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The 15 Best BigCommerce Web Design Companies & Services

Last updated: September 01, 2023
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BigCommerce is a competitive market of eCommerce businesses. They can help store owners to increase their monthly profits and expand their market share. Conversely, retailers will also have to stand out in the customers’ eyes. And a beautiful, elegant, eye-catching BigCommerce website design can solve this problem.

In this paper, we will list out the benefits of hiring a BigCommerce website design agency as well as top 15 best BigCommerce website design companies and strategies to pick the most suitable one for your online store.

Why you should hire a BigCommerce web design company

There are reasons why so many companies have come to BigCommerce web design companies to ask for their help. And if the question of whether you should hire one or not is still running through your head, we think that these advantageous aspects will clear your mind.

1. Increased profits

A skillful BigCommerce website design can be super effective when it comes to selling more products. More specific, most of the customers are fond of information security. They would love the idea that no hackers can approach their personal data as well as being able to get a simple and secure online shopping experience. So how can you solve this problem with the help of BigCommerce website designs?

Up to this point, several eCommerce websites still struggle to decrease their user bounce rate. However, a world-class, elegant website design will hold your customers back and then provide them with the best shopping experience. That is the most important reason why every BigCommerce store owner should hire a company for web designs.

Eventually, your online business will not only have a declined bounce rate but even able to raise your sales and gain higher profits.

2. Receive help from the experts

If you are contemplating creating your own BigCommerce website, you may need advice and help from the professionals. Even though you could totally build it by yourself but there are some features that your website may require to be the most effective. And BigCommerce website design company will be a great advisor.

As usual, BigCommerce website design companies tend to hire the best designers and developers to serve their customers with the best service. This is the same meaning as they are experienced in the skills, tools, and resources required to build and launch websites that market your merchandise.

With these experts, now you do not have to worry about what to do and start. Just leave it to them!

3. Time-saving

Finding information, skills and tools to build the best website for your business on your own may cost you so much time. And BigCommerce website design companies are willing to save your time and even money!

As an online store owner, you have to keep track of transactions, customers, products, and running your business simultaneously. You really do not want to spend all those precious time on something that you have little knowledge about. Therefore, you might want to consider hiring a company specializing in BigCommerce website designs.

4. Defeat your top rivals

Having a beautiful website design and an online store is a big advantage for anyone who is owning a business. And maybe at this moment, your competitors have already achieved the two aspects. If you do not want to lose them, keep reading!

If your competitors have already built their own website, there is a higher chance that they gain higher profits, approach more consumers and greater brand loyalty than your company. But once you work with BigCommerce website design developers, you can easily beat them up. These professionals can make your site more stylish, practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Now, you are top of the game with higher brand awareness, customers, and more products will be sold.

Top 15 BigCommerce web design companies

If you have decided to find a suitable company for your BigCommerce design, we have conducted research based on the quality, services, customer ratings, and previous projects of every website design company. And the following is a list of top 15 BigCommerce website design companies you should take a look at:

1. Coalition Technologies

Coalition Technologies

Located in Los Angeles, Coalition Technologies has been popular among BigCommerce users to offer online marketing tools and beautiful website designs and development. With its long years of experience dealing with BigCommerce, Coalition Technologies is considered as one of the most successful companies working on eCommerce platforms. They skillfully make use of HTML and CSS to update store files and build personalized solutions for customers.

Their team knows how a website grows market share, leads to an increase in the number of customers, and never depletes its place. Over the years, they have refined their knowledge of BigCommerce features and what it offers its customers. If you are looking for a BigCommerce website design company, don’t miss out Coalition Technologies!


In UPQODE, they strive to meet their clients’ needs and continually uphold the highest creativity and efficiency standards. This is the most critical reason explaining its place in one of the top BigCommerce website design companies.


The company’s growth is attributable to people who are experts in their respective fields, such as project managers, marketers, web designers, and executives. With this powerful team, it is not a big challenge for UPQODE to work with a wide range of brands. Their portfolio will impress you with previous excellent and creative BigCommerce designs.

UPQODE creates and builds website designs solely based on its consumers’ goals and objectives. A team of experienced UI/UX design studio focuses on accessibility, usability, and the BigCommerce website’s consistency. Plus their long years of partnering up with BigCommerce, you can count on them!

