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How to Integrate Live Chat with BigCommerce?

Last updated: October 01, 2023
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Are you looking for solutions to raise your customer satisfaction and conversion rate? Then you have come to the right place!

BigCommerce Live Chat integration is currently one of the most effective tools to break through this obstacle. Having a discussion with a human, rather than utilizing a phone or a message type, provides a friendlier vibe for your online business.

Today, this article will introduce you to BigCommerce Live Chat integration, why you should use it, and a tutorial on integrating Live Chat with your BigCommerce store.

What is BigCommerce Live Chat integration?

At the present, whenever you access a website, there will be an automated chat box appearing at the corner of your screen asking whether you need any of their help. This tool is called Live Chat.

Live Chat is an online networking tool designed specifically for you and your customers to communicate in real-time. If they have any questions at any possible moments, you will be able to give them the answers within a few seconds.

In the past, the consumers will usually have to make phone calls or send emails to ask about the products or send complaints. With Live Chat, all they have to do is use the chat box on the website, enter the messages and send it.

BigCommerce now also provides its users to integrate their online store with Live Chat applications as it will help them gain higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction. Up to this moment, nearly 80 percent of online merchants choose to install live chat apps instead of other communication mediums.

What are the benefits of using BigCommerce Live Chat integration?

There are reasons why the number of people using BigCommerce Live Chat is increasing. The following are the advantages of BigCommerce Live Chat:

1. Communicating with multiple consumers simultaneously

BigCommerce Live Chat integration allows its users to approach with a wide range of advantageous features, including the permission to serve different consumers at the same time. In real life or through phone calls, an agent can not speak to and answer multiple customers together, but with the Live Chat box, an employee will be able to communicate with up to six people concurrently.-

Thanks to this, no customers will have to wait in line for the brand’s answers. They will all receive the response as soon as possible, and you will never lose the opportunity to support your clients. More importantly, you will avoid the mistakes in your answers given to the consumers because you acknowledge the content before actually sending it. Last but not least, not only you but your customers can do multitask.

2. Receive context-based information

Suppose a consumer has a payment question, and you will be noticed that they have already put the item in their buying cart. In that case, there is a higher chance that they will make their final decision if they are assisted in the operation’s final stages.

How can you collect all of this information? With the help of BigCommerce Live Chat integration, store owners will receive details about their consumers, such as their orders, past orders, or even the number of page visits inside the chat window.

3. Surveys before chatting

Your clients come and go daily. Therefore, it is so difficult for online merchants to gather information about each of their visitors. Don’t worry; BigCommerce Live Chat integration will solve your problem!

It allows you to set up pre-chat surveys; this requires your website visitors to fill in their private information before accessing your online store. You can keep in contact with anyone who has ever chatted with you through Live Chat apps. Besides, you may also review the previous orders of this individual and propose items they may prefer.

4. Eye-catching chat box

Compared with other communication forms such as phone calls, emails, or face-to-face, you will have to get through several beforehand steps. Additionally, companies’ contact details are usually placed on the end of the website, so you will need to scroll all to the end to make phone calls.

Your problem is solved with BigCommerce Live Chat! Whether it is a chat window or a chat bubble, it sticks with your customers on any page and attracts their attention to chatting. Plus, within one click, visitors can immediately find help from companies rather than looking for emails or phone numbers and using other websites. It is vital for providing chat advice to build customer’s trust in your brand.

5. Immediate customer support

The biggest merit of buying directly from the store is that customers can ask for more information about the products right away. This “right-away” thing may not happen when people shop online. They may have to leave a comment below and ask for the salers to reply.

However, with a Live Chat window on the corner of your website, customers can ask anything they want and you can also reply to them instantly. Do not underestimate the instance in your reply; the quicker you give them an appropriate response, the higher possibility that they will purchase a product from your online store. Or even in the opposite case, they might not choose to buy it but definitely will come back for the next time.

Your website may be somewhat confusing if the detail they want is not always feasible or sometimes your customer just does not want to spend time scrolling through too many pages. It is much faster that they just ask anyone and receive a reply than make phone calls or submit an email.

One more little benefit of BigCommerce Live Chat integration is that consumers can turn it off anytime that they want. Going to the stores might make some of them uncomfortable with someone looking at their choices or going after them to support. With the chat window, they can ask whenever they like without those staring eyes, this will gain a better online shopping experience for your visitors.

Since customers tend to make purchases in a blink of an eye, if you give them a clear and concise amount of information regarding products or shipping fees, you can make a big deal out of it.

6. Automatically send chat welcomes

Why do you go to every actual store, the employees will always greet their customers the moment they walk into the store? Because it represents that your brand respects the consumers and will make a good first impression with only a nice greeting. This is much more difficult for websites to do it.

BigCommerce Live Chat was born to do it! Once a consumer visits your website, the chat greeting will automatically appear and provide assistance. If you have already had an insight into your customers, you can even adjust your Live Chat so that it can come out whenever they need help.

Remember to set up this cool trick for your BigCommerce Live Chat before it officially goes live!

7. Collect customer reviews & ratings

All of the mentioned features will result in higher customer satisfaction. Every store owner has the same aim as to satisfy their consumers from the beginning to the end of the purchasing process. After the chat has concluded, BigCommerce Live Chat will ask your customers to rank for their experience. Or else, you can monitor ratings overtime and evaluate your customer support service if there are any complaints.

A live chat interaction offers the user an exceptional degree of customer service and, as a result, wins loyalty and builds long-term relationships with them.

How to integrate Live Chat apps with your BigCommerce store?

BigCommerce integrates a plethora of applications for Live Chat. If you have picked out one that fits with your preferences, these steps will guide you to make use of BigCommerce Live Chat Integration:

1. Go to you BigCommerce store website, click Home > Apps on the left side of the screen

Step 1

2. Choose Marketplace and access BigCommerce App Marketplace here:

Step 2

BigCommerce App Marketplace

3. Fill in the search bar with “Live Chat” and choose your favourite

Step 3

Choose an app that’s suitable for your business.

4. On the page of that app, you click on the “Get this app” button

Step 4

5. There will be a pop-up page here, please choose the option “Log In”

Step 5

6. Now, tap on “Install”

Step 6

7. Choose “Confirm”

Step 7

8. Fill in information about your online business

If you already have an account for your Live Chat application, you can choose to Log In. In this case, we are creating a new one!

Step 8

There are four steps in total, please answer all the required information before clicking “Continue”.

9. You are ready! Take a look at your insights!

The last step

This is how your customer will see the Live Chat window on your website:

BigCommerce Live Chat window

And this is what will appear on your screen when a customer send a message:

BigCommerce Live Chat integration

Final thought

BigCommerce Live Chat integration is a necessary part of increasing your customers’ shopping experience and turning visitors into buyers. With only a few clicks, you can easily install and make use of them for your BigCommerce website. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get real started!

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