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Top 11+ Shopify Blog Templates to Drive Traffic for Your Website

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By Sam Nguyen

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It is widely agreed that the Shopify blog can make it easy for Shopify retailers and customers in many aspects. And, blogging is normally considered as one of the best and lowest-cost ways to generate traffic and sales for your store.

A Shopify blog template, which is no less important, is what can enable store owners to customize the layout of the posts existing on their blog. However, having a customized blog template is not as easy as you imagine, as it requires your certain knowledge of coding.

That’s why I have put together a collection of 11+ blog templates to Drive Traffic for Your Website to help you to find your suitable template or create your own and save your time, but still give your customers pleased experiences.

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Why should you start a blog on Shopify?

Many kinds of businesses choose blogging to be a way to attract long-term audiences. As it is one of the best and lowest-cost ways to generate traffic and sales for your store. On the contrary, there are also more and more bloggers start their businesses as an extension of their publishing.

As you might have already known, a blog is a web page that you can regularly add content to and update it. Unlike other publications and articles, blogs often connect with the audiences deeply in personal aspect. On Shopify, for most eCommerce blogs on this platform, they are free, quick and easy to get started with. Basically, some of the blogging basics, like adding images and video, visual editor, SEO for the title and description, scheduled posts, comments, and tags are all available on Shopify.

In addition to that, when there are more and more stores on Shopify, it is crucial to find a way to make your Shopify store stand out of search engine results pages. Putting keywords that are relevant to your products to their site is certainly a helpful thing to do. So, Blogging is where you can put these keywords in wit context to be outstanding and drive traffic and sales to your business.

There are many reasons for people to start blogs, which are:

  • Giving opinions, passions, or glimpses in lives to others.
  • Instruct other people, and teach others what in their knowledge.
  • Collect and build an email list.
  • Play as an expert to develop their personal brand.
  • Use as a tool to provide their products or services.

11 shopify blog template and example

That’s why having a blog on Shopify is important. However, utilizing a template to create a unique style to attract more visitors is also a challenging task that all merchants should fulfill. You might have to own a broad understanding of coding and complicate technique skills to do it. Creating a customized blog template is necessary, at the same time, challenging. So I also have an article here for you to Create a New Blog Template on Shopify with just some simple steps to reach your goal. Also, if you are still struggling to master this knowledge, there is also a tutorial that will help understand more of How to configure Shopify blog settings?

4 Best Shopify blog templates

1. Shopify blog Template for gift guide post

Having the gift guides in your post is considered to be a great way to remind your audience that the gifting occasion is coming up soon. As when you put that kind of content in your post, it can become a shareable wish list for your audience, and also the thing that is found via search engines by those who can not decide the exact thing to buy.

Also, in this way, your products, along with some ideas that you think your target audience would love, can be included in. But stay near your goal that is to offer a helpful and true list of the kind of gifts that your audience would adore. For this kind of template, you will need:

  • A list of 8 to 12 items that you consider to be perfect as gifts for your target audience. Remember to put some of your products in, like from 1 to 3 products.
  • Each item’s image
  • Each item’s price
  • Each’s item short description and the reason for it to be a great gift for them
  • Each item’s link to buy

Shopify blog Template for gift guide post

Make sure some of these content elements, and you almost complete this goal. Additionally, including a list of products and price points, all aiming for the same niche customer is not a bad idea.

2. Shopify blog Template for How to guide post

Teaching your audience via the How-to kind of blog post is one of your original tool to attract your audiences’ attention. As when they are looking for information about one type of product, and it could be your type. Then there will be something that they could learn from you. It could be how to get a perfect styling look, how to organize their home office or choose the perfect glasses for their face shape.

Shopify blog  Template for How to guide post

In order to do this, first, you need to think about what your audiences care about and how it will work well with your brand. Then, consider what elements that you could utilize to teach them that would be effective for them and how to make them trust you. Also, you can use the SEO research ahead of time to find the topic that people are interested in.

3. Shopify blog Template for Interview post

There is another way that you can use to guarantee that your post gets shared beyond your audience, which is interviewing other people. The most common way is to get experts to talk about their field. This could be so entertaining, at the same time, useful for both you and your audience. Additionally, you don’t have to come up with too many ideas for the post, cause there are other people - the experts, who can generate them.

for starters, you should consider the strategy for your interviews, like what you are going to ask, or what you’re going to ask them. It could be some facts that lie behind the scenes or something that helps by teaching and educating. In order to do this, stay in touch with what your audience currently need, like, and want.

