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Dropship Spy Review: Is It Worth To Buy?

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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

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If you are searching for reviews about Dropship Spy, this post will help. With real experience, AVADA will introduce this dropshipping tool.

It is a difficult task to find the right items for sale at your shop. Occasionally, it may be a mistake to sell the items we think are fit in our shops. We may end up digging deeper into our wallets investing in those goods we believe in having the greatest potential, only to disappoint us in the long run.

Yet there are of champion goods out there. Some items could take your store to a whole new stage. Although they are difficult to classify, some methods make the entire process simple and effective.

One of those methods is using the Dropship Spy. We would like to concentrate on it in this article. We’re analyzing the tool so that you can discover what you’d like to know about it.

What is the Dropship Spy?

What is the Dropship Spy?
What is the Dropship Spy?

For starters, Dropship Spy provides shop owners with the best items that are ideal for sale in their shops. This brings to light the efficiency of various products purchased online. Aside from its item recommendations, there are many other features the tool provides to help you manage your e-commerce shop more easily and effectively.

Everyone wants to get the specific service they are searching for with several membership tiers available. This is one of the apps that any online retailer will und want to have in place to make the right choices about the product.

In the first place, however, some sections argue about the utility of the tool. That’s why we want to review it honestly so that you can know what the tool can support you and what it can’t. For this analysis, you’ll be deciding whether you’d like to invest in it or not.

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Pros and Cons of Dropship Spy

Pros of Dropship Spy

  • Provide data on Promising Items and Winning Items.
  • Offer Facebook Ads Advanced Targeting Lists.
  • Spy on Facebook Ads.
  • Allow you do Instagram Influencer Marketing by giving useful data.
  • Offer Spy Data Request Staff on not yet listed products and niches.
  • Integrate with Shopify.
  • Provide help with Dropship Spy Forum.
  • Download reviews from a website called 4 Major Ecom.
  • The price is cheap.

Cons of Dropship Spy

  • A limited quantity of Shopify shops is indexed.
  • Both Store Spy and Store Search features are in Beta Testing mode.

The complete Dropship Spy review

Dropship Spy – Interface

Dropship Spy – Interface
Dropship Spy – Interface

The user interface of Dropship Spy is truly amazing. You sign in and are directed to the homepage, where you work through the different functions and methods. Both of these are actually listed on the navigation tab, and each tab takes you to the corresponding page, which is indeed clearly laid out.

Dropship Spy - Product finder

Dropship Spy is fundamentally a service for product finder. It collects all the new items worth selling in your online shop and brings you plenty of useful marketing details to accompany every item. Thanks to this, shop owners are doing far less research on goods and their analytics.

Winning products

The Winning Items category is Dropship Spy’s bread and butter service. Here you can find all the new items the business has monitored, which are doing well across different metrics. The product finder has a wide range of items, hitting almost every niche you might think of, so it’s helpful to determine just about everything you would like to sell on your online store.

Winning goods are products that currently sell high, which makes them an appropriate profit-making option. Occasionally, however, these have already peaked in terms of revenue, particularly with more people jumping on them, but still, it’s amazing to find all kinds of stuff to sell.

Promising products

The second product finder Dropship Spy provides is promising products. Apart from winning products, these are still to-be-considered hot sellers but are increasingly high with plenty of potential for good selling. This section has more potential to produce higher profits.

Both product finders give online sellers plenty of great product selections. Deciding and selecting from each section is possibly the best way for success, but in any case, the features are really helpful.

Dropship Spy - Product Information and Analytics

When you choose an item from one of the products, you get a lot of valuable information, making it much easier to decide whether it is worth purchasing and selling. Based on this info, almost all of the guesswork is eliminated from the purchase and sale of products.

You get plenty of up-to-date information about products. They are performing on social networking sites, allowing you to select the best items for your shop to market. There are many details to reveal, and some of these widgets are not included in all price options, which we will discuss more thoroughly in the section on pricing.

Supplier Information

This section provides you with details about every single item’s current suppliers. You can pick from a selection of various supplier links, each with information such as product rating, feedback score, amount sold, product prices, shipping fees, number of reviews, etc.

Also, there is information on future costs and revenues to be made from the selling of such goods. Note, these are focused on the proprietary rates of each manufacturer, so the prices are not assured, but it saves time and energy to make those estimates yourself.

Dropship Spy picks only the best suppliers to supply goods, which is beneficial because it takes a great deal of time and energy to deliver those items to your own manufacturer.

Engagement rating

On the engagement score calculator, each item on Dropship Spy comes with a commitment ranking. This is essential data on the success of the company through social media, offering Facebook details such as likes, comments, and shares.

It is useful for determining whether a product is going viral or doing well on social media platforms. Retailers may use this data to pick the best items on which to create a campaign on Facebook.

