for Shopify store owners seeking to optimize their cross-selling and upselling strategies without the manual hassle. It’s particularly beneficial for those who desire swift, automated solutions for creating upsells and customizable display options to enhance product visibility and sales opportunities. Whether you are a small retailer or a large enterprise, the varied pricing plans and comprehensive functionality make Recom.ai a viable choice for various business needs and scales.

9. Frequently Bought Together

Frequently Bought Together is a highly regarded Shopify app that capitalizes on showcasing related products on a product page, driven by a store’s historical data. By doing so, it aims to enhance cart sales. This app is celebrated for its user-friendly experience, attributed to its automatic functions, manual picking, and an array of customization options supported by excellent customer service.

Main features
  • Historical Data Analysis: Uses past data from the store to identify and exhibit products frequently bought together.
  • Automatic Function/Manual Picking: Offers users the flexibility of automated recommendations or selecting related products manually.
  • Highly Customizable: Various customization options are available to tailor the user experience and align it with individual needs.
  • Advanced AI Recommendations: Boasts a sophisticated AI, trained with over 1+ billion orders, to provide the most accurate and beneficial product recommendations.
  • Customer Support: Known for providing outstanding customer support and promptly addressing user inquiries and issues.
  • Frequently Bought Together offers a generous 30-day free trial, allowing users to explore its features risk-free.
  • Post the trial period, the app is priced at $7.99/month, providing unlimited Access to products, traffic, orders, and customer support.
Pros & Cons


  • Enhanced Sales Strategy: Showcasing related products can significantly increase cart sales.
  • User-Friendly Experience: The availability of automatic functions, manual picking, and customization options ensures a seamless user experience.
  • Reliable Recommendations: The advanced AI, trained with extensive data, guarantees accurate and practical product recommendations.
  • Exceptional Support: The app offers outstanding customer support to promptly resolve user issues or inquiries.


  • The provided content does not mention specific cons, so potential users should consider exploring user reviews or trying out the app to identify potential drawbacks or limitations.
Who is it for?

Frequently Bought Together is an ideal solution app for Shopify store owners looking to optimize their sales strategies by leveraging product recommendations based on historical data analysis. Whether you are a small entrepreneur or a developed business, the flexible functionalities and customization options make it suitable for various needs and preferences. It is especially beneficial for those seeking a blend of reliability and user-friendly experience in leveraging product recommendations to boost cart sales.

10. TRUST - Security seals

Best Shopify apps: TRUST - Security seals

TRUST is an indispensable Shopify app specializing in providing security and trust seals, aiming to augment consumer trust and assurance, enhancing sales. This app is tailored for store owners who wish to instill customer confidence through demonstrable trust badges and verified reviews.

Main features
  • Diverse Security Seals: Features a range of essential seals, including PCI Compliance Seal, Secure Architecture Seal, Money Back Guarantee Seal, and SSL Seal to establish trust.
  • Review Verification: Empowers store owners with the ability to validate customer reviews, enhancing credibility.
  • Seal Visibility Selection: Allows customization of where the seals are displayed within the store, offering flexibility.
  • Verification Scans: Conducts periodic scans to affirm the authenticity and validity of the security seals, ensuring continuous reliability.
  • Free Plan: Comes with 1,000 page views, four verification scans per year, and seal visibility selection, including a 5-day free trial.
  • Bronze Plan: Available at $23.98/month, offering 10,000 page views, 12 verification scans per year, and includes a verified landing page.
  • Silver Plan:
  • It is priced at $59.98/month.
  • Provides unlimited page views and 52 verification scans per year.
  • Allows seals on the checkout page.
  • Gold Plan: Costs $79.98/month, extending unlimited page views, 365 verification scans per year, and features review widgets.
Pros & Cons


  • Enhanced Credibility: Various security seals and verified reviews significantly boost store credibility.
  • Customer Assurance: The seals instill a sense of security and trust, encouraging customers to shop confidently.
  • Customization and Flexibility: The ability to choose seal visibility offers customization and adaptability to store owners.
  • Frequent Verification: Regular scans ensure the continuous validity and reliability of the seals.


  • The content provided doesn’t list specific cons, so it is advised for prospective users to explore user reviews and try the app to find any potential limitations or drawbacks.
Who is it for?

TRUST is ideally suited for Shopify store owners seeking to enhance customer trust and assurance through transparent and verifiable means. Whether a startup or a seasoned business, the diversity in trust seals and the flexibility in their display make it an essential asset for any store focusing on customer assurance and credibility. It is especially advantageous for those prioritizing customer security and creating a transparent and reassuring shopping environment.

