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Top 5+ Best Shopify SEO services! What do you need?

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By Sam Nguyen

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Shopify is a powerful tool to help its users start their business and create an online store. If you possess a great online store, you had better use marketing. Thanks to the assistance of the Shopify search engine optimization services, you can easily generate an online site to attach more customers or buyers for your shop.

Shopify can offer you with user-friendly functionality and a new way to help you close to the customers. However, you must understand that navigating the ups as well as downs of the digital advertisement can take more time than just reading some blog articles. Only successful Shopify SEO services do not waste your money and directly help you head to the best results.

In this article, you will be informed top 5 best Shopify SEO services to aid your sites in topping the rankings in eCommerce.

How SEO-Friendly is Shopify?

There is no doubt that Shopify’s primary function is acting as an eCommerce platform. Shopify is considered as the gold standard to set up various online stores and its SEO aims at building around those functionalities. Shopify is loaded with all of the features you find needy for your own shops to get it performed well in researching.

Being widely used and revered, Shopify is currently applied to develop more than six hundred stores and going on. Take note eCommerce is a big thing with annual sales in trillions. Also, eCommerce platforms are willing to pay for your products both online and in the mix like what Shopify says global eCommerce is not a choice, but it is a necessity.

In fact, Shopify includes a very powerful SEO functionality with an extensive app store easily downloaded. The Shopify SEO’s interface is regarded as user-friendly to aid in providing your sites with everything you need to finish your search. In case you intend to concentrate on eCommerce, Shopify is here for you. If the site is also content-focused with eCommerce’s elements, you should use Squarespace, Weebly, or Wix.

The SEO is tailored and built around eCommerce platforms. What Shopify mostly cares about is the quality of its online shops, then the SEO will be built around those functionalities. Hence, SEO is perfect for any online store. Besides, SEO’s interface is easy to use and clear; followed by tools needed to help your sites rank higher in frequent shopping-specific search.

The SEO becomes excellent for your sites’ structures. One of the most important parts of how this eCommerce platform allows arranging your sties is the categories. Do remember that SEO loves this and users do, too. A catchy design with a well-structured store will play an active role in matching users with your services and products.

As you look at Shopify’s cost, it is very hard to acknowledge that you are spending a huge amount of money. A good eCommerce builder is required to cover all of the bases, and Shopify is good at this. For more information, you can read our Shopify SEO Review article.

Reasons why you need a professional SEO service

Reasons why you need a professional SEO service

There are four main reasons why you really need a professional SEO service.

You do not have any idea of what you are doing

As you can see, the experience is something that cannot be fake. Instead, SEO is a finessed art but not a learned skill. SEO starts to manage campaigns to study the nuances which tell you the result you want.

Furthermore, SEO in 2019 or 2020 is totally different than it was back to the old day. If you do not have time and abilities to manage, improve or alter many campaigns at the same time, you don’t know what you are doing, you will need a professional SEO service.


As an online businessman, you have to acknowledge that keywords play a vital role in helping customers or even you find out what they and you are searching for. Also, keywords are one of the most basic and fundamental SEO principles for website platforms. However, there is one thing you have not imagined yet that is the effectiveness of keywords has been changing over the years. Main search engines, including Google, will care about the only thing, which is how to provide us with absolute best results for things we are looking for.

Hence, it can be referred that keyword-rich content can work very well in one field and also fail in others. But, keywords that are related to the content industry will help you see the better look at what the customers are searching for. In addition, it aids you in discovering the new trends and offers us a good way to stop being given false leads.

If “Content is King”, who is its Queen?

You might feel that this above sentence is quite familiar, it is true in some cases. In fact, the answer to this question has been raising many arguments between digital online marketing agencies and digital marketers. When it comes to SEO, backlinks are the key element; however, their importance is mostly refused by lots of people who are always stubborn to state that great content is all you need.

Basically, everything has two sides. Not all statements are 100% true. If backlinks are used properly, they become a helpful tool that you can rely on. A backlink from a formed company can help validate the new websites; however, the consequences of using backlinks improperly can lead to jeopardize your position and weaken the existing organic search rankings.

