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15+ Best Amazon Review Checkers - Detect Fake Reviews in 2024

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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

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Nowadays, on any online platform, most of the customers search for product reviews before deciding to buy the product or not. Therefore, reviews from customers are very influential. On the Amazon platform, a smart entrepreneur should not undermine the importance of reviews.

Fake reviews pop up, however. But luckily, there is an Amazon Review Checker that helps customers to distinguish the fake reviews and real ones. In this article, we will get to know 15+ Best Amazon Review Checkers. Now, let’s dig into the details right now.

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What is an Amazon Review Checker?

What is an Amazon Review Checker
What is an Amazon Review Checker

Amazon has large customers of 4.5 billion and accounts for 70 percent of online shopping in the United States alone. With that many transactions occurring each day, millions of new reviews are supposed to appear every day.

Amazon review checkers are created to help buyers and sellers differentiate fake reviews from real reviews and offer a better shopping experience for customers. The task is massive, and it is impossible to tackle it manually. Thus, Amazon review checkers produce reports based on published reviews.

Also, verified sales are not a reliable indicator of the qualities of a product, with the development of fake review buying. The review checkers examine all aspects of a review to recognize whether it originates from a legitimate customer or has been raised by a suspicious user. The purpose is to extract as much data as possible and to show a hypothesis on the review’s reliability.

Even though review checkers are not 100 percent precise, they help users realize the overall review reliability.

Why do you need an Amazon review checker?

Reviews are important

Reviews provide Market Intelligence

Reviews provide Market Intelligence
Reviews provide Market Intelligence

Selling on the Amazon platform needs extensive investigation. You will need to evaluate current products’ product reviews to determine what your customers want from the product if you plan to introduce new ones.

With the Amazon review analyzer tool, you can figure out your customers’ buying interests and pain points, which will help you during your new product launching.

Customers love reviews

Customers love reviews
Customers love reviews

In the last few years, consumer tastes have shifted rapidly. Updates on social media, product reviews, and price comparisons have become the standard of our everyday lives. The fact that customers love product reviews have become the main reason sellers will level up their online review strategy.

Use an Amazon Review Checker to Help Buyers with Their Purchases

Use an Amazon Review Checker to Help Buyers with Their Purchases
Use an Amazon Review Checker to Help Buyers with Their Purchases

Product reviews are a vital component for all-sizes brands and sellers; they are your brands’ online reputation. Reviews are also an essential resource for customer service provided that you know what someone has said. Now, enters the tracking feature for the product review.

Feedback Genius can easily become the core of your customer support operations on Amazon. The main reason for this is that every account contains tracking for two items in the US marketplace.

When product review tracking has been enabled, and your products have synced, you can see all of your product reviews: both new and old. You can step up and allow for notifications of negative reviews for reviews with three stars and below. Once a negative or neutral review is submitted, these notifications will be sent as an email and/or text message.

Good product reviews boost brand visibility and ranking

Good product reviews boost brand visibility and ranking
Good product reviews boost brand visibility and ranking

The brand of a seller is described as the product list in their catalog.

Sellers with a wide range of products will have a tremendous potential to develop positive reviews if they fulfill customer expectations. Maintaining good reviews on Amazon and off Amazon will enhance brand awareness and visibility.

Meanwhile, the user-generated content has gained popularity in recent years. Customers are reading reviews and buying your product; thus, your product’s sales and conversion rate will increase. So, good feedback is improving your organic traffic. Amazon customer reviews, social media platforms, and other platforms are also gaining significant attention. This not only boosts the visibility of your product but also strengthens your reliability. Customer reviews, in other words, function as a fantastic marketing tool for your products.

Why Do You Need an Amazon Review Checker?

In addition to the above points, sellers have to concentrate on customer satisfaction to enhance their business. It is one of the main criteria sellers need to comprehend. Satisfied customers are leaving positive reviews on Amazon. You need to handle the negative feedback, though. In this case, an Amazon review checker to the rescue!

Negative reviews harm your sales and ranking of products and hurt your business. Hence, with the aid of an Amazon review analyzer or review of the checker tool, you have to monitor your reviews. By tracking negative feedback, you can realize why the customer is disappointed or what their pain points are. This simplifies the problem, and its customer satisfaction improves. It will potentially convert a negative review into a positive one.

