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How insert a section in Section Folder in Shopify

Sam Nguyen
Sam Updated: April 04, 2024


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How to make the Shopify store with flexibility and full customization, the online merchants need to install them with multiple user-friendly tools. There is a type of themes which have a new directory is Sections themes. These themes is also considered as a Liquid template to access to the same objects, tags, and filters in international market. The Shopify store owners can know about the variables which are created outside sections. These variable are not available within sections, the snippet has access to the variables in the section.

Have launched in the US since 2016, Sections themes are known as modular, customizable elements of a page with specific functions. The Sections themes also supports some new Liquid tags such as {% schema %}, {% javascript %}, {% stylesheet %}. Each section supports section-specific tags for defining settings, styles, and scripts that are unique to a section file. Including section files with the {% section %} tag will render a “static” section. To learn more about sections and how to include them in your theme, check out the documentation on theme sections.

Having an additional functionality, Shopify Sections themes allows the users to create a nique online stores with styled blocks. Moreover, all of them are customizable on the store admin’s dashboard. This tool also supports a great deal of flexibility to boost the content on their stores. With dynamic sections, the store owners can add static sections and the homepage to their pages. However, there is a disadvantage of this theme is that the online merchants cannot add different kinds of Sections themes in a page.

A dynamic section with blocks which can be moved around helps the Shopify store owners can provide multiple options to customers such as a podcast or an eBook. In this tutorial How insert a section in Section Folder in Shopify, we provide the process to create and add a block in section in a Shopify store. In addition, there are basic steps that the beginners can easily follow them to add this Sections themes in the stores.

How insert a section in Section Folder in Shopify

Step 1: Input

Inserts a section from the sections folder of a theme.

{% section 'header' %}

Step 2: Output

Insert the headers with other content of sections

<div id="shopify-section-header" class="shopify-section">
  <!-- content of sections/header.liquid -->


In the sections folder, it is necessary for the online sellers to create snippets that define the layout to create the new section. Eventually, adding content in a section means that add HTM and Liquid tags on the header. After the Liquid tags are defined by the schema with content to a section. To make a dynamic section, we just need to add presets to the section file. Presets will define how the section appears in the Theme Editor, and the presets must have a name and a category. This article How insert a section in Section Folder in Shopify with simple steps which helps even beginners can add new section . They also enable referring other topics such as about currencies such as Liquid and/or: Multiple conditions, Liquid Variables: assign, capture, increment, increment and Liquid section: How insert a section in Section Folder.

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