Shopify promo code: Save your money up

Hailey February 23, 2018


This article shows you how to save your money up by leveraging Shopify promo code.

When running an eCommerce business, you will always be motivated by sales. They are the cornerstone of any successful e-commerce business. Marketing is the motivation entrepreneurs use to generate traffic to their online store, thereby increasing sales. There are many commonly used marketing strategies such as Facebook Ads, or Google Adwords campaigns. However, one method of marketing that not only helps you achieve your goals but also saves you money is to use Shopify promo code.

The era of e-commerce to the throne created the Promo Code - one of the things that consumers always expect. This can be seen as the key that businesses use to conquer customers and track the profits earned when implementing marketing strategies. Therefore, let go ahead to learn more about this awesome method.

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What is a Shopify promo code?

Promo Code is a promotional code consisting of a random string of numbers or letters that a store or business creates to encourage consumers to shop on their website. Typically, this code will incorporate strategies to promote or market products to customers. Promo Code can be applied to every single product or the entire bill paid accordingly.

What is a Shopify promo code

Customers can receive and use Promo Codes in a variety of flexible ways, such as via email, via mobile phones, computers, in the form of barcodes, PDFs or even QR codes.

As mentioned in the introduction, the Promo Code is not only beneficial for customers but also has many benefits for you. Here are a few that I can mention:

  • Inspiring action - One of the biggest challenges facing e-commerce entrepreneurs is getting the first order with a customer. Promo codes will inspire those who are still hesitant to make purchase decisions - simply because everyone loves promotion! Once customers have purchased and are satisfied with the quality of their products and services, they will be able to return to purchase again, and even introduce your store to others.

  • Retargeting / Shopping cart abandonment strategy - Promo codes play an important role in retargeting and remarketing of unfinished shopping carts. Customers who leave the shopping cart and have not completed the final payment are clearly interested in your product, so just a little more convincing with the Discount Code, you will be able to solve it. Resolve these orders easily.

  • Gratitude to loyal customers - It is a great idea to give the promo code to customers who have long been associated with the store. Discount codes will help customers feel valued, increase the connection between the brand and customers, thereby making them want to continue to engage and buy your goods more. Read our guide on how to get more sales on Shopify.

In addition, there are other great benefits such as increasing online tracking and achieving sales goals, selling inventory, excess inventory, encouraging customers to participate in campaigns, posting signs and surveys and measure ROI to be able to plan good strategies for the future, etc.

How many types of promo codes?

Promo code is really a way for you to apply for your store to get great benefits. However, sometimes using the Promo code will not be so simple. It can be counterproductive if not applied properly. Understanding the promo code types will help you avoid that trouble and use the promo code most accurately.

Store-Wide Percentage Off Promo Codes

This is a discount code for a specified percentage. It can be applied to your entire online warehouse. Sometimes, there will be a mandatory minimum cost to guarantee your profits.

Store-Wide Percentage Off Promo Codes

Expert tip: There are several stores known for releasing promotional codes as a percentage across the entire store that contains a wide range of exclusions listed in fine print such as Lord, Macy, and Taylor. They had a fairly clever marketing ploy. However, these codes turned out to be worthless for most items that the average customer wants to buy.

Set Dollar Amount Off Promo Codes

This promo code type is not quite as popular as the one mentioned above. However, it is still used by stores to offer discounts in the form of a dollar amount to customers. For example, a shop owner offers a discount of $ 20 when customers spend $ 100 or $ 10 when they spend $ 60.

Set Dollar Amount Off Promo Codes

Expert tip: When customers meet the minimum spending requirement, most stores will not charge shipping or tax. Customers will be especially excited when the price of items in your store is $ 49.99 while you offer them a promo code for $ 10 off a $ 50 order. Therefore, they will try to buy a second item to benefit from this promotional code.

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Free Shipping Promo Codes

One of the simplest promo codes to decode is free shipping promo codes. Naturally, usually, the store will have a minimum requirement for customers to use this code. Requests are clearly conveyed in the message sent to the customer and the thresholds are usually reasonable.

Free Shipping Promo Codes

Expert tip: It is common for some regions to be excluded from free shipping promotion codes such as territories and states outside the contiguous United States. Besides, some stores also limit this code to certain places, although that’s only a rare case.

Clearance-Only Promo Codes

We all know that shop owners sometimes face an over-due inventory status. In this situation, they feel worried and think about how to solve this problem. This type of promotion is one of the most effective ways. At the same time, it brings the best value to shoppers. Shop owners can also provide promotional codes that are even lower than the pre-determined clearance price. Besides, don’t expect that these codes will work on non-clearance items.

Clearance-Only Promo Codes

Expert tip: It is true that the clearance stocks are always extremely unpredictable and changes forever. The odd of detecting an item not available in color or style or being sold out are much higher than regular inventory.

