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How to connect my BigCommerce to Facebook shop?

Last updated: April 01, 2024
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BigCommerce is outstanding in the eCommerce industry for providing such useful tools and integrations for its users. In front of social media platforms’ success, it is a challenge for BigCommerce to ignore them. Taking advantage of this, BigCommerce has developed a brand new tool allowing its customers to connect their store with other social networks. And the first one to be represented was BigCommerce Facebook Shop Integration.

In this article, we will take a deep insight into the definition, the functions of BigCommerce Facebook Shop integration, along with its various merits and of course, we can not skip through steps to connect your BigCommerce store with Facebook Shop.

What is BigCommerce Facebook Shop integration?

Facebook is currently considered one of the most powerful social media platforms across the globe. Apart from providing its users with a society where they can communicate with their friends, share interests and perspectives, Facebook also allows online merchants to widen their businesses. Since the day it was born, it is stated that thousands of Facebook users have bought and sold items. For this reason, Facebook is not only a famous social media but also becomes a crowded marketplace.

Seeing this opportunity, BigCommerce has designed a specific integrated tool called BigCommerce Facebook Shop to help their customers connect their BigCommerce business with Facebook Shop quickly and effectively.

Facebook Shop is a function introduced by BigCommerce not so long ago. Your followers on this social network can easily look for an item and buy them directly from this platform instead of switching back and forth to your website and scrolling through the feed one more time. With BigCommerce Facebook Shop integration, you can update your inventory and product status simultaneously, too.

There are reasons behind the popularity of BigCommerce Facebook Shop integration among online retailers. Keep reading to figure them out!

Why should you integrate your BigCommerce business with Facebook Shop?

1. Evaluating your website traffic

It has been proven that people tend to immediately check out their preferred products on the platform that they see them. Integrating BigCommerce with Facebook Shop will attract them to access your official website for a better look into your item and other related products. And obviously, the higher visitors you gain, the faster your profits increase. Feeling fascinated already, why not start up your BigCommerce Facebook Shop integration now?

2. Time-saving setting up process

Within a few steps, BigCommerce users can rapidly get their online store connected with one of the biggest social networks - Facebook through BigCommerce Facebook Shop integration. The detailed steps will be informed in the later part of this article.

3. Convenient showcase

Selling your products on Facebook can help you to have the possibility to reach out to brand new consumers. Once they get to view your items on their newsfeed, there is a higher chance that they will click on the post or go to your site for further information related to the product. This is the same meaning as your sales are going to rise!

4. Other fantastic features

BigCommerce Facebook Shop integration will offer you the opportunity to distribute your product into different categories just like what you did with your original website or even exclusive collections. Another important thing in using BigCommerce Facebook Shop integration is how your potential customers can “Subscribe” to your page and get notified of upcoming products, promotions, events, or every post that you have updated.

All of your orders and information about your customers will be transferred to the control panel section of your BigCommerce homepage, where you can keep track and manage them more easily. Your brand’s navigation bar can also be added a big button called “Shop” and the “Shop Now” button at the top of your Facebook Page so that the first thing that catches customers’ eyes are them!

Tutorials to BigCommerce Facebook Shop integration

If you have already acknowledged the definition and the functionality of BigCommerce Facebook Shop integration, its benefits are waiting to use for your online business. Here it is, the easiest way to connect your BigCommerce store with Facebook Shop:

1. Review the requirements

Before officially integrating your BigCommerce business with Facebook Shop, it is necessary to create a distinct Facebook business account for your brand. The first step is to sign in to your account, then click on the plus icon next to your avatar to create your new page, and the admins controlling your page should also be decided beforehand.

Moreover, your items should be updated to your Facebook Shop page and your BigCommerce store needs to be in an “Active” status so Facebook can be aware of your product catalogs and, therefore, give the approval.

2. Connecting your BigCommerce store with Facebook Shop

Within your Facebook account and an available BigCommerce shop, it is time for you to set up the BigCommerce Facebook Shop integration tool for your online store. At your Channel Manager of BigCommerce’s homepage, choose “Channel Manager”:

BigCommerce Channel Manager

Here you will see a box named “Marketplaces”, below that there are icons of applications including Facebook Shop:

BigCommerce Marketplaces

The last two steps is to constantly click on the same “Connect” button:

The first one

The second one

Once you are finished with the previous steps, there will be a form for e-tailers to fill in their store’s information. However, it might vary depending on your business locations:

With businesses located in the United States, BigCommerce will acquire links to your page on Facebook as well as an account for Facebook Business Manager. Plus, your actual building address and your email of the company are also needed. Above all of that basic data related to your online store, the State Tax Registration number for every location of your extra offices, along with your delivery systems and return policy are more private information related to your BigCommerce website. Additionally, if Facebook Payments is one of your preferences, sole proprietor or your EIN will be demanded.

