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Top 15 BigCommerce Development Services in 2024

April 03, 2024
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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

When embarking on the journey of building an eCommerce website, selecting the right platform is a crucial first step. Among a wide range of options available, BigCommerce stands out for its robust features, scalability, and user-friendly interface. But to truly harness the power of BigCommerce, partnering with a skilled development service is essential. This article will explore what BigCommerce development services are, why you might need them, and highlight the top 15 providers in 2024.

What is BigCommerce Development Service?

BigCommerce development services empower businesses to create a unique and captivating online presence through custom design and development. These providers offer a range of services, such as custom design, custom development, and third-party integration.  

Why you need to hire BigCommerce Development services

Embarking on an e-commerce venture with BigCommerce is an exciting step towards growing your business online. However, to truly leverage the full potential of this platform and ensure your online store stands out, considering hiring BigCommerce development services is a smart move. Here’s why:

  • Expertise That Drives Success: This expertise allows them to guide you through the nuances of store construction, manage seamless migrations from other platforms, and strategize for retail expansion. Their knowledge ensures that your e-commerce site is not just built, but crafted to excel.
  • Efficiency That Keeps You Focused: By outsourcing development tasks to experts, you free up valuable time and resources that can be better spent on core business activities. BigCommerce development services handle the complex technical work, allowing you to focus on strategy, marketing, and other key areas that drive your business forward.
  • Scalability for Future Growth: As your business expands, you’ll need a platform that can handle increased traffic, more products, and additional features without compromising performance. BigCommerce developers specialize in scaling your platform efficiently, ensuring that your online store grows seamlessly alongside your business.
  • Tailored Solutions for Unique Needs: BigCommerce development services offer custom solutions to meet these requirements. Whether it’s integrating advanced AI to personalize the shopping experience, developing progressive web apps (PWAs) for enhanced mobile performance, or ensuring a mobile-first design, these services can tailor your e-commerce site to deliver exceptional results.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Hiring a BigCommerce development company often proves more cost-effective in the long run than assembling an in-house team. Outsourcing eliminates the need for extensive training, reduces overhead costs, and provides access to a wider pool of expertise.

Top 15 best BigCommerce Development Services

Here, we spotlight the top 15 BigCommerce development services renowned for transforming digital storefronts into thriving marketplaces.

1. Vrinsoft Technology

BigCommerce Development Services
  • Hourly rate: < $25/hour
  • Employees: 50 – 249
  • Founded: 2009
  • Locations: India, United States

Specializing in custom mobile app development, Vrinsoft Technology has a rich portfolio of over 5,000 completed projects, showcasing their prowess in Android, iPhone, and web applications. The company prides itself on delivering solutions that precisely cater to what customers want, ensuring that businesses invest, grow, and succeed.

Highlight services

  • Proficiency in .NET, PHP, and mobile app development across Android and iOS platforms.
  • Seamless migration of product data, images, and descriptions to new platforms.
  • Comprehensive ongoing support, including bug fixes and updates.
  • Incorporation of third-party tools, payment gateways, and APIs.
  • Tailoring your app’s design, layout, and functionality to match your brand and enhance user experience.


  • Rich experience of a history of 5,000+ successful projects 
  • Adoption of agile and lean methodologies for streamlined and efficient product launches.
  • Mobile app specialization for the demands of the digital market.


While boasting a significant team, the scale may not fit all preferences for personalized agency interaction.

2. Emizen Tech

BigCommerce Development Services
  • Hourly rate: $25/hour
  • Employees: 100 – 249
  • Founded: 2013
  • Locations: Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Emizen Tech focuses on amplifying productivity, enriching customer experiences, and fostering agility. This is achieved through collaborative efforts, leading to a quicker market presence enhanced by transparency and advanced analytics.

Highlight services 

  • Emizen Tech specializes in designing, building, testing, migrating, optimizing, and managing mobile apps for Android and iPhone, covering native, hybrid, progressive web, and cross-platform development.
  • Provides scalable and secure web development services tailored to business needs.
  • Offers custom design services for websites and apps, focusing on exceptional device user experiences.
  • Enhances business processes with CRM and ERP solutions for increased productivity and efficiency.
  • Specializes in game app development, delivering engaging experiences to maximize investment returns.
  • AR/VR and AI/ML Development.


  • High-quality work on time, ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Responsive and supportive team throughout the development process.
  • Clear cost estimations and project timelines, enhancing transparency and trust.
  • Strong portfolio and reputation.


