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How to Get 15, 30, 60, 90 Days BigCommerce Free Trial

Last updated: December 01, 2023
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BigCommerce is an eCommerce platform that helps you to create your own online store. It is now the world’s leading eCommerce platform which is trusted by more than 60 thousand businesses all around the world.

Moreover, BigCommerce is itself known from time to time running special promotions for its “Essentials customers”. And they have recently introduced a new one that should please especially those who are serious about launching an eCommerce store with BigCommerce in the long term.

If you are new here and need time to investigate the utility of the BigCommerce website, all you need to do is register. It is up to you whether you start personalizing and monetizing your eCommerce business right away or use the free trial that BigCommerce offers.

The cost of BigCommerce is based on the amount of profit that you earn each year. Don’t worry since you have 3 pricing options to satisfy all sized companies in different financial conditions.

Your shop will experience a completely responsive site and other basic functions beginning with the free trial, actually letting you know how to manage the store.

To be more detailed about each trial in the BigCommerce platform, this article will go through the notable information on BigCommerce 15 days / 30 days / 2 months / 90 days free trial and explain what you can do with your chosen free trial plans of BigCommerce.

Build your online business with BigCommerce

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Why you choose free trial

Why should you use the free trial? Is the first question when you are advised to use the free plans. The first reason is that BigCommerce offers up to 60-day free trial for their users to experience their services for free. No credit card is required to have access to Free trial plans. As mentioned, you just need to sign up by providing an email address and use BigCommerce free for the next limited days (depending on the free plan you choose). After accomplishing the free trial, BigCommerce offers you to extend your trial period for further long-lasting.

The reason

Over 60,000 businesses trust BigCommerce and use its platform, so what else makes you hesitant to try the free trial with no financial damage, especially when you are going to open your online store and want to find the most suitable website builder to help you?

Here are some features of BigCommerce which will definitely help you understand why to believe in BigCommerce.

  • 0% transaction fee: while the competitors charge up to 2% of sales for using a third-party payment solution, in BigCommerce the solution of your choice has no penalty fee which is a huge advantage.

  • Page builder tool: create and edit site pages with a drag-and-drop visual editing tool, no coding required. Building a website is never much easier with only some simple steps.

  • 24/7 US-based customer support: BigCommerce experts are available 24/7 via phone, email or chat to answer all the questions you may have with your store.

Even using the BigCommerce, you can also integrate your store with Facebook or Instagram free where you add products, run ads, post on social media to make sales. That said, you should try the BigCommerce free trial without being afraid of losing anything because when the trial ends, all the information about your store will disappear unless you extend the trial or pay for pricing plans to keep using it officially. If you like their services, you can continue, otherwise quit the journey and try a new one.

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The free trial features

For all free plans, these are common features that BigCommerce can support, of course it just looks like an experiment in which you try to manage your online store before officially paying for BigCommerce themes. Notice that once you pay for an upper trial plan such as 2 months free or 3 months free, you will earn more beneficial features which are more like experiencing a real online store.

The free trial features

Now, the features of free trials are:

  • Mobile responsive website

  • BigCommerce mobile app

  • Page builder

  • Single-page checkout

  • Apple pay, Google pay, Amazon pay

  • Coupons, discounts and gift cards

  • Multi-currency

  • Real time shipping

  • Professional reporting tools

  • Built-in blog

  • Product ratings and reviews

  • Free Sitewide HTTPs and Dedicated SSL

15 day free trial

The very first start for a free trial comes with a 15-day trial. Once you begin with it, you can extend the further free trial for a longer time as you want to. Either you can pay a fee to BigCommerce to use immediately. But because this article focuses mostly on the free trial for beginners, let’s just dive into this part.

To use this plan, it is very easy to do if following these steps:

Step 1: Go to the BigCommerce homepage and click on “Get Started” to start a trial plan

Go to the BigCommerce homepage and click on “Get Started” to start a trial plan

Step 2: Continue to the next process “Store Details” after entering your email address

Fill in a store name, a password, your first and last name, a phone number, and your company’s size on the form as below.