15+ Best Amazon Review Checkers

1. The AMZ Finder

The AMZ Finder
The AMZ Finder

This application performs several functions aimed at the identification and handling of negative reviews. It automatically compares reviews against their respective orders and allows sellers to contact buyers to eliminate negative reviews from all places directly.

AMZ Finder has a clear interface, which shows the most crucial information from experienced users. Every day, the AMZ Finder creates an email report and matching orders for prompt tracking and handling of negative reviews.

2. Merch Check

Merch Check
Merch Check

Merch Check is a chrome extension that lets you check word and phrase copyrights. The typed terms or phrases are verified automatically against the uspto.gov (TESS) database of legally registered trademarks.

Any review was written and accurate marking of your products will be spotted rapidly and action will be taken to find out if it is copy-paste or your duplicated trademark used on the product of another corporation.

3. Fakespot


Fakespot is one of the world’s most popular and freely-used Amazon review checkers. With the ability to assess product reviews at such short notice, Fakespot technology will, in a short time analyze millions of product reviews seeking for dubious and prompted reviews.

It uses artificial intelligence to evaluate the most acceptable review to create real a reliable website and the products listed therein. True favorable reviews are more likely to boost sales volume. Fakespot is user friendly and gratis.

4. ReviewMeta

ReviewMeta is an independent free to use Amazon review checker sit that helps consumers understand all about reviews. Importantly, it helps identity’s’ fake and negative reviews that are ill-bent to ruin your reputation.

ReviewMeta uses a statistical modeling technique to run statistical tests to identify the variance of the discrepancies between the review ratings. The data to be analyzed is gathered either from Amazon or Bodybuilding.com and then run through the analyzer. A report is then generated and displayed in a manner that is easily understood by everybody.

5. The Review Index

The Review Index
The Review Index

The Review Index utilizes Neural Networks to track and quantify recurring patterns of review. This application will evaluate thousands of reviews and record them in one minute. It needs only a copy-past product or review URL into the Review Index bar and then summarizes within a second, it is the simplest application. This fantastic free tool is a must-try and must-have.

6. CamelCamelCamel


This tool only works for Amazon-affiliated companies and products. They are also widely acknowledged for tracking product prices and warning you when product prices go down. Besides, they also possess another free tracker of hotel prices to understand the prices of the different prices sold.

7. Product Review Monitoring

Product Review Monitoring

Established in 2016, ReviewMonitoring recognized that business owners have to always listen carefully to their customers to develop this review checker. Its main goal has consistently been to automate consumer feedback or reviews and evaluates to provide good answers on all the problems stemming from this feedbacks.

8. Helium 10 Chrome Extension

Helium 10 Chrome Extension
Helium 10 Chrome Extension

You will be profoundly impressed with its incredible speed and 5-time saving tools as below:

  • Xray- Powerful, advanced, and fast Amazon product research feature
  • ASIN Grabber- creating a quick snapshot of estimated data
  • Profitability Calculator- speedy calculation your estimated profits
  • Inventory Levels- spying the inventory levels of your competitors
  • Review Downloader- Classify and export the product of competitors and create a better item.

9. AMZ Alert

AMZ Alert

AMZAlert considers any star rating within 1-3 as a negative review because it can badly affect your customers’ purchasing decision. You can monitor all reviews, star rating changes, and new feedback anywhere with AMZAlert’s Amazons review monitoring tool.

While Amazon is unwilling to remove fake or negative reviews, it regularly erases them to your advantage or disadvantage. The Amazons email alert notification on any published review allows you to immediately react to negative reviews; thus, you can boost your business rankings.

10. SellerWit


SellerWit.com is a community of brilliant software developers concentrating on the development of modules that allow for intelligent online selling. This review checker tool lets you track any bad reviews or positive ones left on your account by enabling email updates right after they are posted.

Moreover, SellerWit enables users to collect all the details regarding when the product was bought, any returns (if any), and when the original sale was created. It provides a better analysis of negative or positive feedback.