  • No cons to indicate 
BigCommerce Development Services
  • Hourly rate: $50/hour
  • Employees: 255 – 249
  • Founded: 2011
  • Locations: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Hyperlink Infosystem has established itself as a premier mobile app development company and IT software solutions provider. Renowned for crafting innovative and visually appealing mobile apps and websites, Hyperlink Infosystem offers an expansive customized services designed to foster business growth.

Highlight Services

  • Android, iOS, Flutter, React Native, Kotlin, and Ionic mobile app development
  • PHP, WordPress, Drupal, CakePHP, and Laravel website development
  • Magento, BigCommerce e-commerce solutions
  • Ethereum, Hyperledger, smart contracts, private blockchains, NFT marketplace blockchain development
  • Unity 3D, augmented reality, virtual reality, casual games, metaverse game development
  • Salesforce solutions, AI & ML development, text-to-speech, business intelligence, data analytics


  • Extensive Experience backed by a strong team of developers and designers.
  • High quality of work
  • Effective communication aligned with client expectations.
  • Recognized Certifications committing to quality and industry standards.


  • Delays in project delivery
  • Additional Charges

4. Next Big Technology (NBT)

BigCommerce Development Services
  • Hourly rate: $20
  • Employees: 10-49
  • Founded: 2009
  • Locations: Australia, India, United Kingdom, United States

Next Big Technology (NBT) stands as a beacon of innovation in the web and mobile app development. With a focus on delivering requirement-specific and user-centric applications, NBT caters to the evolving needs of businesses, enabling them to connect deeper, engage smarter, and move faster with their customers.

Highlight Services 

  • Innovative web and mobile app development tailored to user and business needs
  • Expert e-commerce platforms and digital marketing strategies for enhanced online visibility and sales
  • Seamless API integration and captivating UI/UX design for a functional and appealing digital presence
  • Customized solutions across healthcare, education, e-commerce, and more, ensuring industry specificity and relevance


  • Vast experience crafting digital solutions
  • Standout quality and innovation of their apps and websites.
  • Responsive & Accommodating to client needs.


  • Some delays and unexpected additional charges.

5. IndiaNIC

BigCommerce Development Services
  • Hourly rate: inquire
  • Employees: 250 – 999
  • Founded: 1997
  • Locations: United States, India

With a reputation for 100% project delivery success, IndiaNIC prides itself on housing some of the best programmers at competitive prices. Their design-focused approach and efficient project execution processes have been instrumental in delivering solutions that precisely align with client requirements.

Highlight Services

  • Custom dedicated developer teams for various project durations
  • Android, iOS, and cross-platform mobile app development
  • Custom web development and web application solutions
  • Concept-to-development UI/UX design for immersive experiences
  • Advanced technology solutions including AI/ML, IoT, DevOps, and QA services


  • Proven Track Record with the experience delivering 100% project success.
  • Wide-ranging services from mobile apps to advanced technological solutions.
  • High praise for collaboration, problem-solving, and product quality from client 


  • Project Delays

6. SoftLoft

BigCommerce Development Services
  • Hourly rate: $75
  • Employees: 100 – 249
  • Founded: 2008
  • Locations: Kharkiv, Ukraine

SoftLoft emerges as a distinguished partner for businesses looking to navigate the store with innovation, tailored strategies, and unparalleled technical prowess.

Highlight Services

  • End-to-end eCommerce solutions from inception to execution
  • Bespoke development services for custom needs
  • Expertise of dedicated professional teams for projects
  • Cutting-edge mobile development for impactful presence


  • Creative and efficient digital solutions.
  • Client-Centric Approach
  • Technical Excellence


  • Occasional delays in incorporating client feedback.

7. Xfive

BigCommerce Development Services
  • Hourly rate: $50 – $99
  • Employees: 50 – 249
  • Founded: 2005
  • Locations: Krakow, Poland

Xfive offers a wide range of services that span from online and smartphone applications to portals and eCommerce solutions. With a team of around 50 professionals, Xfive is dedicated to delivering projects with 100% success, helping businesses meet their digital aspirations.

Highlight Services

  • A broad spectrum of digital services includes website development, web apps, eCommerce, MVPs, mobile apps
  • Custom development tailored to client needs and ambitions
  • Flexible, dedicated team engagement for projects


  • Years of experience and a high level of talent to each project Expertise and Experience. 
  • Client Collaboration
  • Positive Client Feedback


  • Less flexibility to adapt to changing project needs
  • Lack of Balancing Innovation and Execution

8. Absolute Web

BigCommerce Development Services
  • Hourly rate: $125
  • Employees: 50 – 249
  • Founded: 1999
  • Locations: Miami, Florida

Absolute Web, a Miami-based eCommerce solutions agency with additional offices in Los Angeles and Lisbon, has been a bastion of custom development on major platforms such as Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce since 1999. Their team of digital strategists, certified developers, UI/UX designers, and solutions professionals have been instrumental in driving growth and online conversions for their clients.

