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Alidropship Reviews: Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons

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By Sam Nguyen

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Dropshipping has been growing to be a popular business model in recent years due to its low initial investment; some even call it the ideal business model. However, it’s not entirely the case though – like any good business model, it takes a lot of time and effort to make your dropshipping business succeed. But often you come across tools and plugins that make the process even simpler. AliDropship is one of those tools that has surprised and pleased dropshippers around the world.

In this AliDropship review, I’m going to address everything you need to know about this tool so that at the end of this, you can make an informed decision on whether or not to invest in this app. Now let’s jump right into the details!

What is the AliDropship Plugin?


AliDropship is an extension that helps streamline (or add) the dropshipping functionality to your eCommerce store. The plugin provides access to thousands of AliExpress products and comes with tons of powerful features across the board: from automation to marketing, from management to fulfillment and everything else in between.

Is AliDropship owned by Alibaba?

AliDropship is a plugin that operates exclusively with AliExpress, which is part of the Alibaba ecosystem. However, AliDropship is owned by Sunshine Digital Marketing LLC and AliDropship makes it clear that although they have collaborated extensively with the Alibaba group to “build the best AliDropship plugin,” the Chinese giant does not own it.

Alidropship Features Review

AliDropship Review
AliDropship Review

There are a handful of great features that come with the AliDropship plugin, and some might even claim that the custom-built store is also a feature. In any case, we’re going to dig into both, concentrating on the functionality of the plugin offered. First of all, seamless WordPress integration is perfect for anyone looking to streamline their dropshipping business. There’s no need to work with codes or get developers involved — you can add drop-shipping features to your store with a single click.

Alidropship Automation

AliDropship Automation
AliDropship Automation

Almost every task is automated by AliDropship, from order fulfillment to pricing, searching, and importing items. This is great for several reasons: sellers don’t have time to think about these things, particularly when it comes to searching for AliExpress potential products to sell. These features help AliDropship stay competitive with likes such as Oberlo and Dropified in the dropshipping landscape. Let’s dive deeper into the following automation features:

  • Browse and import goods. You can use smart filters to find the exact items you are searching for.
  • ePacket shipping. Find goods that ship quicker and free of charge, with the ePacket shipping filter.
  • Automation pricing. Use the advanced markup feature, which lets you automatically apply prices to all your items.
  • Auto Order Fulfillment. Confirm your orders with a single click and AliExpress will handle the rest.
  • Auto-tracking. Alidropship updates your order status in real-time and sends tracking details to your customers.

Alidropship Customization: products, themes, and more

When it comes to customization, AliDropship ensures that everything is covered. You will find AliDropship themes designed for a plugin that is easy to build and customize. There are options for editing product details and even images before you import them to your shop. Using the built-in Image Editor, you can make adjustments to the product images you import from AliExpress on your WordPress dashboard. Alidropship also has no limit on the number of items you can sell in your store and offers a wide range of goods and suppliers to choose from. This way, consumers will have 100% control over the look and feel of their shop, even when they’re using the existing content.

Alidropship Marketing features

AliDropship features
AliDropship features

Alidropship’s marketing features may seem basic, but they are a must-have for any eCommerce platform. Sometimes, these features are missed by other providers, but AliDropship ensures that users have all the resources they need to build, run, and expand their business. Users can use the built-in discount codes to run promotions in their store, improve their rating with SEO optimized product title tags, and create their email list by collecting emails from visitors and paying customers. There’s also an abandoned built-in cart feature that will track down shoppers who haven’t completed their order.

Alidropship Add-ons

Alidropship add-ons
Alidropship add-ons

Besides the built-in functionality, WordPress and AliDropship work well with a range of extensions; from marketing tools like the countdown timer, designed to arouse fear of missing out, to Google Merchant, which puts the goods in front of eCommerce shoppers on the Google Shopping page. There’s a handful of plugins that are going to meet the need.