11. PROOFO: Social proof - Sales Pop

AVADA Sales Pop - Live Sales Notifications

PROOFO: Social proof - Sales Pop, developed by AVADA, is a pioneering Shopify app aiming to escalate customer shopping experience and engagement by deploying urgency and social proof strategies. It’s designed to exhibit recent transactions or sale countdown timers and provide notifications for recent sales or items added to the cart, making it an effective tool to induce a sense of immediacy and validate purchasing activity among prospective buyers.

Main features
  • Sales Notifications: Automatically displays recent sales or order notifications as social proof to validate purchasing activity.
  • Urgency Inducers: Showcases timers counting down sale time to create a sense of urgency among potential buyers.
  • Customization: Offers extensive configurability, allowing users to tailor the design, layout, and targeting of the sales pop to their preference.
  • Responsive Design: The sales pop is optimized to display responsively on various devices, including Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile.
  • Targeting Options: The ability to set specific targets for the sales pop based on geography, page, position, or product.

The app stands out by offering its powerful features for FREE, allowing users to leverage its benefits without any financial commitment.

Pros & Cons


  • Enhanced Engagement: Social proof and urgency inducers significantly boost customer engagement and shopping experience.
  • Increased Conversion: The sense of urgency and validated purchasing activity can lead to higher conversion rates.
  • Versatile Customization: The flexibility in design, layout, and targeting allows for a tailored and practical user experience.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Being free to use, it offers valuable features without straining the user’s budget.


  • The content doesn’t highlight any cons; thus, users are encouraged to explore user reviews or experience the app themselves to identify potential drawbacks or limitations.
Who is it for?

PROOFO: Social proof - Sales Pop is versatile and can benefit a broad range of Shopify store owners aiming to enhance customer engagement and conversion through validated social evidence and a sense of urgency. Whether you are a newcomer in the e-commerce space or run an established store, this app’s customizable and responsive features make it a suitable addition to improve the shopping experience and increase sales.



Shopney, a highly regarded mobile app builder, caters explicitly to Shopify and Shopify Plus users. It adeptly allows the transformation of Shopify stores into native mobile apps, potentially elevating mobile conversion rates by up to fourfold.

Main features

Shopney is lauded for its user-friendly interface, offering an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, enabling the creation of mobile apps within minutes, with no requirement for coding or design proficiency. It provides a plethora of features to enhance the user experience and boost sales:

  • Rapid Checkout and Push Notifications: Ensures a smooth and swift checkout process and informs customers with push notifications.
  • Variety of Layout Options: Catering to diverse store types, it offers multiple layout options, providing app appearance and functionality flexibility.
  • In-App Live Chat: This feature facilitates real-time conversions of visitors to clients through immediate communication within the app.
  • Multilingual Customer Support: Exceptional 7/24 customer support in multiple languages guarantees a seamless onboarding and launch process, promptly addressing inquiries or concerns.

Shopney provides a generous 30-day free trial, allowing users to explore its features comprehensively. Subsequently, pricing plans commence from $99.

Pros & Cons


  • User-Friendly: The intuitive drag-and-drop editor makes app creation accessible to those without technical skills.
  • Diverse Layouts: The availability of varied layouts offers adaptability to different store types.
  • Real-Time Conversion: The in-app live chat enables immediate visitor communication, facilitating their conversion to clients.
  • Exceptional Support: The 7/24 multilingual customer support ensures a smooth user experience and prompt resolution of queries.


  • The content does not mention any cons, implying that prospective users might want to utilize the free trial to identify any limitations or possible areas of improvement.
Who is it for?

Shopney is an optimal solution for Shopify and Shopify Plus users seeking to transform their stores into native mobile apps to leverage higher mobile conversion rates. It suits those prioritizing a user-friendly interface, diverse layout options, real-time visitor conversion, and exceptional customer support. Whether you are a novice or an experienced retailer, Shopney’s comprehensive features and intuitive interface make it a feasible choice for all.

Best Shopify apps for marketing

13. Abandonment Protector - Email marketing automation

Best Shopify apps: Abandonment Protector - Email marketing automation

Abandonment Protector serves as a robust solution for Shopify stores, targeting the prevalent issue of cart abandonment through sophisticated email marketing automation. It endeavors to swiftly captivate website visitors’ attention, transforming them into customers by leveraging its advanced yet user-friendly, powerful marketing automation tools.

Main features
  • Automated Follow-Up Emails: Generates automated email sequences aimed at customers who exit the store without purchasing, particularly those leaving items in their carts.
  • Visitor Attraction Popups: Features popups designed to capture visitors’ attention effectively.
  • Automatic Newsletters: Employs a segmentation tool to enhance the opening rates of automated newsletters.
  • Customizable Templates and Styles: Offers a diverse library of email templates and popup styles, allowing customization to suit individual needs.
  • Performance Statistics: Provides valuable statistics to monitor and accurately assess marketing campaigns’ effectiveness.
  • Abandonment Protector offers a 30-day free trial, allowing users to explore its features thoroughly.
  • The Basic Plan costs $8/month, including 3,000 emails, unlimited popup views, unlimited subscribers, and newsletters. Beyond the initial 3,000 emails, users incur a charge of $1.5 per additional 1,000 emails.
Pros & Cons


  • Efficient Conversion: Automated follow-up emails can significantly aid in converting visitors to customers.
  • Enhanced Engagement: The customizable popups and automatic newsletters optimize visitor engagement and interaction.
  • Customization and Variety: A diverse range of templates and styles allows for tailored marketing approaches.
  • Insightful Analytics: The provided statistics offer insightful data on campaign effectiveness, aiding strategy refinement.