BOGO Promo Codes

You probably know BOGO stands for buy one get one free. This is a fairly popular code promotion for many stores. However, many people do not realize how to make the most of it. BOGO offers solid savings. However, you can maximize its power if you know that it is more suitable and useful for some items than others. For example, customers will be very excited when this BOGO program applies to skincare products. However, having two identical shirts is not worth it.

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BOGO Promo Codes

Expert tip: It will be difficult for you to combine BOGO with other discount codes or promotions. The situation in which you have to debate between Discount vs Duplicate will occur. Therefore, you can use a bigger discount code if you want the two items to be the same.

Freebie Promo Codes

It is undeniable that everyone loves free stuff. Free promotion codes are extremely powerful and attractive to customers. Shop owners often offer free gifts when customers buy a product, such as when buying a $ 70 perfume bottle, customers can get a free tote bag. However, there will be some cases where a store or manufacturer will give away a new product for free to check customer reaction to the product.

Freebie Promo Codes

Expert tip: While this code is beneficial for you, it may be the opposite. There are many crooks out there who use this to make you register something to exploit your personal information. So be especially wary if anyone asks for your information and don’t redeem a free promotion code for a store you don’t trust. For customers, you need to be wary of another plan from shady retailers. They can offer free promotional codes but then charge an exorbitant price for shipping.

One-Time Use Promo Codes

Famous stores often use one-time promotional codes to pay tribute to their closest customers. For example, Victoria’s Secret, they are famous for choosing this way to especially for loyal customers. Customers can receive this type of code via their social media or email, and they can even receive it via postal mail. One-time promotional codes can only be used by its recipients, not for public consumption.

One-Time Use Promo Codes

Tip for insiders: If you want to get this code for famous brands, go to Dealspotr to search for the code for the brand you like. Here members post a lot of this code for thousands of famous brands. You can see some examples such as Kate Space codes , Bath and Bodywork codes.

Expert tip: When this type of code is called one-time promotional codes, it can only be used once. Therefore, if you try to take advantage of that code a second time or try to exchange one of the things you see online, the code may no longer work.

Personal Referral Codes

Personal Referral Codes

To make the brand more popular, some stores have taken advantage of this type of promo code. This personal referral code will be provided to their members and then, they can share with acquaintances such as friends, relatives, etc. They can earn free money, rewards or points if they refer new members. These personal referrals often offer discounts and sometimes very beneficial values, such as a 30% discount for sitewide. Some famous applications that have successfully applied this type of code are Google Express, Uber, Instacart, GrubHub and Boxed. Or some retailers like Kohl’s, and Old Navy.

Expert tip: There are individual referrals posted by the member on Dealspotr - which I have attached the link in the above section. So if you want to enjoy the benefits of one of these personal referrals, let visit Dealspotr to get one.

Cardholder-Only Promo Codes

Cardholder-Only Promo Codes

One of the stores that often select this type of code to publish is Kohl. This type of promo code is a powerful tool to encourage customers to register for a reward or credit card. These types of codes can offer attractive discount codes. However, they still have limited conditions for cardholders.

Expert tip: These promotional codes are only applicable to customers who are already cardholders. Therefore, if the customer is signing up for a card, he or she will not be able to use the code until the next cardholder-only promo code is released.

Rewards Points Promo Codes

Rewards Points Promo Codes

These types of promotional codes are often provided by websites like Groupon. Unlike other promo codes that offer discounts on a product or item, this type of code will give customers a credit that they can use to make future purchases.

Expert tip: Sometimes, customers will not be able to redeem these promo codes immediately because they are delayed by the stores to prevent you from doing this.

How does a Shopify promo code work?

Any promotional code requires restrictions. This helps you ensure that it gives you more benefits than damage. These limitations of promotional codes are very diverse, just like a printed coupon. Customers need to meet these conditions to be able to enjoy the benefits of promotional codes. Therefore, make sure they are clearly displayed to customers to avoid confusion. Some codes may not work with special sales or exclude some famous brands. Promotional code types always have an expiration date. As a shop owner, you can limit the number of redemption times to a promotional code type before it expires.

The discount can be calculated as a percentage or a specific amount. Promotional codes can also be provided to customers via free shipping services or customer appreciation gifts. This marketing strategy mainly gives customers another reason for them to buy your product.

According to Vouchercloud, 65% of consumers say that online coupon codes often influence their purchase decision if they haven’t already. They can also be a successful retention strategy, as 91% of coupon buyers say they will buy if they are offered the coupon. Therefore, please take advantage of promotional codes optimally.

How to use a Shopify promo code?

Follow these easy steps to use a promo code effortlessly.

  • Step 1: Add items to your cart.
  • Step 2: Search for options that allow you to enter coupons or promotional codes.
  • Step 3: Next, enter the code you have in the box. Then click apply to redeem the promotional code.