3. Agency Partner Interactive

Agency Partner Interactive

Agency Partner Interactive or API is a BigCommerce website design that is made up of well-trained staff specializing in technology, marketing strategies, and designers. The outstanding feature of API is that their offices are distributed across many different locations. This allows customers to easily approach the company, especially those who prefer face-to-face communication.

Unlike other companies, they focus on your priorities and market factors that you don’t usually learn from agencies. To succeed in the eCommerce market, store owners need to speed up their sales and profits, build a rock-solid base, and Agency Partner Interactive knows just the right way to help you!

4. Dotlogics Inc.

Dotlogics Inc.

Dotlogics is working as a web development and marketing agency located in New York. Officially established in 2007, their team of 49 people has successfully defined themself as one of the most outstanding BigCommerce website design companies.

When collaborating with customers, they provide a personal, innovative approach and all the appropriate functionality and grow the company revenue. With a highly experienced team of brand managers, strategists, and technical professionals, they can build just the right website and plan for your own BigCommerce online store. Besides, they have partnered with a plethora of BigCommerce businesses before, so it is much easier for them to help you generate profits.

5. Kanda Software

If you are making a list of potential BigCommerce website design companies, please do not forget Kanda Software. This is one of BigCommerce technology partners providing customers with many different services such as website development, mobile app development, software development, and website designs.

Kanda Software

With its beautiful website designs and services with an exceptionally affordable price to finish even the most difficult deadlines, Kanda Software will be a perfect choice for organizations from start-ups to even large-scale companies. 27 years of working in the eCommerce industry, Kanda Software has had the opportunity to work with a wide range of clients like OneSky, Rue La La, Kaust, etc. They are waiting for you to be next!

6. Gecko Dynamics

Just like its name, Gecko Dynamics will bring brand new energy into your BigCommerce website design. This technology company was born for customizing software and website development and building SaaS applications since 2002. To create high-quality websites with stunning designs, Gecko Dynamics has successfully worked with hundreds of projects, companies, and organizations.

Retailers will be provided with the best solutions for both website and mobile application, a technical assistant for designing a perfect site for online businesses. It’s time for you to pick up your phone and keep in touch with them to find more spectacular services.

Gecko Dynamics

7. SmartSites

Having achieved awards for website designing and digital marketing, SmartSites should be taken into consideration. Their hardworking and clear vision has proved their position as one of America’s fastest-growing businesses.


At the moment, SmartSites have received more than 100 5-star ratings since the beginning of the agency - 2011. The key is that when it comes to keeping their customers comfortable, they never fall short. With a team full of experts in building websites, implementing search engine marketing tools, your BigCommerce online store will be much more attractive in the consumer’s eyes.

8. Absolute Web

Absolute Web

More than 20 years of working in the marketing industry, no wonder that Absolute Web is a perfect solution for your BigCommerce website design. A group of web designers and developers, eCommerce managers, content creators, who are all experts in their own field, are willing to help you 24/7.

When talking about BigCommerce designs, Absolute Web is one of the best companies. They partnered with BigCommerce so long that they can handle everything from strategy, branding, designing UX and UI, website development, or even creating content. Multitasking is their middle name. Is your website lacking these features? You are looking at the right company!

Moreover, their way of approaching and satisfying customers is also very special. Before making any decision for the clients, they have the tendency to immerse themselves in the business as much as possible so that viable solutions can be produced.

9. Lounge Lizard

Lounge Lizard

Mott Corp, AnimalPak, Agility, Whelen, and so on are all former clients who have worked with Lounge Lizard to develop their current website design. If you are into one of these designs, keep reading below!

Lounge Lizard is an agency that provides clients with a wide range of marketing services, including designing websites, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, digital marketing and display marketing. Found in 1998, Lounge Lizard has attracted many well-known brands, and companies and their BigCommerce website design will not let you down!

10. Ziggle Tech Inc.

Ziggle Tech is a globalized brand with experience in business digital transformation consultancy, eCommerce website design and development, cloud implementation, online advertising, and software development. They have completely designed for more than 100 websites across the globe. For this reason, working for another eCommerce online store is not a problem for them.

Ziggle Tech Inc.