  • The content doesn’t mention any specific cons; thus, users might want to utilize the free trial to identify any limitations or areas for improvement themselves.
Who is it for?

Abandonment Protector is a versatile solution suitable for any Shopify store owner grappling with cart abandonment issues and aiming to convert visitors efficiently, whether a novice or a seasoned retailer; the features and customization options offered by this app make it a valuable asset for those seeking enhanced engagement and conversion through refined email marketing automation strategies.

14. AVADA Google Tag Manager - Manage all eCommerce tags

Best Shopify apps: AVADA Google Tag Manager - Manage all eCommerce tags

AVADA Google Tag Manager emerges as a pivotal solution for Shopify stores, focusing on enhancing site performance by proficiently integrating Google Tag Manager. It streamlines the process of implementing Google Tag Manager into store sites with just one click, ensuring the comprehensive management of all eCommerce tags.

Main features
  • One-Click Integration: Effortlessly incorporates Google Tag Manager into store sites, centralizing the management of all tags.
  • Comprehensive Tag Management: Supports over 70 titles, including eCommerce transaction tracking, Remarketing Ads, and Facebook Pixels, for versatile and accurate monitoring.
  • Enhanced Site Performance: Proficiently handling all script tags optimizes the page’s loading speed, preventing any slowdowns.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed with user convenience in mind, it requires no coding knowledge, enabling users to leverage its full potential easily.
  • Reliable Data Collection: Allows for the efficient gathering and viewing of visitor’s data in a unified manner.

AVADA Google Tag Manager offers its extensive array of features utterly FREE of charge, making it a valuable addition to any store owner looking to optimize tag management and site performance.

Pros & Cons


  • Optimized Performance: The app ensures enhanced site performance and loading speed by managing script tags effectively.
  • Versatile Tracking: With support for over 70 tags, it offers comprehensive and versatile tracking options.
  • User Convenience: Its one-click integration and user-friendly interface make it accessible to users without coding knowledge.
  • Cost-Efficient: Being free, it offers valuable features without any financial commitment.


  • The provided content does not specify any cons, so users are encouraged to experience the app themselves to discern any potential limitations or areas of improvement.
Who is it for?

AVADA Google Tag Manager is an ideal solution for Shopify store owners who seek to optimize their site’s performance. They desire efficient and comprehensive management of all eCommerce tags without coding complications. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player in the eCommerce field, the simplicity and versatility of this app make it a beneficial asset for all.

15. Retainful


Retainful is a comprehensive tool designed for Shopify store owners aiming to elevate sales and refine email marketing campaigns. It offers an array of features focusing on abandoned cart recovery, allowing users to reclaim lost sales by dispatching personalized emails. It’s not just about recovery; Retainful extends its functionality to establishing customer relations and brand advocacy, providing a seamless experience for Shopify owners to fortify their customer base and sales.

Main features
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery: Personalized cart recovery emails facilitate the retrieval of lost sales with enticing offers and free shipping options.
  • Follow-Up Email Campaigns: A feature allowing the collection of customer reviews and the reclamation of long-lost customers through tailored email campaigns.
  • Next Order Coupon Feature: Encourages repeat purchases and fortifies customer loyalty by offering appealing incentives.
  • Referral Feature: Effortlessly transforms existing customers into brand advocates, expanding your customer base.
  • Prebuilt Workflows & Insightful Dashboard: Allows swift setup of campaigns and real-time tracking of email marketing campaigns, sales, referrals, and more, providing a comprehensive overview of business performance.
  • FREE: 300 contacts, Abandoned cart recovery, Next-order vouchers.
  • STARTER: $19/month - 2000 contacts, Auto email marketing, Unlimited email delivery, WooCommerce support.
  • GROWTH: $49/month - 5000 contacts, Priority support.
  • PROFESSIONAL: $199/month - 25,000 contacts, Access to onboard experts.
Pros & Cons


  • Multifunctionality: Offers diverse features from cart recovery to customer referral.
  • User-Friendly: Comes with prebuilt workflows for easy setup of campaigns.
  • Insightful: The detailed dashboard provides real-time tracking and insights.
  • Cost-Efficient: Varied pricing plans, including a free option, cater to different needs.