You will enjoy benefits depending on the type of promotion. As a result, the total amount you need to pay for this purchase will probably be less.

Nowadays, stores often issue promo codes to attract and satisfy customers. Therefore, there may be an article in the help section to help customers know how to use the promotional code. The steps above are common for you to use the promo code for most stores.

How to get a Shopify promo code?

You can get a promo code on the store website. Available promotional codes will be listed on many places of the store such as on the product page, on the homepage or in the shopping cart after the code is used.

As we all know, promotional codes have conditions that need to be met, such as how long to use them, the minimum amount you need to spend, or a number of times to use and so on. Therefore, please check the “details” link to see if the promotional code you want to use applies to your purchase. This will help you avoid embarrassing when the payment process has problems by not checking the conditions of using promotional codes and you can save a lot of time.

Many coupons require you to spend a minimum amount or buy a minimum amount of goods. This minimum does not include additional costs such as shipping or taxes and it only applies to the actual cost of the product in the order after the immediate discount.

Tips with Shopify promo code to maximize coupon savings

As mentioned above, promotional codes are of great benefit to suppliers, companies and e-commerce sites, such as selling more goods, collecting customer information, surveying the market, Rate your products. At the same time, the benefits of discount codes here act as an advertising channel, spreading products or brands.

However, for consumers, the benefits that can be enjoyed are even greater. Therefore, in this section, I am happy to share with you 9 tips to be able to maximize your savings.

Tip 1: Remember to check a coupon database before your purchase

Remember to check a coupon database before your purchase

If you prefer to shop online but don’t have a promo code, you can go to an online coupon database. Such facilities exist a lot online and you can easily find a reliable place and have many attractive coupons like It brings you thousands of online coupons for retailers like The Home Depot, 1-800 Flowers, Old Navy, etc. It’s easy to find a coupon on the internet. However, no website will help you find the best coupon for you. Therefore, all you need to do is always check a coupon database before your purchase. You can then compare coupons and rank the best deals based on the budget you can spend.

Tip 2: Time is the golden key

Time is the golden key

It’s highly recommended that you should program a reminder on your phone or bookmark your calendar because the best online deals are usually offered at three times each month from the beginning (from 1st to 3rd) , between (the 14th to the 16th) and the end of the month (the 28th to the end of the month). Make sure you don’t miss this golden moment to get the best deals.

Tip 3: Check out the competition

If you are visiting multiple websites to search for the product you want, give it up and have a much simpler way. Visit a trading site like and access a coupon. You can see which stores are offering the best prices so you can quickly select and save time and effort.

Tip 4: Please pay attention to the expiry date

Please pay attention to the expiry date

Stores have the right to expire coupon codes earlier than expected because they need to limit the number of times the code can be used to guarantee benefits or because of limited product supply. They also do not need notification if doing so. Therefore, you need to quickly use the promo code if you really care, because you may not be able to use it the next day.

Tip 5: Go beyond Google

You can find the most popular or popular promotional codes if you use Googling “Target Coupon Code.” This will not guarantee the best deals for you. You can find the best discount to optimize the benefits by taking advantage of coupon deals like because they work directly with retailers and have access to exclusive coupons. Especially, you can explore and shop at new places that you haven’t considered before.

Tip 6: Stack code

For some stores, you can use multiple promotional codes or coupons on the same offer. For example, you can use 30% off coupons and free shipping codes at the same time. Or else, you can use a promotional code with a sale or clearance item. What a great option to save a lot of money.

Tip 7: Stock up to save money up

In many cases, you can spend more to enjoy a better value coupon, for example, $ 40 off $ 100. Make sure you don’t miss out on these great savings by having your relatives or friends jump in to make a purchase. Or combine your shopping and purchase multiple items from the same retailer to get the most out of coupons.

Tip 8: Don’t pay for codes!

This could be an indication that it’s a shady and untrustworthy website. Make sure to avoid websites that require you to register or pay to be able to take advantage of promotional codes. The reason coupons are created is to save you money, not to get your personal information or to ask for anything else like your money to use.

Tip 9: Don’t miss the promo box!

Discounts always appear before you buy an item. Therefore, make sure the discount has been applied to the total before you purchase. If you missed the promo box, then surely you missed out on saving.


This article brings carefully prepared information about Shopify promo code to both shop owners and consumers. I hope that you understand the great benefits that it brings to both and make the most of it.

For shop owners, make sure you use the type of promo code that is right for your product so you can achieve effective business strategies. Furthermore, pay attention to setting the conditions of a reasonable promotion code.

For shoppers, take advantage of websites that offer great promo codes and coupons like Dealspotr and for the best deals. I do hope that you find 9 tips are presented useful to maximize your savings.

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