Shopify blog Template for Interview post

On the whole, for this kind of template, you will need:

  • A list of questions
  • A device that is able to record your interviews like voice recording, a pen and paper to take notes, or a computer to do the interview by email.
  • For leveling up the post, consider to insert:
    • Some images of the person that you interviewed
    • Some images or featuring quotations while you are interviewing, which is suitable to share on social media
    • A great place to create images for social media is the Canva website, also, and you can get free stock photos from Burst.

      4. Shopify blog Template for rounds up post

      In some cases, rounding up a list of some good products for a specific occasion is not only a helpful way but also good for your brand. Just think about your ideal customer and find what they especially excited about or having trouble struggling with. Then, your roundup post is going to be a different factor based on your audience and what resources are already out there, but they all follow a similar structure. This kind of content especially works with some fields including fashion, food, technology, beauty products, and so on.

For this kind of template, you will need to have:

  • An introduction to the list like the targets and the purposes of it.
  • A list of all of the resources you are going to add in, like posts or products, for example. And for each resource, you will need:
    • A link available for each resource
    • An image for it.
    • A short description of each.
    • A price for each resource, if applicable

Be sure that your roundup of resources is around a specific theme, or of other great posts from around the internet, and stay close to the format above as this general framework has been proved that it worked. The hardest part of the writing is to own the idea and written down a list of what to include, so focus on it while practicing. Also, it is a smart idea to utilize the roundup post structure to collect your top blog posts from the past year in, or your favorite products from the past or your own best-selling products.

Top 7 Shopify Blog Examples

1. Shopify blog

The very first example is to write the Shopify blog itself as this is quite simple and effective. Specifically, you will be able to input your idea and deliver it in your blog with the flexibility in choosing the system of heading and title. As doing this way, you will be able to add the links of the blog to other popular blog posts to keep the reader stay on the site as long as possible. It is also advisable for you to embed some downloadable content in a prominent box in your blog.

2. Au Lit Fine Linens blog by Shopify

The Au Lit Fine Linens is famous for selling everything referring to furniture that helps you get a good, relaxing night’s sleep, which are luxury sheets, bath linens, pillows for example.

By following this way, you can start by offering helpful articles that instruct your audiences to improve their sleep quality. This method will directly be relevant to both your target audience and the products itself. As a result, users will be attracted to click through and read the content of what is qualified to buy. Additionally, this blog also utilizes a technique that almost many other eCommerce companies choose to follow as they input some sentences that normally get the attention of potential users via Google searches, like “What material is good for my pillow?”.

11 shopify blog template and example

About the structure, this blog brings the information first for users, and then answer the question thoroughly and respectively. If things go right, the audiences will find this helpful instead of something like a sales promotion, then they would be more likely to click and buy the products. Including some pieces of great information to be as a recommendation from a friend or some tips that help users make buying decisions is also a great idea.

On the whole, you should remember to:

  • Stay close to your content to target keywords that users would search for when they make buying decisions.
  • Having multiple destinations on your site to address the different concerns for all types of customers is also a thing that you should think about.
  • Remember not to turn all of your posts into the place that is all about your products.

    3. Thirdlove’s “Unhooked Blog” by Shopify

    This ThirdLove brand focuses on selling bras. One of this site’s strength is to understand clearly about their target market and shows everything in their content.

11 shopify blog template and example

The articles from this site will be every factor that refer to bras, like how to buy them, pick them, know them well, and even fall in love with them. This Blog Style would be extremely effective in some below cases:

  • The case that your customer considers education on the size of your products is important.
  • The case that you have has different types of products, like plunge bra, push up bra, strapless bra, for example.
  • The case that you have some pro tips to share about your products.

    4. Lowe’s blog by Shopify

    The Lowe’s brand has a kind of blog that is Do-it-yourself section in order to let the readers can do it themselves. For example, when they have a blog post: “5 Tools to Make Your Paint Job Easier”, they would input some tricks on how to make things and also some relevant images that refer to the products that they focus on to instruct audience every step of the way.

Some useful ideas are recommended to be provided in this kind of blog. For this brand, they focus on those who prefer to paint their homes themselves, along with the products, help them to get the job done right. Then, the links to buy will be included conveniently on every slide, which makes the customer have the inclining to purchase from Lowe’s.

