Liquid sha256: How to Convert String to Sha256 Hash in Shopify

Developed by Federal Information Processing Standards Publications (FIPS PUBS), Secure Hash Signature Standard or SHS is a mathematical function that condenses data to a fixed size. Based on the Merkle-Damgard construction method, it is created to improve security and privacy. The Secure Hash Signature Standard algorithms are usually used with other cryptographic algorithms or in the generation of random bits. This is an effective method to compute the data file or a condensed representation of a message includes SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, and SHA-512. For the message with the length under 264 bits, we use SHA-1 and SHA-256 and we use SHA-384 and SHA-512 for under 2128 bits.

This SHA-256 algorithm which is the result of 256 bit is a type of hash popular function in Blockchain. Although many developers think that SHA-256 is not much more complex to code than SHA-1, the SHA-256’s structure is the SHA-1 ‘s structure alike. In addition, the SHA-256 can combine with 2256 bits. There are two possible values 0 and 1, which makes the unique hashes. Therefore, it is one of the strongest hash functions. The SHA-256 is a one-way hash function which has internal position length 32 parameters.

Because its outstanding functionalities, such as an output or a message digest, SHA-256 algorithm is used for password validation, anti-tamper or digital signatures. The different versions of this SHA-256 algorithm were created by multiple website developers. The lastest one was made by the US National Security Agency in 2002. This algorithm includes a chain of simple rounds repeated 64 times.

Today the Hash functions are primarily for to generating fixed-length output data. From the original data, it helps the store owners to shortene reference to the small ones. Although it is easy to generate hash values and match the hash, it is hard to hide malicious data by fake data. Through this guiding article Liquid sha256: How to Convert String to Sha256 Hash in Shopify, the Shopify store owners can follow all steps to transfer the expected string to this effective SHA-256.

Liquid sha256: How to Convert String to Sha256 Hash in Shopify

Step 1: Input

To convert a string into an SHA-256 hash, the users enter their string in `` into this theme settings:


{% assign my_secret_string = "ShopifyIsAwesome!" | sha256 %}
My encoded string is: {{ my_secret_string }}

Step 2: Output


My encoded string is: c29cce758876791f34b8a1543f0ec3f8e886b5271004d473cfe75ac3148463cb


The SHA-256 plays an important role for the Shopify online sellers to secure their stores as well as setting a password. This article Liquid sha256: How to Convert String to Sha256 Hash in Shopify includes all the basic steps to convert these strings into the SHA-256. Besides, we have some recommendations for the online merchants to better understand about the liquidity in Shopify such as:

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