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BigCommerce Pricing Plans 2021: How to Choose the Right Plan?

Last updated: September 01, 2023
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BigCommerce seems to be familiar to those who have built an online store. Being well-known thanks to ease of use, BigCommerce is a great choice for creating a new online store without spending much time and effort.

We have provided much information about BigCommerce’s features, such as its built-in functionalities or 24/7 customer support. Today, we will dig deeper into its true costs. As a beginner in finding a tool to build an online store, you should consider the price an essential factor.

In this BigCommerce Pricing Plans 2021: How to choose the right plan? post, we will explore exactly how much you have to pay for BigCommerce by analyzing each plan. Moreover, you will get advice on which pricing plan you should follow to get the greatest results.

Let”s dive in!

How much does BigCommerce cost?

How much does BigCommerce cost?

Similar to many competitors, BigCommerce provides multiple pricing plans with different costs and features. Its pricing plans range from $29.95 per month to $299.95 per month. The more you pay, the more functionalities you get. The higher your annual sales are, the more expensive your plans should be. When it comes to enterprise-level businesses, pricing can be customized via negotiation.

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BigCommerce Pricing & Plans

BigCommerce Pricing & Plans

Now, let’s go deeper into each pricing plan and its discounts.

There are four different pricing plans for BigCommerce. Each plan has its own functionalities and prices based on your demand and annual sales. Advanced features will only be available when you are on more expensive plans.

One noticeable thing to remember when spending on BigCommerce is that its pricing plans include an annual sales cap. That means when choosing which plan to follow, you will be shown the total amount of sales your business can gain if you use that plan. So, what if your business can make more than the fixed annual sales cap? The answer is that you will be automatically upgraded to the more expensive pricing plan if your sales over the past year are more than the cap.

Besides, you will have two options to pay for BigCommerce: by month or by year. All of them will be billed monthly by default. You can choose to pay for the app annually and save 10%. However, this discount is only available on the Plus and Pro plan.

It is said that BigCommerce provides more features than others at the same price. In fact, it is true since the platform offers multiple features that are available on all pricing plans such as unlimited products, file storage, bandwidth, and staff accounts, and more. It also does not ask for any transaction fees. Nonetheless, if you get a processor of choice, you still have to pay extra fees for it.

Free Trial

When coming to BigCommerce, you can try out the platform and some basic features to consider carefully before spending money by following the free trial in up to 15 days.

BigCommerce Standard Plan

The cheapest one is BigCommerce Standard Plan, which is $29.95 per month in terms of the paid plans.

BigCommerce Standard Plan provides multiple basic features

What you get:

  • POS (Point of sales)
  • $50K in sales
  • An online store that is branded
  • Connect with many sales channels like Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Instagram, or Google Shopping.
  • Blogging feature
  • Product ratings and reviews
  • One-page checkout
  • Coupons, discounts, gift cards
  • Integrate with multiple payment methods like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay
  • 20,000 API calls per hour
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Responsive website
  • Mobile app
  • Real-time shipping quotes
  • Reporting tools
  • Sitewide HTTPS and dedicated SSL

BigCommerce’s Plus Plan

Abandoned cart recovery on BigCommerce’s Plus Plan

Secondly, you should consider BigCommerce’s Plus Plan, which costs $79.95 per month. It provides you with every tool the Standard Plan does, but you can get more.

What you get besides:

  • $180K in sales
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Opportunity to get 10% discount when paying annually
  • Customer groups and segmentation
  • Saved credit cards
  • Persistent shopping cart

BigCommerce’s Pro Plan

Google search customer review on BigCommerce’s Pro Plan

Next, let’s come to BigCommerce’s Pro Plan, which is $299.95 per month. It seems expensive, but the feature set may be worth your money.

What you get:

  • Everything that BigCommerce’s Plus Plan provides
  • $400K in sales
  • Do not have to upgrade when your business makes more than $400K. You should add $150 to the monthly rate for each additional $200K in online sales.
  • Custom SSL
  • 60,000 API calls per hour
  • Filtered search
  • Google search customer reviews

BigCommerce Enterprise

Custom facets in product filtering tool

Finally, you can look at BigCommerce Enterprise Plan, which is customized based on negotiation. According to your demands and annual online sales, you can contact BigCommerce to get a suitable price. BigCommerce Enterprise offers every tool the BigCommerce’s Pro Plan has, and you can get additional of the following features:

  • Price lists
  • Unlimited API calls
  • Priority customer support
  • API support
  • Custom facets in product filtering tool
  • Strategic account management tool