  • While the provided content doesn’t delineate specific cons, users are advised to leverage the available plans to discern any potential limitations or areas for improvement.
Who is it for?

Retainful is tailored for Shopify store owners who aspire to optimize their sales and automate their email campaigns effectively. Whether you are focusing on recovering lost sales, fostering customer loyalty, or expanding your customer base, Retainful’s multifaceted features can be a substantial asset for all types of store owners seeking a comprehensive email marketing solution.

16. Privy - Exit Pop Ups and Email

Best Shopify apps: Privy - Exit Pop Ups and Email

Privy emerges as a distinctive application specializing in designing exit popups, orchestrating email marketing, enhancing sales conversion, and addressing abandoned carts. Its many features enable users to craft banners, popups, and announcement bars with exceptional design intuitiveness, contributing significantly to click-through and conversion rates.

Main features
  • Versatile Designing: Allows users to effortlessly create aesthetically pleasing banners, popups, and announcement bars, impacting user interaction positively.
  • Integrated Solutions: Offers seamless integration with renowned platforms like Mailchimp, Adroll, and Soundest, contributing to automating all aspects of email marketing campaigns.
  • Strategic Approach: Aligns perfectly with cart abandonment and exit intent strategies, ensuring every interaction becomes a potential conversion opportunity.
  • 15-Day Free Trial: Allows users to explore the app’s functionalities before deciding on a subscription.
  • FREE: Offers 5000 average monthly page views, unlimited popups, A/B testing, and targeting rules.
  • GROWTH: At $20/month, it provides 10,000 monthly page views, unlimited popups, A/B testing, targeting rules, and removing the Privy logo.
  • PRIVY EMAIL: Priced at $10/month, it includes newsletters, abandoned cart emails, easy design solutions, and caters to 1,000 contacts.
  • Next Subscription: Available at $24 per month post the free plan.
Pros & Cons


  • Design Flexibility: Offers a range of design solutions for banners, popups, and announcement bars.
  • Integration Ease: Provides smooth integration with multiple common platforms, enhancing automation in email marketing.
  • Strategic Alignment: Caters to essential marketing strategies like cart abandonment and exit intent, optimizing for conversions.


  • As the provided content does not list any specific cons, users might need to use the free trial to evaluate any potential limitations or areas of improvement.
Who is it for?

Privy is meticulously crafted for those seeking to enrich their marketing strategies with captivating popups and refined email marketing. Whether you’re focusing on elevating sales conversion or mitigating cart abandonment, Privy’s diverse functionalities cater to varied needs, making it a suitable choice for individuals desiring an enhancement in user interaction and conversion optimization.

17. Omnisend - Email Marketing

Best Shopify apps: Omnisend - Email Marketing

Omnisend stands out as one of the premier email marketing apps available on the Shopify App Store, renowned for its comprehensive solutions in omnichannel marketing automation. It’s meticulously crafted to allow users to foster enhanced relationships with customers, delivering messages that are not just relevant but also personalized, paving the way for enriched customer interactions and engagements.

Main features
  • Multichannel Integration: Allows incorporating multiple channels into a singular automation workflow, enabling users to reach diverse customer segments with personalized messages across various platforms.
  • Enhanced Segmentation: Provides advanced tools for target segmentation, allowing for more refined and effective targeting of user bases.
  • List Building & Retargeting Ads: Offers resources for effective list building and enables the creation of impactful retargeting ads, optimizing the reach and impact of marketing efforts.
  • Unified Messaging: Allows the delivery of suitable, cohesive messages across different channels, ensuring consistency in communication.
  • FREE: 15,000 emails/month and 2,000 emails/day, catering to basic email campaign needs.
  • STANDARD: $16/month, offering automation workflows, 20 advanced segments, and SMS campaigns.
  • PRO: $199/month, encompassing web push notifications, 50 advanced features, Facebook and Google audience, and six months of live tracking data.
  • ENTERPRISE: Contact for pricing details.
  • 14-Day Free Trial: Available for users to explore the features of any of Omnis End’s paid plans
Pros & Cons


  • Comprehensive Functionality: A plethora of features for omnichannel marketing automation.
  • Personalized Messaging: Enables the creation of relevant and personalized messages, enhancing customer relationships.
  • Highly Rated: With nearly 3,000 5-star reviews, it enjoys a stellar reputation among users on Shopify.


  • Specific cons are not outlined in the provided content, but users should leverage the free trial to assess potential limitations or areas needing improvement.
Who is it for?

Omnisend is the ideal solution for those seeking to transcend conventional email marketing strategies for their eCommerce stores. It is suited for individuals or businesses aiming for a harmonized and personalized approach to customer interaction across various channels, desiring to build better relationships through relevant and cohesive messaging.