In case you are opening your online business outside of this country, the required information will be lessened. Specifically, everything you need to include in the form is the email of your store, contact information in addition to your business page on Facebook so that they can effortlessly integrate the BigCommerce Facebook Shop tool into your website. Furthermore, the URL leading to your Terms of Service’s storefront, such as shipping details and return policies, is another essential opponent.

At this point, when your BigCommerce store is ready to merge with Facebook Shop, you can check out its feature of reviewing the product categories. This means that BigCommerce is starting to update your Facebook Shop page with your latest products and their status. The higher number of items that you sell, the longer you will have to wait for the transferring process. Despite this fact, BigCommerce Facebook Shop integration is trying their best to the minimum the total waiting time.

If your physical store or address is located inside the US, you will be able to keep track of the process from the Facebook Channel Manager page; choose a tab called “Export” and this is how your screen will look like:

Exproting your products

Besides showing how they have been shifted to the Facebook Shop, any dispute or mistakes will also be mentioned on this table. There will be a CSV file suggesting the best solutions for such problems.

Online retailers might have to spend up to 48 hours for Facebook’s reply on whether or not their products can be available to customers. After that is 24 hours for the exporting phase to be concluded.

When every step is completed, your goods will automatically appear on your Facebook Shop. If you want to hide any of them, BigCommerce lets you set it manually on the Shop’s visibility. When you choose Channel Manager > Facebook, this is how you can find this feature:

3. Managing orders from BigCommerce Facebook Shop

An interesting feature about BigCommerce Facebook Shop integration is that if you receive any orders from Facebook, they will be labeled with a logo from that marketplace in the “View orders” page

All these transactions will be classified as orders from guests, where you view the word “Guest” near the name of your customers in the Customer column. For merchants who redirect their storefront, which are stores that do not use Facebook Payments, orders will show as common orders from the storefront.

Along with manually keeping track of your orders from Facebook, it is advisable to use Facebook Insights - a designed feature to gain a deep understanding of consumers’ behaviors such as viewing activity and the level of engagement towards your brand. At the top of your Facebook business page, you can see an “Insights” button. Click on that then the total information ranging from days to months about your customers’ activities will be displayed.

Managing orders from BigCommerce Facebook Shop

If you want more information, Google Analytics can provide you with click-through referrals happening on your Facebook business page. Remember to use these URLs if you are attempting to use this extra tool:

  • M-site: https://m.facebook.com/YOURSTORENAME/shop
  • Desktop: https://www.facebook.com/YOURSTORENAME/shop
  • Apps for mobile devices: fb://commerce/shop/

4. Keep track of your product inventory

As we have mentioned previously, BigCommerce Facebook Shop integration enables online merchants to divide their products into diverse collections that are no different from categories on BigCommerce. Whenever you add the integration to your BigCommerce account, the collection will be automatically set up and separated into categories that you have done before on the BigCommerce store.

These personalized collections can be newly built or maintained the same or online store owners can even customize available ones based on their plans. By controlling each list’s exposure, they may determine whether an item is feasible or not and what order they should be organized.

Below are few steps you can take to manage and build your own collections using BigCommerce Facebook Shop integration:

  • Starting at your Facebook Page. You can see there is a button called “Publishing tools”

You can see there is a button called Publishing tools

  • There scroll down to choose “Shop”

There scroll down to choose shop

  • Please click on “Collections” then with “Add collection” you can quickly add a brand new collection for your products.
  • After naming it, “Add products” is the button for you to pick the goods that you want to put in this new collection.
  • Last but not least, don’t forget to “Save” your work!

5. Solutions to common problems while using BigCommerce Facebook Shop integration

Problems are inevitable when you are handling a busy workload and working in the eCommerce industry. We are here to help!

Solutions to common problems while using BigCommerce Facebook Shop integration

Most people will struggle and keep looking for solutions if their products can be exported into the Facebook business page. Calm down! There is no need to be worrying too much if this is your case, BigCommerce constantly sends you notifications in your Channel Manager for the unsuccessful attempts plus how you can solve them. The moment you have come up with appropriate answers, your goods will be synced to your Facebook like usual.

Others will have to deal with shipping obstacles, especially while setting up the process; remember to check these critical steps twice:

  • Make sure that your address is not a P.O. box and that there are no errors happening with them.
  • You must verify that the email address you have filled in for your account is no longer in use by any other Facebook user or purposes.
  • If you are connected to an Instagram account, please disconnect them before using BigCommerce Facebook Shop integration
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that no special characters such as (#) or (-) is not available in your company’s email address.

Final thought

In conclusion, BigCommerce Facebook Shop can provide online merchants with numerous advantages from expanding their brand into one of the most popular social networks to gain higher earnings. Throughout today’s article, we hope that you will grasp information about this spectacular tool and make profits from it!

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