How to Integrate BigCommerce with Instagram?

Updated: February 01, 2023


Instagram is one of the most prevalent websites on the internet, with roughly 1 billion users and 500 million daily users. It would be really great if you can take advantage of this opportunity to grow your online business.

Therefore, in today’s article, we would like to show you how to integrate BigCommerce with Instagram.

If this is something you want to learn, let’s get started now!

Benefits of integrating BigCommerce with Instagram

There are plenty of benefits you will have when integrating BigCommerce with Instagram. Here are some major advantages:

- Improve SEO: The eye-catching photographs on Instagram are a wonderful method to captivate the interest of your visitors, resulting in higher time-on-site analytics and more search engine-driven traffic to your business.

- Social Proof: An Instagram feed that is filled with happy customers showing their beautiful products is especially effective, persuasive, and of course, a natural way to attract more shoppers.

- Targeted Advertising: You can easily target your advertisements to people who have already engaged with your content on Instagram, allowing you to obtain a better return on your online advertising budget.

How to Integrate BigCommerce with Instagram?

BigCommerce does not have a built-in capability for embedding your Instagram feed. You’ll need to utilize a third-party app to accomplish this.

The great app that we want to introduce to you is called Instagram Feed by Elfsight. This app is free to set up but it is only free for 200 views a month. If you exceed that threshold, you will have to consider upgrading your account.

  • As you know, the Lite version is free, but it only supports one website and up to 200 views per month.

  • The Pro plan is $5 per month, and it supports unlimited websites as well as up to 10,000 views per month. You can also be given a free installation service and allowed to remove the Elfsight logo.

  • The Enterprise and Unlimited versions also include these extra features. However, the Enterprise version costs $10 per month, supports unlimited websites and up to 100,000 views per month.

  • The Unlimited version is $25 per month, which supports unlimited websites and up to 9,999,999 views per month.

Instagram Feed by Elfsight allows you to add an Instagram feed to your BigCommerce store. You have 6 template options to choose from, including slider, grid, hashtag, showcase, collage, post slider, single post.

Make sure to log in to your BigCommerce account before following the below steps:

Step 1. Go to Instagram Feed by Elfsight

Click here to go to Instagram Feed by Elfsight on BigCommerce Marketplace.

Step 2. Click on Get this app

Step 3. Click on Log in

Since you have already logged into your BigCommerce store, you just need to click on Log in.

Step 4. Click on Install

Step 5. Click Confirm

To update its access to your BigCommerce store, you need to click on Confirm.

After a few seconds to update access, a new interface will show up like the below image. And you have successfully installed the app Instagram Feed by Elfsight!

The next steps involve adding Instagram as a sales channel.

Step 6: Go to Channel Manager

On your BigCommerce dashboard, please select Channel Manager.

Step 7: Choose Instagram

Click to choose Instagram under All Channels, which is on the left-hand side of your BigCommerce Control Panel as shown in the above image.

Step 8: Complete all requirements

To complete the integration setup, you need to check off all of the 5 following requirements:

- Store currency compatibility: This integration is accessible in over 70 countries and supports their local currencies.

- Connect your BigCommerce store to your Facebook Shop: This integration relies on the information in your Facebook Shop product catalog.

- Connect your BigCommerce store to your Instagram Business account: If you don’t already have an Instagram Business account, get started by downloading the Instagram app on your mobile device. It’s worth noting that you can’t advertise services or digital items on Instagram; you can only promote real objects.

- Connect your Facebook Shop to your Instagram Business account: Connect the two third-party platforms.

- Wait for Instagram approval: Once you’ve completed the four steps outlined above, Instagram will examine your linked accounts. You’ll get a notification on your Instagram account after the procedure is finished (it usually takes one to two weeks).

And that’s all you need to do to integrate BigCommerce with Instagram.


BigCommerce Instagram integration can bring out many incredible benefits to your online store, so you should really take this into consideration.

Today’s post aims to help you with your BigCommerce Instagram integration via a third-party app called Instagram Feed by Elfsight. We hope that you are now confident enough to complete this integration on your own successfully.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us through the comments section. We would love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading, and we’ll see you in the next article.

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