There is no all-in-one easy simple solution

Every single one of those, consisting of Google AdWords, Pay-per-click advertising, Facebook remarketing, Blogging, Social Media influencers or Discount code, contains a particular use and is well utilized to give benefits to your online Shopify stores. The most important thing which can make Shopify SEO services work well for your business is knowing how as well as when to use each one appropriately.

How Shopify SEO services can improve your online stores?

How Shopify SEO services can improve your online stores

Here are five ways that Shopify’s SEO services can improve your online store.

Stay competing and ambitious

In a fierce’s today online market explosion, going ahead is always vital. In case your competition is currently using the latest SEO tool to help your business be ranked in Google or other main search engines, your company might lose many chances of business. Take note that organic search is the main way to reach closer to promising customers; therefore, the differences between the first and second ranking can cause your company troubles.

Fostering SEO services on Shopify assists in tipping scales in your favorites. Should other companies in your concerned niche currently used SEO in the past, it is, in fact, not too late to focus on better SEO strategies. SEO is a long-term process. If you contain a team that works hard to keep your sites located at the top of the pile, you can emerge as the go-to store for your services or products.

Establish your brand as an authority

If you are searching for any services or products on your favorite search engine, the result of the first page tends to include well-established brand names. It means that those companies are most trusted by people. Also, those are brands that have a good reputation for long-term development. To make your business successful, you have to set up your brand and make it become a trustworthy as well as reputable resource.

Do remember that it is not enough to sell a service or product. Boosting brand awareness and building trust is the most challenging. If Shopify is considered for your store, some SEO services, followed by its upgrades can help your page head to the top of the engine result pages and lend the legitimacy to your stores. With SEO, it can be lonely at the top, but it is a good thing, though.

Create traffic and boost sales

Have you ever thought about what might happens if you open your stores, but nobody knows about it? Will you be strong enough to survive in this competitive and long-term war? There is no doubt that every customer does not equal no sales and that sale gains no profit. In general, you need customers to find your store.

Applying SEO services, along with Shopify can make sense from a strong standpoint. With someone who is seeking a specific service or product, the first thing they need to do is searching for a phrase or keyword. SEO tools can guarantee that your sites are the one that is chosen, which result in promoting sales.

Even if viewers find your store through social media or outlets, they might still go to “google” your shops to make sure it is obviously legitimate. SEO helps boost sales by directing traffic to your sites through organic search. Furthermore, it assists in increasing sales by providing promising customers peace of mind.

Affordable and Effective Marketing

To reach targeted customers is not easy. Advertisement always requests a huge amount of finance, but it is also hard to ensure the success of your campaign. One of the greatest about Shopify SEO service is it is a simple way to bring your brand in front of people who are directly asking for the products or services given by you.

If catching a big net is a traditional way to reach, you will be able to catch more fish if you know where they are. SEO is emphasized to be an incredible and powerful marketing tool to guarantee you can get new customers without depending on techniques such as unsolicited emails or cold calls. People who see your brand are genius people who would like to discover your brand. It is a win-win game for everybody.

Better website functionality

Don’t forget that SEO makes your sites become better. The built-in Shopify SEO services help streamline your sites and improve the loading times to make your sites look responsive on all of the devices. One of the SEO experts and developers says that Shopify SEO tools enable you to do many things, including generating canonical URL tags to prevent duplicate content. They allow you to edit the title tags, URLs, meta descriptions, ALT tags, and file names for images easily.

SEO campaign also helps you remove any unneeded staff. It is such an important thing to take note that the search engine algorithms can craw any aspect of your sites easily and quickly. The bonus is your customers can have a chance to enjoy better browsing experiences.