Go to the BigCommerce homepage and click on “Get Started” to start a trial plan

Step 3: As you are ready, select “Create Your Store”

After you have started your trial, you can change the store name at any time. If you want to add a trial to an existing BigCommerce account, you will need to use the same email address and password as before.

You will be taken to your store’s dashboard once your trial has been established. The following steps to get your store up and running will be listed on the dashboard.

As you are ready, select “Create Your Store”

Start by using the main menu on the left or clicking the buttons below each action object.

When a BigCommerce trial is produced, it is hidden from the public. This prevents search engines from indexing your store when it is still under construction and people from visiting it until it is ready to open.

The store will not go live until you toggle the store status to “open” in Store Setup Store Settings. In addition, you can add a new trial to your current account from your BigCommerce Account Dashboard if you already have a paid store or your trial period has ended.

Step 4: Go to Account Settings > Account Overview

You will get to the account overview from the control panel. The information of your trial store will appear like this:

Go to Account Settings > Account Overview

Go to Account Settings > Account Overview

The Account Dashboard is only accessible by the store owner. Click the Add New Store button once you’re in the account dashboard.

Go to Account Settings > Account Overview

In case you don’t think BigCommerce is a suitable platform for you, and you want to cancel your trial store, no action is needed.

After the 15 day trial duration, the trial will automatically expire. Your trial store will never be charged, so don’t worry.

30 day free trial

BigCommerce is known for running exclusive deals for their Essentials customers from time to time.

And they’ve just released a new one that should appeal to everyone interested in opening an eCommerce store with BigCommerce.

When you pick your package, you’ll get a free month with the new promotion.

Step 1: Log in BigCommerce account, you will be given the standard free trial of 15 days

Step 2: Choose your BigCommerce essentials plan (if you are unsure about which might be the best plan for you, you can see this page for help to consider the plan benefits as well as your current budget)

Step 3: Enjoy your free month

Enjoy your free month

However, there are some limitations and boundaries of 1-month free trial you should consider. If you don’t cancel your account after using this trial, you will be automatically charged for it. Thus, if you want to be careful not to forget to cancel your subscription, it might be advisable to pick the Standard plan, as it is the cheapest and of course, would cost the least money if you don’t remember to cancel the plan.

If you have thoroughly understood the free trial terms and conditions, you could get up to a 45 day free trial with the 1-month promotion. Thanks to this fact, it might be possible to pick your plan on the last day of the standard 15-day free trial and then enjoy the special 1-month free trial. That said, it is not a guarantee that it works suitably, so you need to check your account.

2 month free trial

New customers will receive a 60-day free BigCommerce Trial of their chosen plan as part of this promotion.

However, this offer is only valid for the BigCommerce Pro Plan; other Standard & Plus plans only offer a 30-day trial.

2 month free trial

To activate the two-month free trial, you must create a new account using this special link.

90 day free trial

Similar to a 2-month trial, you need to upgrade a chosen plan. Surprisingly, this trial combines the brand’s affiliate codes (PayPal, ShipStation, Clover, or Chase, etc.) or links to get a free 90-day BigCommerce free trial.

90 day free trial

The reason for this integration is because BigCommerce has collaborated for a lot of discount offers in order to promote their premium services. We can make sure how long this deal will be available from BigCommerce, so claim your deal as soon as possible. There are the BigCommerce offers to figure out more options to select and if you want to learn more, you can click on this link.

Disclaimer: Merchants will still need to put a credit card on file for setup, but they will not be paid for the first 90 days.

BigCommerce pricing plans after free trial ends

After trying the free trial, if you are satisfied with the store theme and want to operate your online business, we would like to introduce some BigCommerce pricing plans. All plans include further features such as:

  • Unlimited products, file storage and bandwidth – sell as many products as you want

  • Real-time shipping quotes – offer the lowest shipping price possible to your customers

  • Responsive website – looks great on both mobile and desktop

  • Single-page checkout – ensure the checkout process is quick and smooth

  • The smoother it is, the more sales you make

  • No transaction fees – keep all the money you make on sales

  • 24/7 live customer support – expert help to answer any technical or business questions

BigCommerce pricing plans

Standard: $29.95 per month

  • Good for smaller eCommerce stores

  • Suitable for stores with revenue up to $50k

If you’re just getting started, the Standard plan will give you everything you need and more. The Standard plan is the cheapest for beginners, but it still comes with a generous amount of features packed in.