11. Dev Technosys

Dev Technosys

Dev Technosys works to meet and exceed the requirements of the international standard of ISO 1991:2008, which ensures the reliability, functionality of websites and mobile applications development companies.

At Dev Technosys, your websites will be updated with the latest technology advancements. They are all experts in BA’s, UI/UX, website designing, and development. What differentiates them from their competitors is that not only is their design impressive, but they can also expand your business with websites for mobile phones. Now, your customers can easily access your website from every device. This is the same meaning with higher satisfaction and conversion rate.

12. Clay

Having the privilege of partnering with some of the world’s best corporations such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, Coinbase, Slack, Sony and so on, Clay is an expert when website designing is mentioned. They have successfully installed transformative digital experiences, websites, and brands for so many of their former clients.

Facebook website designed by Clay

By bringing passion into their work, Clay creates world-class digital websites that users want to use. They build up strategies, visual identity and ways of communicating to create the best BigCommerce designs for websites. Their preference is to combine customer interface and compelling content to bring next-level brand engagement.

13. Digital Silk

Digital Silk

Digital Silk never disappoints, receiving a 5-star rating from their customers when producing superior user experiences for brands. This is the reason why many famous corporations such as HP, Microsoft, Amazon, NASA, and Xerox decided to hire them.

They have great knowledge and long years of experience when it comes to increasing brand recognition and growth across digital assets. Digital Silk understands the importance of an impressive website design. Successful projects are continually monitored by an engaged team of specialists in their field.

Apart from designing website interfaces, Digital Silk also includes other services like marketing strategies, brand and digital strategies or software development.

14. Public Advertising Agency, Inc.

To achieve award-winning success, Public Advertising Agency continuously considers the better results of their clients as the next goal. So if you are launching a new website for your BigCommerce store, you have come to the right place!

Public Advertising Agency, Inc.

They have developed a strategic discovery process over the last 25 years, allowing them to investigate, link, and conquer any market you are working in. They strongly believe that great brand images are built by planning, beautiful designs, and careful preparation.

Whether you need help with marketing tools, Public Advertising can also develop a strategy to help you draw in your customers across the right platforms, with both traditional and digital approaches.

15. HTML Pro

A website designed by HTML Pro

Once you have the chance to work with them, your worries will go away in a blink of an eye. Clients’ wide scope refers to them as Professionals because HTML Pro always has a versatile, collaborative, and proven workforce. This means that your upcoming BigCommerce website design is going to be top-notch!

Once you have the chance to work with them, your worries will go away in a blink of an eye. A wide scope of clients refers to them as Professionals because HTML Pro always has a versatile, collaborative, and proven workforce. This means that your upcoming BigCommerce website design is going to be a top notch!

How to hire a good BigCommerce web design company?

No one wants to work with BigCommerce website design companies that do not meet their expectations. Let us help you, below is some for choosing the best one for your business:

Read the customer reviews

What former clients said about a BigCommerce website design company can be a helpful source for your research. Of course, it is better for you to avoid companies that do not have positive ratings from their consumers.

It is also advisable to search for an organization with over 100 customer ratings and has earned great testimonials. However, it can be difficult to find an agency who has never received any “bad” review, so don’t let one or two negative ones let you change your mind.

Are there any other services you need help with?

Most BigCommerce website design companies can provide their customers with multiple services. But do not because of that, you ask for their help without beforehand discussions. Before hiring anyone, you should clearly sketch out what services you want from them.

For instance, it could be worthwhile to install web search engine optimization services (SEO) or pay-per-click advertisements (PPC) for your website.

If you choose to incorporate more than only designing websites, remember to seek out a BigCommerce design agency that can do all of them.

Prepare a list of potential companies

Why do we advise store owners to do this? It is impossible to find the perfect BigCommerce website design company if you do not plan or do any research first.

There are so many companies for you to work with, conducting research can help you to narrow down this number and compare things like offered services, prices, experience, former clients between them. By the way, don’t forget to note down each of them so that it will be much easier to make your decision.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, designing a perfect BigCommerce website for your eCommerce business is very important. Hiring a company specializing in website designing and development will improve both your customer satisfaction and conversion rate. We hope that the list of 15 BigCommerce website design companies above will help you achieve such a goal!

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