18. Kit by Kit CRM

Best Shopify apps: Kit by Kit CRM

Kit by Kit CRM, developed directly by Shopify, stands out as a dynamic tool designed to automate Facebook ads, making it an invaluable addition to your suite of Shopify apps. By harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence, Kit facilitates the creation of lookalike audiences and the deployment of impactful ad campaigns to transform mere visitors into purchasers.

Main features
  • AI-Powered Automation: Utilizes Artificial Intelligence to help build lookalike audiences and craft successful ad campaigns.
  • Multi-Platform Ad Creation: Capable of creating ads not only for Facebook but also for Instagram, expanding the reach of your campaigns.
  • Integration Capabilities: Seamlessly integrates with various Shopify apps like SEO Manager and Customer Reviews to provide a more cohesive user experience.
  • Insightful Reporting: Offers succinct reports, providing valuable insights into your store’s marketing and sales performance.

The kit is entirely FREE, making it a highly appealing option for those looking to optimize their advertising endeavors without incurring additional costs.

Pros & Cons


  • Cost-Effective: Being free to use, it offers substantial value without any financial investment.
  • User-Friendly: Designed with user experience in mind, making creating ads and integrating with other apps straightforward.
  • Comprehensive Insights: The quick reports generated by Kit provide comprehensive insights, allowing for informed decision-making.


  • Specific cons are not mentioned in the provided content. However, potential users should explore the app to identify whether any limitations or issues meet their needs and preferences.
Who is it for?

Kit by Kit CRM is an ideal solution for Shopify store owners looking to efficiently automate and optimize their Facebook advertising strategy. Whether you aim to broaden your reach through lookalike audiences or create compelling ad campaigns, Kit by Kit CRM is a reliable companion, especially for those who prioritize user-friendly and cost-effective solutions.

19. Facebook Messenger Marketing

Best Shopify apps: Facebook Messenger Marketing

Facebook Messenger Marketing stands as a vital app in the Shopify realm, designed to allow entrepreneurs to harness the expansive power of Facebook Messenger in eCommerce. In the contemporary digital marketplace, bypassing connectivity through Facebook Messenger equates to preceding numerous sales opportunities; hence, this app emerges as a crucial installation for every forward-thinking merchant.

Main features
  • Order Receipts Dispatch: Facilitates the sending of order confirmations directly through Messenger.
  • Targeted Campaigns: Enables the launch of nuanced marketing campaigns directed at distinct follower segments.
  • Real-time Shipping Updates: Provides immediate notifications concerning shipping statuses.
  • Business Updates Alerting: Offers timely alerts about any modifications or updates in the business.

The best part is that this remarkable app is entirely FREE, adding to its allure by providing substantial value without any associated costs.

Pros & Cons


  • Enhanced Open Rates: The app leverages the superior open rates of Facebook Messenger compared to emails.
  • User Accessibility: Designed to be user-centric and does not require any coding knowledge, making it highly accessible to all users.
  • Multifunctionality: From shipping updates to business modifications, the app allows various functions to improve connectivity and information dispatch.


  • Specific cons are not mentioned in the provided content, but users are encouraged to explore the app to discern potential limitations or suitability to their particular needs.
Who is it for?

This app is a beacon for Shopify store owners who wish to capitalize on the robust connectivity provided by Facebook Messenger to enhance relationships with customers and optimize sales opportunities. It is especially beneficial for those seeking to seamlessly and efficiently send alerts and updates and conduct targeted marketing campaigns without needing advanced technical knowledge.

Best Shopify apps for shipping

20. Aftership - Order tracking

Best Shopify apps: Aftership - Order tracking

Aftership stands out as a pivotal app in the Shopify ecosystem, focusing on streamlined and integrated order tracking, a vital component in the eCommerce sphere. This app centralizes all your shipment information into one coherent dashboard, paving the way for merchants and customers to Access essential delivery details seamlessly.

Main features
  • Unified Tracking Dashboard: Consolidates all shipment data, allowing for efficient tracking and management of orders.
  • Customizable Tracking Page: Creates individual tracking pages for each shipment, which can be customized to include store URLs, brand logos, and Instagram images, enhancing brand coherence and customer experience.
  • Scalability: Offers a range of features across various plans, allowing businesses to scale seamlessly as they grow.
  • STARTER: Free to install with 100 shipments/month and $0.5 per extra shipment. Includes branded tracking.
  • ESSENTIAL: $9/month, allowing 100 shipments/month, $0.8 per additional shipment, and adding Email & SMS notifications to the branded tracking.
  • GROWTH: $29/month, accommodates 500 payloads/month, and maintains the $0.8 per extra shipment with all previous plan features.
  • PRO: $99/month expands the capacity to 2,000 shipments/month with all the features above.
  • All plans come with a 14-day free trial, allowing users to explore the app’s offerings before committing to a specific project.
Pros & Cons


  • Enhanced Visibility: Provides clear and concise shipment information to store owners and customers, aiding in effective order management.
  • Brand Customization: Allows for customization of tracking pages to align with brand identity, improving brand recognition and trust.
  • Scalable Plans: Offers diverse plans with similar features, allowing stores to choose as per their needs and scale when necessary.