Compare BigCommerce Pricing & Plans

Features/Plan BigCommerce Standard Plan BigCommerce Plus Plan BigCommerce Pro Plan BigCommerce Enterprise
Monthly costs $29.95/month $79.95/month $299.95/month Custom pricing
Annual online sales Up to $50K Up to $150K Up to $400K Custom
No additional transaction fees 0% 0% 0% 0%
Products, file storage and bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Staff accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Sale channels Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile responsive website Yes Yes Yes Yes
Page Builder Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multi-Currency Yes Yes Yes Yes
Product ratings and reviews Yes Yes Yes Yes
Coupons, discounts and gift cards Yes Yes Yes Yes
Single-page checkout Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile app Yes Yes Yes Yes
Real time shipping quotes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Professional reporting tools Yes Yes Yes Yes
Built-in blog Yes Yes Yes Yes
24/7 tech support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Transaction fees to use leading payment gateways Free Free Free Free
ShipperHQ Shipping rules engine Available Available Available Yes
Abandoned cart saver No Yes Yes Yes
Persistent cart No Yes Yes Yes
Saved credit cards No Yes Yes Yes
Google customer reviews No No Yes Yes
Product filtering No No Yes Yes
Price lists No No No Yes
Unlimited API calls No No No Yes
Express routing No No No Yes
Priority support No No No Yes
API support No No No Yes

How to choose the right BigCommerce plan?

How to choose the right BigCommerce plan?

As you can see, one of the biggest advantages of BigCommerce is its threshold limit. Once your annual sales get over the sales cap, you will be automatically upgraded to the Pro plan. If your businesses are providing high volumes of low-margin items, this feature can become a huge drawback. In fact, you still can take advantage of BigCommerce if you know how to choose the right plans for your demands. Let’s dig into each of them:

BigCommerce Standard is suitable for

Being the entry-level package, the BigCommerce Standard plan is for your business if:

  • You are running a small eCommerce channel.
  • Your sales volume is just under $50K per year.
  • You do not have any demands on generating more business.
  • You just need basic features on creating an online site because it lacks some advanced tools like abandoned cart recovery or segmentation features.

BigCommerce Plus is suitable for

Being a little bit more expensive, BigCommerce’s Plus plan is for you if:

  • Your business is a medium online store.
  • Your business makes about $150K a year.
  • You want to approach more advanced features than the standard plan.
  • You need to know who hasn’t completed his or her purchases and create a strategy to persuade them to do so.
  • You need to segment your customers to send or show them relevant information.

BigCommerce Pro is suitable for

  • Businesses having annual sales of between $150K and $1M.
  • Businesses ready to pay an extra of $150K a month to the price for each additional $200K of annual sales.
  • Businesses have the demand for using Faceted Search to sort and filter products.
  • Businesses have the demand of customizing their checkout domain by having third-party SSL certificates installed.

BigCommerce Enterprise is suitable for

Having verified prices based on negotiation, the BigCommerce Enterprise pricing plan is for you if:

  • You want a VIP service and priority support.
  • You need all advanced features like custom filtering options, a staging development environment, and a dedicated account manager.
  • You are able to spend a huge budget on an online store and are ready to pay at least $400 or $500 per month

FAQs about BigCommerce pricing

Common questions about BigCommerce's pricing plans

Let’s come to some common questions related to BigCommerce pricing coming from those who are about to use this platform:

Can I upgrade to more expensive plans even though I have not hit the sales threshold?

Totally yes. If you hit the sales threshold, you will be automatically upgraded. If you don’t, you can also upgrade yourself by buying a more expensive pricing plan.

How does BigCommerce know if my business hits the sales threshold or not? Is this always correct?

BigCommerce depends on sales figures and changes from a mix of product sales, taxes, and shipping. Also, it looks at transactions made via marketing channels such as Facebook since they count as orders. Therefore, BigCommerce knows it more than anyone.

What does BigCommerce do when I have more than one BigCommerce online store?

It will decide each store’s plan so that they are the most suitable for your sales volume.

Why are BigCommerce pricing plans all calculated on a 12-month basis?

A seasonal spike is a quick increase before a fall which will impact the calculation. Therefore, BigCommerce pricing plans are all calculated on a 12-month basis to prevent seasonal spikes. That means your pricing plan will be more predictable.

How can I prevent myself from paying exit fees when I want to cancel my BigCommerce plan?

You do not have to pay any exit fees if you ensure the following things:

  • You have not had any contract with BigCommerce of your country about exit fees.
  • You cancel your BigCommerce plan at least five days before your billing date.
  • You are on an Enterprise plan.

I do not sell in US dollars; what should I do?

Don’t worry since BigCommerce converts sales into dollars using exchange rates in place at the right time of the order. You can search for these rates or call BigCommerce for more information so that you can know it more clearly.

How can I know my trailing 12-month sales number?

You should go to your BigCommerce Control Panel first. Then, click on the Billing section and choose “Purchase History” to know what your trailing 12-month sales number is.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, BigCommerce is not as cheap as you think. As long as your businesses make more than $50k on sales annually, you will definitely have to upgrade to at least the Plus plan and pay an additional $50 every month.

However, you can try BigCommerce for free in up to 15 days. It doesn’t include transaction fees and also provides many interesting features that other apps do not have like gift cards or real-time shipping quotes.

Hopefully, this post has given you useful information so that you can know more about BigCommerce and have a better decision on choosing the pricing plans to follow. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave us a comment in the section below. Share this with your friend and follow us for more if you find it interesting.

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