Highlight Services

  • Comprehensive eCommerce services from strategy to execution.
  • Custom Web Development tailored to unique business needs.
  • Expertise in integrating businesses across various platforms for seamless online selling, including Facebook, Amazon, and Google Shopping.
  • Strategy & UI/UX Design to entice customers and elevate brand engagement online.


  • Recognized as a trusted partner by major eCommerce platforms.
  • Customer-Centric, personalized attention.
  • Innovative solutions for complex requirements.


  • Lengthy Design Process
  • Lack of rapid technological changes 

9. Coalition Technologies

BigCommerce Development Services
  • Hourly rate: $100- $149
  • Employees: 250-499
  • Founded: 2009
  • Locations: Culver City, California, United States

Coalition Technologies stands out as a top-rated SEO company, bringing a wealth of expertise in digital marketing, web design, development, and PPC advertising. Founded on the principle of driving traffic to websites and converting visitors into customers, this agency has positioned itself as a key player in the digital marketing sphere.

Highlight Services

  • Advanced SEO services with AI understanding for higher rankings
  • Performance-engineered web design and development for usability and conversions
  • High-return PPC advertising campaigns as a Google Premier Partner
  • Comprehensive digital marketing across social media, email, and SMS to enhance online presence


  • Proven Revenue Growth
  • Month-to-Month Contracts, high service quality
  • Expert Team brought on board to deliver exceptional results.


  • Need of balance between specialization and a broad service portfolio 

10. eGlobe

BigCommerce Development Services
  • Hourly rate: $26-$50
  • Employees: 11-22 
  • Founded: 2012
  • Locations: India, US

eGlobe stands at the forefront of eCommerce technology solutions, leveraging cutting-edge platforms to offer bespoke digital solutions that drive businesses forward. With a passion for excellence and innovation, eGlobe has carved a niche in creating scalable, competitive eCommerce solutions that redefine customer digital experiences and bridge the gap between businesses and their clientele.

Highlight Services

  • Tailored B2B and B2C eCommerce development for growth and multichannel sales
  • Agile, adaptable composable and headless commerce solutions
  • Seamless omnichannel commerce integration across stores, apps, and social media
  • Specialized BigCommerce development for future-ready, multi-functional eCommerce stores


  • High-level proficiency in developing scalable eCommerce solutions tailored to business needs.
  • Ability to deliver both B2C and B2B solutions along with composable and headless commerce for enhanced agility.
  • BigCommerce Specialization


  • Payment Concerns with additional charges.

11. Codup

BigCommerce Development Services
  • Hourly rate: $25
  • Employees: 100-249 
  • Founded: 2012 
  • Locations: Texas, US

Codup is a distinguished full-service BigCommerce development company, offering custom software solutions across the globe. With over 100 dedicated team members, Codup specializes in delivering tailored solutions to both retailers and wholesalers. From the initial planning stage to the final promotion, Codup’s development team adeptly navigates clients through the complex process of establishing and growing their online presence.

Highlight services 

  • Scalable B2B eCommerce applications for multichannel sales growth
  • Customizable, responsive B2C eCommerce solutions for enhanced customer engagement
  • Tailored custom software development services to boost digital presence
  • Intuitive mobile app development for seamless cross-platform user experiences
  • Efficient API integration for improved system functionality and user experience


  • Proficiency in custom-building highly scalable eCommerce solutions 
  • End-to-End Solutions
  • Client-Centric Approach


  • Additional Project Costs concerns 

12. SoftwareHut

BigCommerce Development Services
  • Hourly rate: $25
  • Employees: 250-499 
  • Founded: 2015 
  • Locations: Poland 

With over seven years of experience in crafting award-winning products, SoftwareHut harnesses the power of cutting-edge technologies like React Native, React.js, Flutter, Java, and Vue.js. This powerhouse development team is dedicated to creating solutions that stand out in the marketplace and propel businesses to new heights.

Highlight services 

  • Innovative, user-friendly web development for engagement and conversions
  • Scalable, comprehensive IT system solutions for modern business needs
  • Responsive mobile application development for enhanced cross-platform user experience
  • Seamless cross-platform app development with Flutter and React Native
  • Smart IoT development for connected business solutions
  • Immersive AR/VR experiences for captivating user engagement


  • Expertise Across Technologies, ensuring versatile and cutting-edge solutions.
  • Focus on Quality
  • Flexibility and agility in project management 


  • Cost Considerations

13. Ziffity Solutions

BigCommerce Development Services
  • Hourly rate: $50 
  • Employees: 100-249
  • Founded: 2014 
  • Locations: Texas, US

Ziffity Solutions has carved out a significant niche in the BigCommerce development space since its inception in 2014. With a robust team of in-house certified professionals, Ziffity is committed to designing and building customer-centric solutions that leverage innovative technologies. 