  • Specific cons are not mentioned in the provided content. However, users should consider their particular needs and the scale of their operations when choosing a plan.
Who is it for?

Aftership is an essential tool for Shopify store owners who prioritize streamlined and effective order tracking. It is especially beneficial for those looking to offer enhanced transparency to their customers regarding shipment details and those who seek to maintain brand consistency through customizable tracking pages. The scalable plans suit various businesses, from startups to more established entities seeking to optimize shipment tracking processes.

21. AVADA Free Shipping Bar

Best Shopify apps: AVADA Free Shipping Bar

Shopify Free Shipping Bar by AVADA is an optimal tool on Shopify designed to entice customers by promoting free shipping offers. Recognizing the customer’s hesitation at the point of purchase, this app serves as the final nudge, providing that extra incentive through the allure of free shipping just before checkout.

Main features
  • Advanced Targeting: Tailors free shipping promotions to different countries, devices, and pages to enhance relevancy and appeal.
  • Promotion and Announcement Bar: A customizable bar to announce various promotions and special occasions like Christmas, New Year, Sales events, and more to keep the customer engaged and informed.
  • Multiple Placement Options: Offers five preset positions, allowing you to place the bar to garner maximum visibility and impact strategically. Additionally, it supports including links, buttons, or emojis to further attract visitors.
  • Constant Reminder: As the modern customer increasingly expects free shipping, a continual reminder through this bar can significantly enhance sales opportunities.

The app is entirely FREE, making it a beautiful option for store owners looking to increase sales through strategic promotions.

Pros & Cons


  • User Engagement: The customizable announcement bar informs users about various offers and promotions, increasing user engagement.
  • Versatility: The app’s capability to serve as a promotion and an announcement bar makes it versatile and multipurpose.
  • Strategic Placement: Multiple placement options allow for strategic visibility, maximizing the app’s impact.


  • Specific cons are not mentioned in the provided content. However, users must consider their store’s aesthetic and layout when placing the bar to ensure it complements the overall design.
Who is it for?

The AVADA Free Shipping Bar is ideal for Shopify store owners who wish to incentivize customers with attractive free shipping offers. Especially suitable for those looking to boost conversions through strategic promotions and announcements, this app caters to stores looking to enhance user engagement and sales through well-placed and appealing notifications.

Best Shopify apps for customer service

22. Lucky Orange - Visitor tracking

Best Shopify apps: Lucky Orange - Visitor tracking

Lucky Orange is an innovative Shopify app designed for businesses seeking advanced visitor tracking capabilities to enhance conversion rates. With global eCommerce conversion rates averaging a mere 2.86%, store owners must harness robust data-tracking tools like Lucky Orange to stay ahead of the competition and convert visitors effectively.

Main features
  • Comprehensive Insights: Offers detailed insights into user behavior on your site, utilizing resources such as user recordings, live chat, dynamic heatmaps, polls, and surveys.
  • User-Friendly Dashboard: Displays all gathered data in an easy-to-read dashboard, enabling users to analyze information effortlessly.
  • Targeted Polls & Surveys: Features customizable forms for polls and surveys to collect specific data from targeted visitor groups or particular pages, utilizing common but practical questions to elicit responses.
  • Multiple Site Tracking: Allows tracking of various sites, enhancing its utility for businesses with diverse online presence.
  • 7-day Free Trial
  • STARTER: $10/month for one site, 15,000 monthly page views, and two operators
  • SMALL BUSINESS: For 3 locations, allowing 60,000 monthly page views, with four operators
  • MEDIUM: Covers eight areas, permits 200,000 monthly page views, and accommodates ten operators
  • LARGE: Encompasses 16 areas, 500,000 monthly page views, and 20 operators
Pros & Cons


  • Enhanced User Understanding: It enhances understanding of user behavior and preferences through comprehensive insights.
  • Targeted Interaction: Allows targeted data collection through polls and surveys, enabling more effective interaction and understanding of visitor preferences and concerns.
  • Diverse Application: Suitable for multiple sites, making it versatile for various business needs.


  • Given the information provided, specific cons should be highlighted. However, businesses need to consider the utility of the features and their unique needs and goals.
Who is it for?

Lucky Orange is ideally suited for Shopify store owners looking to gain deeper insights into visitor behavior to optimize their store’s front page and overall user experience. Whether you are a small business or have multiple sites, if enhanced user understanding and interaction are your priorities, Lucky Orange can be a pivotal tool in your data-driven strategies to boost conversions.