As with all BigCommerce plans, it gives you an unlimited amount of products, storage, bandwidth, and staff accounts – plus zero transaction fees!

On top of that, it lets you sell across multiple sales channels, including eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Other features include product ratings and reviews, discount and gift card creation, and real-time shipping quotes.

Unexpected extra costs are the number one reason customers abandon orders, so being able to offer discounts and real-time shipping quotes are beneficial for your store’s conversion rates! It is perfect for businesses that are starting out and looking to grow.

Plus: $79.95 per month

  • BigCommerce’s most popular price plan

  • Includes abandoned cart recovery + other additional tools

  • Good option for medium-sized stores or fast-growing stores.

  • Suitable for stores with revenue up to $180k/year

The Plus plan gives you everything from the Standard plan, plus some extra tools to help you increase customer conversions. These include:

  • Customer groups – by building customer groups, you can reward frequent shoppers via loyalty programs

  • Abandoned cart saver – use automated emails to win back customers who abandoned their carts at checkout

  • Persistent cart – save customers’ shopping carts to their account so that they can carry on shopping even if they switch devices

  • Stored credit cards – help your customers checkout faster by allowing them to safely store their card details

The abandoned cart saver is the real star of the show – it’s even been found that sending abandoned cart emails can win back 15% of shoppers!

Pro: $299.95 per month

  • Business with the revenue up to $400k; beyond this limit, you pay an extra $150 per month for each extra $200k in online sales, up to $1m.

  • Includes abandoned cart recovery + other additional tools

  • Big companies with a big budget

This plan takes everything from both the Standard and Plus plans, and piles on even more features with the focus on taking your business to the next level. Here are some advantages if you pay for this plan:

  • Google customer reviews– a tool that lets you collect customer feedback and view product ratings

  • Product filtering – help customers quickly find the products they’re looking for using filters such as size, color, or brand

  • Custom SSL – if you’ve already bought an SSL elsewhere, you can transfer it to your BigCommerce store

These are useful features for further scaling an already established online store and refining your customer experience.

Enterprise Plan: Custom

  • Additional service and support features – API support, express routing, priority support, and strategic account management

  • Suitable for businesses earning over $400k/year

For the largest eCommerce stores, the Enterprise plan lets you max out on everything BigCommerce has to offer:

  • Custom product filters – use custom product fields as filters in faceted search, which helps customers narrow down their options

  • Price lists – display different prices to different customer groups, such as wholesale or retail pricing

  • Unlimited API calls – you can send an unlimited number of requests to your server

BigCommerce pricing is unique because you have to upgrade as you grow. It’s in your best interests to upgrade if you hit your revenue peak. In fact, it’s often worth upgrading long before then.

For example, as you’re on BigCommerce’s Standard plan, your store generates over $50k in revenue a year. You’ll find that you don’t have a choice: you must upgrade to the Plus plan.

Apparently, upgrades don’t happen out of the blue. Dashboard notifications and emails will alert customers of any upgrades, and these happen once your sales volume goes over your plan limit (BigCommerce doesn’t look at your revenue via tax or calendar year, but rather as the 12 months previous).

You’ll have plenty of warning if your plan and your bills are about to change, and your revenue is never limited, even if you go over the plan threshold.

BigCommerce offers a discount if you pick an annual plan, you get 10% off your Plus or Pro plan. And best of all, you don’t need a code for that discount.


BigCommerce is one of the best eCommerce platforms, and if you are serious about eCommerce, it might very well be the best eCommerce platform option to use. The premium trial is no more exciting experience than you might ever get from BigCommerce.

The free trial is a great opportunity to make a practice of what you can do with your online store. Thus, BigCommerce 15 days / 30 days / 2 months / 90 days free trial helps you out which practice is the most appropriate to experience. We really appreciate it if you find this article useful and informative; moreover, you need our support if you encounter any problems.

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