11. AMZ Reviews Tracker

AMZ Review Tracker
AMZ Reviews Tracker

All of these apps are designed to help react to any negative reviews and increase ratings. There is also an AMZ Review Tracker to help you to do that. It is vital to enable alerts on the available features to instantly address your customer problems and increase your ranking. It is commonly used by Amazon’s biggest marketplaces, thanks to its reliability.

12. FeedCheck.co


The mission of FeedCheck.co is to connect brands to their product ratings and feedback at any platform. This Amazon review checker tool helps you to work inside every level of the company with reliable reviews. Some dominant companies like Samsung, P&G, EPSON, and Kinsa, depend heavily on this amazing tool.

Competitor review of FeedChecks provides insight into recovery, and comprehensive reporting with data and text evaluation allows you to spy on your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. The alert feature enables you to receive notification of ongoing reviews and questions. It can help boost your conversion rate.

13. Appbot


The Appbot tool for tracking reviews on I-tunes, Google, and Amazon was developed. Appbot automatically groups the reviews based on your custom categories to provide a better analysis of all the reviews on your website.

The Appbot uses the Google Play review API and iOS app review to provide flexibility in tracking, monitoring, and reporting your online store. It gathers all of your platform’s reviews into one source. To track any negative review better, Appbot enables you to generate alerts about any change in your star rating, review volume, and sense.

14. bqool


Bqool lets you collect and group all feedback from the last 90 days on your products. You can have an option to set up an alert notification to be informed of any posted review about your product and brand.

In some circumstances, if you provide a prompt and suitable response to your customers, negative reviews can be an edge for your business.
Hence, it is crucial to get the most out of this application’s automated email feature to react quickly to any questions presented.

15. The Hoth

The Hoth
The Hoth

This is a free review and management tool that allows you to evaluate all of your platform’s reviews. Besides, The Hoth is also a fantastic SEO tool to help rate your website by making it a desirable review analysis tool. To protect your business’s reputation, you can use The Hoth software to boost reviews and track every review.

How do you know if an Amazon review is real?

In reality, before deciding to purchase a product, a majority of online customers read product reviews. As a lot of fake reviews pop up online, you should check out for their clear signs including:

  • There were many good comments found in a short period, mostly using similar words and phrases. Chances are that the reviewers are paid, professional writers.
  • Plenty of feedback with photos either identical or very similar
  • Negative comparison with the product of a competitor
  • Many 5-star reviews with incredibly short content. Because usually when someone is happy enough to leave a 5-star review, they will not hesitate to enthusiastically talk about the product in detail
  • Positive reviews are positive but lack of details on features, ease of use, and many more.
  • The full name of the product is prevalently used.
  • Uncommon use of vocabulary that can imply an effort to use keywords for SEO purposes
  • Reviews that excessively applaud the product
  • The review is created by someone who continuously leaves only 5-star reviews
  • A positive review published on or shortly after the date of listing
  • Reviews that are not connected to a ‘verified’ purchase, implying that the reviewer may not have even bought the item
  • Many other reviews use the same terminology and citing the same advantages. A fake reviewer is prone to copy-paste the comment on some products.
  • Little or no ranking or review history, which means that an Amazon account was opened solely leaving reviews for the product(s) of that seller
  • Different versions of wording, particularly in numbers, abbreviations, and SI units.
  • A majority of the reviews on that product are 5 stars, you ought to be suspicious because not everyone has the same taste and preference.


In conclusion, reviews on Amazon are a fantastic marketing tool because they affect your customers’ purchasing decisions. Therefore, paying close intention to the reviews you get is crucial. This is where an Amazon review checker comes to take care of this task. We have also revealed to you 15+ Best Amazon Review Checkers for you to track reviews. Besides, we mentioned some tips for you to spot fake reviews on this platform. We hope that from this article, you will have proper strategies to create excellent Amazon product reviews.

Furthermore, as you have known the power of Amazon-a dominant platform, you should progress to optimize Amazon listing. For further information, you can check out our post: Amazon Listing Optimization Guide. There will be a step-by-step guide for you to follow and apply it to your online strategies.

If you find this article helpful, don’t hesitate to share it with your social media. Please let us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns; we are always ready to hear from you.

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.