23. Smile.io - Rewards and Loyalty

Best Shopify apps: Smile.io - Rewards and Loyalty

Smile.io is the key for Shopify stores looking to cultivate brand loyalty and enhance customer engagement through enticing rewards programs. In a marketplace where every interaction counts, dedicated and engaging experiences transform casual shoppers into loyal brand advocates.

Main features
  • Varied Rewards Programs: Smile.io enables stores to offer three distinctive rewards programs: the Referral Program, the Loyalty Points Program, and the VIP Program, each designed to foster different aspects of customer engagement and brand interaction.
  • Enhanced Customer Interaction: These programs serve not just as incentives but as means for customers to interact and engage with your brand, turning them into vocal proponents of your store.
  • Visual Customization: Offers visual customizations allowing brands to align the look and feel of the rewards programs with their brand aesthetic. Analytic Insights: For those opting for higher plans, analytical insights are available to measure the impact and performance of the rewards programs, providing essential data to tweak and optimize the initiatives.
  • FREE: 10+ ways to reward, including Points and referral programs, and Visual customization.
  • STARTER: $49/month – Incorporates all Free features plus Full Design Customization and Email Editor.
  • GROWTH: $199/month – Encompasses all Starter features plus Points Expiry and Analytics.
  • PRO: $599/month – Comprises all Growth features, VIP Program, and Unlimited Smile Apps.
Pros & Cons


  • Customer Engagement: The multifaceted rewards programs ensure amplified customer engagement, fostering brand loyalty and advocacy.
  • Brand Interaction: Provides varied means for customers to interact and align with the brand, enhancing their overall experience and satisfaction.
  • Customization: The ability to customize visually allows for a cohesive brand representation across the reward programs.


  • Specific downsides are not mentioned in the provided content, but potential users should consider the overall applicability and alignment of the features with their brand goals and customer engagement strategies.
Who is it for?

Smile.io is designed for Shopify store owners keen on enhancing brand interaction and customer engagement through strategic reward initiatives. Whether the goal is to incentivize referrals, reward loyalty, or acknowledge VIP customers, Smile.io is a versatile solution suitable for brands aspiring to cultivate a dedicated customer base and enhance their market presence.

24. Shopjar: Referral & Affiliate


For those seeking a supreme referral and affiliate application for their Shopify store, Shopjar is the prime choice. It is adept at transforming your customers into devoted brand promoters, ensuring they remain engaged and loyal. Shopjar stands out with its distinctive features designed to escalate your referral marketing endeavors and maximize the efficacy of your affiliate schemes.

Main features
  • Referral Landing Pages: Exclusive to Shopjar, it enables the crafting of specialized landing pages where customers can effortlessly invite their acquaintances, expanding the influence of your referral program.
  • Customizable Affiliate Programs: Shopjar allows the establishment of structured affiliate programs with rewards based on distinctive tiers and the quantum of sales, offering versatility in reward management.
  • Advanced Fraud Detection: A system sophisticated enough to identify and neutralize fraudulent affiliate activities, ensuring the sanctity of your store.
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery: The app is furnished with diverse, pre-structured WhatsApp message templates, allowing cart recovery communications to be customized and salvage potential lost sales.
  • Various Referral Initiatives: Shopjar facilitates creating varied referral programs, each with unique referral links and comprehensive reports, enhancing program efficiency and user experience.
  • FREE: Incorporates Unique Referral Links, Diverse Referrals, and Comprehensive Reports.
  • STARTER: Priced at $9/month, it offers the features of the Free plan, a Comprehensive Affiliate Program, Diverse Affiliates, and a Dedicated Affiliate Portal and signup.
Pros & Cons


  • Diverse Referral Schemes: It enables an array of referral strategies, broadening brand reach.
  • Enhanced Security: With advanced fraud detection, it provides a safe affiliate experience.
  • Optimized Customer Recruitment: Unique referral landing pages enhance customer engagement and brand advocacy.


  • While specific cons are not highlighted in the provided details, prospective users should weigh the app’s features against their unique marketing goals and operational requisites to determine suitability.
Who is it for?

Shopjar is a perfect fit for those desiring to amplify their marketing strategies through potent referral and affiliate programs within their Shopify stores. It’s well-suited for businesses keen on leveraging customer loyalty and converting customers into ardent brand advocates, leading to increased sales and robust brand fidelity.

Special: Best Shopify apps for dropshipping

If you’ve heard about dropshipping, then you should know having reliable apps is very important. The special type of business requires quick decisions with much research, and the following apps can help greatly.

Recommendation: For more dropshipping apps, you can read our top 12+ Best Shopify Dropshipping Apps.

25. Spocket

Necessary dropshipping apps: Spocket

Spocket is an exemplary choice for dropshipping applications, especially for those seeking a solid Oberlo alternative. It concentrates on aligning with US and EU suppliers, ensuring rapid delivery to customers in these regions—critical in securing and maintaining customer loyalty in a competitive eCommerce environment.