Highlight services 

  • Bespoke eCommerce solution development tailored to business needs
  • Comprehensive managed services for seamless digital platform operations
  • System and application integration services to enhance functionality
  • Expert consulting services for navigating digital commerce challenges
  • Cutting-edge digital marketing services for traffic and conversion growth


  • Certified Expertise
  • Marketable Solutions
  • Stellar Project Management


  • Initial Communication Challenges

14. ThinkSys

BigCommerce Development Services
  • Hourly rate: Inquire 
  • Employees: 100-249 
  • Founded: 2012 
  • Locations: California, US

Since its inception in 2012, ThinkSys has cemented its position as a go-to provider of end-to-end solutions tailored for BigCommerce custom apps and website development. This company prides itself on its transparent pricing model, high-quality service delivery, and round-the-clock support, making it a preferred partner for businesses looking to thrive in the e-commerce sector.

Highlight Services 

  • Tailored BigCommerce solutions for unique business needs
  • Bespoke BigCommerce app development for enhanced functionality
  • Robust, scalable BigCommerce website development
  • BigCommerce UI/UX design solutions for higher conversions
  • Seamless API integration and module development for BigCommerce stores


  • Technical prowess
  • Flexibility and responsiveness for accommodating changes and efficiently addressing issues 
  • Clear and effective communication


  • Issue Tracking System

15. Ace Infoway

BigCommerce Development Services

Specializing in a comprehensive suite of services designed to enhance online presence, Ace Infoway caters to a wide array of industries, such as clothing and fashion, manufacturing, and food and beverage. Their dedication to delivering innovative BigCommerce Development Solutions has set them apart as a preferred partner for businesses seeking to expand their digital footprint.

Highlight services 

  • Efficient BigCommerce store setup for a strong e-commerce foundation
  • Custom BigCommerce theme design aligned with brand identity
  • Custom web and mobile app development for BigCommerce to boost engagement
  • Expert BigCommerce migration services for a smooth platform transition
  • BigCommerce API and app integration for enhanced store functionality


  • A wealth of knowledge and proficiency 
  • Wide Industry Coverage
  • Innovative Solutions


  • Communication breakdown challenges 

Tips for hiring Development Services

Whether you’re launching a new website, developing a mobile app, or integrating new software into your business processes, choosing the right development services is crucial. Here are some essential tips for hiring the best development service for your project.

Define Your Requirements Clearly

Before you even start looking for a development service, clearly understand what you need. 

  • Are you building a website from scratch, or do you need an app developed? 
  • What are your expectations regarding functionality, scalability, and maintenance? 

Clear requirements help you communicate your vision and enable potential service providers to give accurate proposals.

Evaluate Their Technical Expertise

The technology stack a development service is proficient in can significantly impact your project’s outcome. Whether for web development, mobile app development, or custom software, ensure that they have the technical skills to match your requirements. Free to ask about their experience with different programming languages, frameworks, and technologies.

Assess Their Communication and Project Management Skills

Effective communication and project management are as crucial as technical skills. Your development partner should be able to understand your needs, provide regular updates, and manage changes efficiently. Inquire about their project management tools, methodologies, and how they handle communication and collaboration.

Consider the Total Cost of Engagement

While cost shouldn’t be the sole deciding factor, it’s essential to understand the total cost of engaging with a development service. This includes not just the initial development costs but also ongoing maintenance, support, and any additional fees for extra services. Request detailed quotes and compare them to ensure value for your money.

Check References and Reviews

What others say about a development service can give you insights into their reliability, work ethic, and customer service. Ask for references and contact past clients to hear about their experiences. Online reviews and ratings on platforms like Clutch, GoodFirms, or LinkedIn can provide valuable feedback.

Discuss Post-Launch Support

Your relationship with the development service shouldn’t end once the project launches. Discuss post-launch support, including how bugs are handled, the process for requesting changes, and any support or maintenance packages they offer. This will help ensure your project remains successful in the long run.

Final thoughts

BigCommerce stands out as a highly cost-effective platform for eCommerce merchants, whether they’re just starting or aiming to grow their online presence. With the rise of online selling, the demand for skilled BigCommerce developers has surged, making it crucial for businesses to select the most proficient developers for their eCommerce projects.

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.