Alidropship Store management

AliDropship store management
AliDropship store management

The AliDropship plugin comes with some fantastic management features. Users can track their inventory closely in one location. Auto product update avoids any out-of-stock purchases, and sellers can monitor traffic, sales, inventory using the AliDropship dashboard. There is also a chance to earn up to 12 percent cash back for each order, in addition to your revenue. There are more than 20 payment gateways to choose from, including PayPal, Stripe, PayU, and many more. All in all, handling your AliDropship drop-in company is simpler than ever.

Alidropship Dashboard

AliDropship dashboard
AliDropship dashboard

Let’s take a deep dive into the WordPress AliDropship plugin while analyzing it. As you can see first of all in the AliDropship dashboard, you’ll see statistics from your store, such as how many orders you’ve got today, your sales, the items you’ve written. Traffic and sales statistics. This simple review will give you fast insight into the overall output of your business performance.

AliDropship dashboard
AliDropship dashboard

If you’re familiar with the WordPress dashboard, you’re sure to master the Alidropship easily as it’s almost the same. The “Products” section really reminds me of the “Posts” tab in WordPress, you can press the product and get the product editing page that you can do with filtering, bulk actions as well as everything else that helps you to easily find and edit what you need.

AliDropship dashboard
AliDropship dashboard

You can easily see all the orders in the orders tab. You may filter them by date, payment status, and fulfillment status. Several very useful choices are bulk email export, all emails are exported from orders and you can use them later for marketing purposes, and bulk order export to your computer. This feature is very useful for accounting, as you can clip it to your weekly, quarterly, or annual reporting, and manage data for your future business plans.

AliDropship Pricing

AliDropship pricing
AliDropship pricing

It’s a pity that AliDropship is not offering a free trial. You can see a preview, but you don’t have the option to take a trip on the AliDropship plugin until you commit to paying the full $89. It is a one-off charge that allows users access to all of the functionality discussed above. It does not contain any hosting costs or domain costs. If you’re serious about building a dropshipping business, AliDropship is a great choice because it’s the most economical option out there. The competition charges a monthly fee, which easily adds up.

How to get started with AliDropship?

It’s simple and quick to get started with Alidropship. Considering you’ve done your market study, found your niche, and are ready to start putting it to work, there’s plenty of tools on the AliDropship Knowledge Base website to support. Assuming you are opting for the AliDropship feature, here are 10 steps to get started with AliDropship:

  1. Purchase the AliDropship plugin.
  2. Get your domain and hosting (you can purchase an AliDropship plugin that is tailored for all your dropshipping needs).
  3. Download the AliDropship plugin in your WordPress account (with a single click).
  4. Customize the website theme and make sure it is compatible with the AliDropship plugin (only built-in WordPress themes are compatible).
  5. Set up your price formula: set your ideal price formula in the AliDropship settings, and it can be applied to all of your goods automatically. It may be x2, x3, or x4 the base price you pay, or you can simply select the “Add recommended” option if you are not sure.
  6. Set up payment gateways: PayPal, Stripe, or others.
  7. Use the license key you got with your plugin purchase to activate your license.
  8. Install the AliDropship Chrome extension to import items to your shop.
  9. Find products manually or with the Dropship.me plugin that pulls all the best-selling products from AliExpress.
  10. Import items to your store, modify descriptions as you see fit, and publish them to sell.

AliDropship Custom-Store Builder Review

Alidropship Store Builder
Alidropship Store Builder

Although the AliDropship plugin is exclusive to WordPress, there is an option to purchase a custom store that comes with AliDropship capabilities. This is perfect for those who are less tech-savvy and don’t want to get bogged down by technical issues. There are three different bundles to choose from at different price points, and the more you spend, the more money you get. But that’s how it works:

  • Choose the kit that best suits your needs.
  • Order the custom store template
  • You will be contacted by a personal support rep to start building your store
  • The team is creating a premium drop shipping store for you
  • You’re able to start importing and selling goods right away.