Main features
  • Expansive Database: Spocket prides itself on its comprehensive database, facilitating dropshippers easily find their sought-after products.
  • Focused Supplier Network: The emphasis on US and EU suppliers ensures swift and reliable order deliveries, improving overall customer satisfaction levels.
  • Operational Automation: The app’s automation features streamline the functional aspects of your Shopify store, reducing manual intervention and improving efficiency.
  • Enhanced Brand Presence: With branded invoicing, you can strengthen your brand’s presence whenever a customer receives an order.
  • FREE: Allows catalog browsing.
  • STARTER - $12/month: Avails 25 Unique Products, Unlimited Orders, and Real-time Inventory Updates.
  • PRO - $49/month: Provides 250 Unique Products, 25 Premium Products, and features for Branded Invoicing.
  • EMPIRE - $99/month: Ensures Access to Unlimited Products, Premium 24/7 Chat Support, Unlimited Premium Products, and Unlimited Orders.
  • Each pricing plan initiates with a 14-day free trial, allowing potential users to explore the available features thoroughly.
Pros & Cons


  • Diverse Supplier Network: Emphasizing US and EU suppliers ensures more reliable and faster deliveries.
  • Seamless Automation: The user-friendly interface and operational automation simplify product searches and enhance Shopify store functionality.
  • Continuous Support: 24/7 support guarantees user queries and issues are addressed promptly.


  • The emphasis on US and EU suppliers may align differently with every business model or customer demographic, warranting consideration.
Who is it for?

Spocket is particularly beneficial for entrepreneurs striving to enhance their dropshipping ventures, especially those focusing on optimizing deliveries through US and EU suppliers. It is a prime choice for businesses prioritizing quick, reliable deliveries and wanting a vast, accessible database to align products with their entrepreneurial vision.

26. Printful - Print on Demand

Best Shopify apps: Printful - Print on Demand

Printful emerges as a top-tier solution in the expansive print-on-demand domain, simplifying user business processes. Users can easily translate their creative designs into tangible products, enabling Printful to craft custom apparel that resonates with their target audience promptly.

Main features
  • Efficient Print-on-Demand Dropshipping: The service facilitates streamlined print-on-demand dropshipping, making the production and distribution of products a breeze.
  • Fulfillment & Order-Creation Warehouses: It assures secure and efficient handling, packing, and dispatching of products through its dedicated warehouses.
  • Smooth Shopify Integration: It melds seamlessly with Shopify, granting users easy Access to Printful’s myriad services.
  • Online Design Tools: The service allows for easy online designing, offering ready-to-use templates to generate attractive, superior-quality designs.

Printful stands out with its straightforward pricing structure, imposing no monthly or startup fees, allowing businesses to avail themselves of its offerings without any preliminary financial obligations.

Pros & Cons


  • User-friendly Interface: The intuitive interface makes designing and creating products uncomplicated and enjoyable.
  • Economical: The absence of upfront fees makes it a cost-effective choice for businesses.
  • All-encompassing Services: Printful extends various services to cater to diverse business needs from conceptualization to delivery.


  • Exploring additional services or platforms might be necessary for businesses that prefer advanced functionalities and customizations to realize their objectives fully.
Who is it for?

Printful is a perfect match for entrepreneurs and entities stepping into the print-on-demand realm, seeking a user-friendly, comprehensive, and economical service. It’s especially apt for those who value a smooth, cohesive experience from product conception to execution under a single unified platform.

Why do Shopify stores need apps?

Why do Shopify stores need apps
Apps make Shopify become a much more powerful platform than it already is

Shopify alone is powerful. You can set up stores, receive payments, list products, and start selling in an instant. But besides that, there is a community that is always striving to optimize the store’s function. This leads to the Shopify app store, where there are currently 3832 apps available.

These apps are packed with many useful tools for you to increase sales. And they are developed by the most prestigious companies or market experts, so you need not to worry about the quality. You can easily install the apps into your Shopify store with just a click of a button.

So the question isn’t why do your Shopify store need apps? The question is, why not?

If you have thousands of beautifully designed apps that can drive up your conversion rate and optimize your store’s function, you should try them. Not to mention almost half of them are free. Next up, let’s see the criterias to look at before choosing an app for your store.

Wrap up: Choose the best Shopify apps for your store

There you have it, a list of the best Shopify apps that your store definitely needs if you want to grow your business to the next level. Choosing an app is difficult, and picking a list of your favorites is even harder, but you can do that through testing and experimenting.

Just remember that whatever your choices are, how the customers respond to the app is the most important. For example, if you add customer reviews to your checkout, try to measure your conversion rate and see if the app really works so you can avoid unnecessary weight on your store.

So which Shopify app is your choice, and have I missed any gems that are just as great? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below, I read all of them. And as always, best of luck on your eCommerce journey!

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.

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