Free advertising info

Another great feature of Dropship Spy is their free info for ads. This is essentially free videos and copies to use on social media and websites, which means you don’t have to concern about creating any engaging copies or product reviews as Dropship Spy offers templates free of charge.

The videos are especially valuable because they are created by Dropship Spy, meaning there is no chance of being removed from your Facebook Ad account. Considering how well ad campaigns do with Facebook videos, it’s a brilliant feature that makes advertising so much easier.

Sales reports on eBay and Amazon

Dropship Spy offers access to sales data on both eBay and Amazon, to help understand how well goods are selling. This is a fairly new innovation which is also helping with market research.

Facebook Audience Builder

This widget is unique to Dropship Spy and especially helpful for people who are making their first attempt at advertising campaigns on Facebook because it can create effective advertising for each item on Facebook by providing recommendations for similar interests.

For example, suppose you buy a beauty product. In that case, Facebook offers you recommendations for similar interests to help you target a niche audience easier, such as shops, magazines, public figures, websites, communities, and associated brands within each niche.

This is so incredibly useful to establish specific Facebook target audiences. There are different categories to help create markets for any item you can offer, reducing most of the market analysis you need when trying to plan your advertising campaigns from scratch.

Influencer database

Facebook isn’t the only social media site that Dropship Spy allows you to use for product marketing. Those engaged in using marketing strategies for enhancing Instagram can use the Influencer Database to look for potential candidates to promote the goods.

Instagram influencers are a profitable investment for ads in many circumstances, particularly when you also have all the helpful information that Dropship Spy presents on the Influencer Search. It provides information about commitment ratings, their number of followers, and average interaction information (number of likes and comments).

More than that, you get data about each service’s price. So you can determine whether the influencer is worth investing in or not by combining all the information. Also, Dropship Spy helps you do just more marketing research, allowing you to spend more time running other aspects of the company.

Product reviews

Nothing creates consumer trust in the items but a positive review. You can add reviews of the products and services you offer from AliExpress and Amazon with Dropship Spy’s product review downloader and add them to your website.

Feedback is an often ignored aspect of effective marketing because a product with no feedback appears to create concerns in certain buyers’ minds. The more customer feedback, the simpler it is to purchase with confidence for consumers, and this is a valuable feature worth taking advantage of.

It could not be simpler to add these reviews either, just download the corresponding reviews and then add them to your e-commerce website using the CSV format.


Eventually, requests can be made directly to Dropship Spy to assist with the marketing efforts. It includes ads for popular goods, focused on Facebook, and influencers on Instagram. Requests are very helpful for those interested in selling niche goods, but Dropship Spy lacks sufficient knowledge.

Essentially, you’re asking them on your behalf to help with the more niche items, and people might be struggling with target markets.

Dropship Spy - Pricing

Dropship Spy provides you with only one option which is the best for you.

Professional Plan Membership – $20 per month

Dropship Spy - Pricing
Dropship Spy - Pricing

Professional Plan Membership unlocks all of a Dropship Spy’s ability. With this plan, you are getting a detailed package of what Dropship Spy has for you in-store.

Aspects specific to the program include:

  • Product Requests.
  • Instagram Influencer Database.
  • Influencer Requests.
  • Review Downloaders.
  • Facebook Audience Requests.

These features are ideal for those controlling social media or those willing to become influencers.

Common questions about Dropship Spy

How can you search for winning products?

Dropship Spy’s teams are qualified to use their innovative in-house resources that provide users with elite and confidential product knowledge over the Internet. Users can control, track, and research items until they find a great item that blends in with promising products or winning ones.

Can I cancel anytime?

It’s totally up to you! You are completely in charge of your membership. After you have signed in, you can cancel at any time by tapping the account button. You can even get your subscription suspended. It will interrupt your billing, which you will be able to restart later.

Do I need a Shopify account?

No, Dropship Spy can be used on any eCommerce website. All the information Dropship Spy provides is usable and digital as you wish. It integrates a lot of processes with Shopify that automates.

How do I add goods to my website?

It depends on which each platform you are using. Then, follow the tutorials and guidance on how to do this on your platforms. You can just download and copy all you need to get the details and items from Dropship Spy’s website.

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Final thought: Is it worth to buy Dropship Spy?

Above all, Dropship Spy is an excellent tool and anyone who wants to run an e-commerce shop should take this app into consideration.

Yet the question is whether you should invest your effort and money on it or not?

Actually, we feel investing in Dropship Spy is safe. If you can dig into it, you can benefit from many things from the app. However, the amount you can invest here depends on the scale of your online shop, and the particular needs you are dealing with.

Thanks for reading AVADA’s review about Dropship Spy. I do hope you find something useful to help you determine it’s worth buying or not.

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.