Plans start at $299 a year and go all the way to $899, and that doesn’t include hosting costs. You will get niche analysis, custom domain, mobile-responsive design, AliExpress cashback, and the AliDropship plugin with all plans. Is this investment worth it? Yes and no. The money you’d pay here is not for the actual features, as you just need to spend $89 on the AliDropship plugin to get access to those features.

Here you’re basically paying for someone to create your store for you. If you don’t have any technical skills and end up hiring a developer to build a website for you anyway, you may as well let the AliDropship experts do it for you. However, if you’ve got the skills, just go for the plugin. It’s much more cost-effective and gives you far more control over the look and feel of your store.

AliDropship vs. other apps


Aliplugin vs. AliDropship

Aliplugin is not intended for dedicated dropshipping businesses, but rather for those who want to make money through the AliExpress affiliate program. The Aliplugin will fill your WordPress store with AliExpress items, but once the customer clicks to buy, they will be directed to the AliExpress website to complete the order. If the transaction is completed by the buyers, you will earn a percentage of the sale.

The profit margins are slim, and conversion issues need to be considered, but this may be another excellent business concept that does not require a substantial upfront investment. With AliDropship, however, you have the luxury of having your own store, setting your own profit margins, and knowing exactly how much you’re selling and producing. Yes, Aliplugin eliminates the element of customer service, but it also restricts your earnings. If you want to build a brand, then AliDropship is definitely the best choice here.

AliDropship vs. Woodropship

WooDropship is a Dropshipping plugin for WooCommerce that allows sellers to import and sell AliExpress goods. You can take a look at the WooDropship review by KasaReviews. Like AliDropship, it automates ordering and pricing and provides three monthly subscription plans. Plans start at $14 per month and can go up to $49 per month. The more you spend, of course, the more features you get. For instance, with the starter plan, you can import 3,000 products, with the most expensive plan you can import 60,000 products. In comparison, you can import an infinite number of goods with AliDropship.

WooDropship offers a free 7-day trial which can be a perfect deal if you want to test the water before you make a decision, while AliDropship doesn’t. WooDropship could be a more appealing option for beginners, as the starting price is much lower and less daunting. WooCommerce, however, lacks the marketing, management, and automation functionality that AliDropship has. It’s not just about goods when it comes to drop-shipping; it’s also about the tools you need to market and sell them.

Is AliDropship worth it?

So Does the AliDropship plugin deserve the hype? Yes is the short answer. It comes with an incredible set of features designed to help you develop, run, and grow your dropship business. From smooth integration to thoughtful pricing automation, there are features that support those with the least amount of digital experience.

Direct access to thousands of items on AliExpress and 100 percent leverage over your store and platform is an irresistible offer. Although there’s no free trial for the app, you shouldn’t need one. And as soon as you start to drop with AliDropship, you’ll never want to go back.

Final Words

To sum it all up, the AliDropship plugin is an excellent investment if you’re in the dropshipping business. It greatly reduces the time you spend adding items to your store so that you can use it for more profitable tasks. The user interface is also very intuitive and simple to use, and even though the Chrome extension is a bit of manual operation. It’s also a lot better than adding items without it.

Only bear in mind that even though you’ve imported your products, you do need to update product titles to make them exclusive and more readable. Some of the AliExpress product names are very odd. Also, make sure you double-check the product photos because some of them have watermarks from the AliExpress store where they were taken.

You’ll need to modify those to make your site more professional because you don’t want to advertise other stores where your customers can purchase products at a much cheaper price. These are the things that you have to perform manually because the plugin just can’t do anything about it. Also, their refund policy is not currently written on their sales page, but as I know they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee so in case the plugin is unable to fulfill your standards, just ask for a refund and you’ll get your money back.

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I hope this article has given you valuable information about the Alidropship plugin. Please feel free to leave comments below for a further discussion on this topic.

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