List of TOP Shopify SEO services

Outer Box Design

Top 5+ Best Shopify SEO services

Having 15 years of experience, Out Box Design concentrates on Shopify SEO services that direct higher rankings, sales, and traffic. Its determination allows itself to apply proven techniques, along with SEO strategies that move the needle for your online shop. Besides, Out Box Design is proud to be a leading Shopify SEO experts with a full in-house team of designers, SEOS, and developers. Outer Box Design aims at proving SEO strategies to help optimize Shopify sites. It guarantees to work for clients and does it for you. You will receive great support from the expert SEO team and it can decide what kind of SEO campaign you need. If you have any question or discussion, you can contact the Outer Box Design supporting team with ease.

Digital Marketing Agency

Top 5+ Best Shopify SEO services

Digital Marketing Agency working experience provides themselves with the knowledge, along with experience to work with big numbers of online stores and brands. It has been cooperating with Shopify stores which have thousands of services and products to get your product listing optimized by using special tools to target and focus on the right keywords to accelerate sales as well as search visibility. As earlier mentioned, the Digital Marketing Agency applies sophisticated techniques to help strengthen your online store’s conversion. It also aids you in understanding the project inside and out.

Furthermore, DMA will display a deep analysis of your competitors to learn the results they are achieving and how they get on with it. With Digital Marketing Agency, the analysis of the on-page factors lets its users customize the experience and optimize the search performance. Digital Marketing Agency provides you with product reviews with positive reviews, becoming a key indicator of a reputable online brand. Also, Digital Marketing Agency helps boost your sales in 12 months and offers insightful and in-depth SEO reports.

OptinMonster SEO service

Top 5+ Best Shopify SEO services

OptinMonster focuses on converting and monetizing your sites’ traffic. It helps grow your email list and provides you with a chance to get more leads as well as boost sales. You can easily follow the steps to help optimize the SEO service given by OptinMonster. It not only contains various templates that are proven to be converted but also reduces the guesswork for you. Besides, OptinMonster aids in personalizing the campaigns that are based on the customers’ attitude to get conversions and sales good maximization. OptinMonster allows you to send traffic to some key pages on your site. All you need to do is to insert a button, customize actions, and track the engagement. If you want to have statistics, OptinMonster helps you compare the split tests and study which kinds of pages that will convert to the best.

Profit Addiction SEO service

Top 5+ Best Shopify SEO services

Profit Addiction is another best Shopify service that you should not miss out on. It starts increasing your store’s exposure by recognizing that your business deserves to be ranked at the top page of Google. Profit addiction can attract new viewers who search for the products as well as services online. The third mission is to observe the development of your stores with new sales of services and products.

In addition to those amazing features from Profit Addiction, it gives you extra surprising services. Profit Addiction users can continue getting more returns on their marketing investments since Profit Addiction will grow its marketing strategies in the future. Monthly reports on your project can include rankings updates or any related industry news to keep you stay informed about important changes or updates. With Profit Addiction, you will not be locked into a long-term contract. Instead, month-to-month contracts are widely offered for the benefits of both sides.

Webfx SEO service

Top 5+ Best Shopify SEO services

Developed by Bill Craig, the president, Webfx is known as one of the most popular digital marketing agencies that help drive results. With Webfx, it has been given a hand to increase website traffic by more than 95 percent. Additionally, Webfx enables us to increase the conversion on your sites by more than 37 percent and foster leads that are generated by more than 60 percent. It assumes that Webfx can measure its client’s success by how much they can wow their customers.


Top 5+ Best Shopify SEO services

Blurbpoint is a full-service digital marketing agency. We strive to create and execute seamless marketing strategies for your company and your eCommerce store to achieve every milestone you desire. We are a team of 100+ marketing professionals, who believe in practicing data-driven marketing methods to drive results for your business.

With years of experience in Shopify SEO services and traditional SEO, we can handle any size of the company and ensure to put your goals above anything. With us, you need not worry about the marketing agency that isn’t familiar with your industry. We discuss, we listen, and we assist you in creating pre-eminent and effective marketing ideas for your business.


We hope that with our complete guide on Top 5+ best Shopify SEO services, you can have a better idea of how SEO services are needed on your business in general and your online store in particular. This post also helps you discover more best Shopify SEO services that you might need for your sites in the up-coming time.

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