5. “Squeeze Magazine” from Press by Shopify

This “Squeeze Magazine” from Press brand sells cold-pressed juices and juice cleanses. As a result, they focus on healthy living styles and aim for their audience. They have taken this idea to be a typical blog, and then they transformed it into an online publication called “Squeeze Magazine”.

The blog writes and gives information on every aspect of healthy living including healthy eating, workout clothes, some suggestions for healthy places to eat while traveling, as well as a lot of resources about mindfulness and so on. Healthy eating suggestions topic is focused by providing both general tips and recipes.

11 shopify blog template and example

Consequently, the readers will be more likely to be appealed to visit the site via inbound marketing, and a community around the brand with the audiences who have already subscribed or purchased their products to come back for more. Also, they establish everything to be based on trust by adding some diverse types of content, like videos and interviews with influencers, for example.

On the whole, you should remember to:

  • Not to be scared to go big with your blog, try something like creating a publication to be an extension of your website.
  • Try to prioritize building customer trust; remember to include sources where appropriate.
  • utilize diverse content types and mediums like the interviews with influencers and video content performed via various platforms.

    6. VINEBOX’s blog by Shopify

VineBox is an ecommerce site, which sells the subscriptions to let you taste different wines every month. Knowing that people often have a little knowledge about wine, this blog focuses on teaching the audience in depth about the world of wine.

Not only writing about tasting new wines each month, the creator also aims to create connoisseurs and then entice the visitors to invest in their subscription. To go more in detail, first, VineBox would provide you with a wide variety of knowledge about different wines to make you excited to try. Then, they create a very specific Ask-a-Somm section of their blog to be where the audiences can ask the professional sommeliers for the answers. By doing this way, the current members will be engaged and it also helps them have direct answers from the experts they trust.

11 shopify blog template and example

On the whole, you should remember to:

  • Try to utilize some content to get new customers as well as attracting already-qualified buyers.
  • Spread the expert’s knowledge in a proper way to be accessible to beginners.
  • Consider suggesting your audience to ask questions so as to direct new content and build up relationships from them.
  • Provide some different elements as seen in their art history post.

7. BioLite Energy’s blog by Shopify

BioLite is an eCommerce brand that sells outdoor energy gear goods such as solar panels and camp stoves, for example. Their blog style focuses on both quietly promoting their products and providing value to their readers.

In particular, they have their how-to content stands out in helping them to attract users to the site that they are searching for it and to keep them closed as the blog’s usefulness. Most of their posts are so in-depth in answering every aspect of the potential customers’ questions. Then they will start with their guide like showing you the way to start a fire and provide a troubleshooting section, in case you are struggling as well.

11 shopify blog template and example

Additionally, this blogging style focuses on taking advantage of a distinct brand voice and storytelling so as to build its brand up and then encourage more people to join in on the outdoor fun. Some headlines like “Get to Know Your …”, or “Can You Control Fire With Your Mind?” are usually used. Also, they try to keep the voice in the posts to be conversational and friendly, which makes the customers feel like they are chatting with an old friend. Plus, there is a form of storytelling that begins with stories in order to earn interest from users and make sure that they keep reading.

On the whole, it would be best for this kind of blog for every brand to adapt to their own business. Consider defining your voice and taking advantage of storytelling, and then starting with useful content to make your content stunning. You should also remember to:

  • Focus deeply on answering customer questions for your content, try to anticipate further questions that they might have, and then guarantee only you can provide them the unique resource for a solution.
  • Behind-the-scenes storytelling is a great way to capture user interest and create an emotional connection.
  • Try to create your own distinct voice to bring your blog and its content separate from your competitors.

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In conclusion, blogging is a potential method to be utilized to build your brand, get more email subscribers, or get better relationships with potential customers, as well as increase sales. These benefits will only exist if you are able to implement it correctly and consistently. You will need to examine your eCommerce blog from many different industries, target your own different audiences, and find an appropriate way that works well to approach them.

I have presented you with my Top 11+ Shopify blog templates list that can help you to drive traffic to your website. And you now have plenty of inspiring material to form your own blogging style. However, if you are still struggling, we understand it. That’s why we always have our support team available here for you to answer every question from you about this matter.

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Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.

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