Liquid hmac_sha256: How to Convert String to Hmac_sha256 Hash in Shopify

Known as the effective tool to compute the condensed representation of the data, Secure Hash Signature Standard was popular for ay Shopify store owners. Developed by Federal Information Processing Standards Publications (FIPS PUBS), this SHS includes four main types such as SHA-1, SHA-2, SHA-3, and SHA-0. Depending on the length of the data, each message will be converted into different types of SHS. For example, for the length under 264 bit, the output will be SHA-1 and SHA-256 while the result of the input under 2128 bits will be SHA-384 and SHA-512.

The four hash algorithms allow the users to correspond with any digested message or finding two messages producing the same message digest. However, the Secure Hash Signature Standard is a one-way function so the users cannot the redo the change or generate back the input. Although SHA-1 is the most popular algorithm, the other strings are usually converted into different types of data such as SHA-256, SHA-384 and SHA-512.

Liquid hmac_sha256: How to Convert String to Hmac_sha256 Hash in Shopify

About SHA-256

As one of the families of SHA-2, SHA-256 has all those features of a Secure Hash Signature Standard. Different with SHA-512 in block sizes, SHA-256 is considered as a useful algorithm because it increases the security of online seller’s stores especially when it is used with the cryptographic algorithms such as a digital signature or keyed-hash message. With 256-bit hash function, it helps the Shopify store owners to achieve high probability by changing data into a message or different messages. Besides, there is a cut version of SHA-256 which has the same code is SHA-224 algorithm. This is one of the other choices for short string.

Converts a string into an SHA-256 hash using a hash message authentication code (HMAC). Pass the secret key for the message as a parameter to the filter. This guiding article Liquid hmac_sha256: How to Convert String to Hmac_sha256 Hash in Shopify helps the store owners to change the form of the string into this SHA-256. With the simple steps, we believe that even the Shopify beginners also can do it by themselves.

The way to convert string to SHA-256

Step 1: Input

After accessing the Shopify admin dashboard by logging in the Shopify app, the Shopify store owners continue by copying those below codes.


{% assign my_secret_string = "ShopifyIsAwesome!" | hmac_sha256: "secret_key" %}
My encoded string is: {{ my_secret_string }}

Step 2: Input

The result is like that Output

My encoded string is: 30ab3459e46e7b209b45dba8378fcbba67297304


With this functionality, the SHA-256 plays a role as a benchmark to compare hashed versions of texts. Although SHA-256 is not as strong as SHA-1, its function is much more simple. Therefore, online sellers are easy to transfer their string into this type of algorithm. Through the article Liquid hmac_sha256: How to Convert String to Hmac_sha256 Hash in Shopify, we hope that the Shopify store owners have more knowledge about the Secure Hash Signature Standard as well as SHA-256. Besides, the Shopify store owners can discover more about different kinds of Secure Hash Signature Standard from these following articles:

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