Top 13 Best Shopify Spy Apps in 2023

13+ Best Shopify Spy Apps from hundreds of the Spy reviews in the market (Shopify Apps Store, Shopify Apps) as derived from AVADA Commerce Ranking which is using AVADA Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by AVADA Commerce experts, if your app about Spy does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Spy app collection is ranked and result in June 2023, the price from $0. You find free, paid Spy apps or alternatives to Spy also. The Top 50+ Shopify Free Apps for Every Store.

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Quick Comparisons of the Best Shopify Spy Apps

# App Name Vendor Pricing Rating Image Action
1 BigSpy - Ads Spy Tool BigSpy Free 4.9/5 ⭐️ Shopify Spy app by Bigspy Get app!
2 Mention Mention 0 4.8/5 ⭐️ Shopify Spy app by Mention Get app!
3 Intelligynce Intelligynce $29/month 4.2/5 ⭐️ Shopify Spy app by Intelligynce Get app!
4 SocialPeta SocialPeta $59/month 4.3/5 ⭐️ Shopify Spy app by Socialpeta Get app!
5 CommerceInspector CommerceInspector 0 4.3/5 ⭐️ Shopify Spy app by Commerceinspector Get app!
6 Shopify Inspector Shopify Inspector 0 4.6/5 ⭐️ Shopify Spy app by Shopify inspector Get app!
7 Panjiva Supply Chain Intelligence Panjiva 0 4.5/5 ⭐️ Shopify Spy app by Panjiva Get app!
8 MOZ MOZ 0 4.5/5 ⭐️ Shopify Spy app by Moz Get app!
9 Niche Scraper Niche Scraper 0 4.6/5 ⭐️ Shopify Spy app by Niche scraper Get app!
10 Built With Built With 0 4.8/5 ⭐️ Shopify Spy app by Built with Get app!
11 My IP.MS My IP.MS 0 4.8/5 ⭐️ Shopify Spy app by My Get app!
12 Ahrefs Site Explorer Ahrefs 7 4.5/5 ⭐️ Shopify Spy app by Ahrefs Get app!
13 Faded: Fill your feed with Facebook Ads rahul.ramchand.rr 0 2.3/5 ⭐️ Shopify Spy app by Rahul.ramchand.rr Get app!

Top 13 Best Spy Apps for Shopify stores:

BigSpy - Ads Spy Tool by Bigspy

Shopify Spy Apps by Bigspy

BigSpy is where you can improve your marketing strategies and win the ads. This website keeps adding features for free. So it’s a must-have for the advertiser’s team.

Find all commercials people tracked - saving money and time. Get niches and thoughts with social proof and real-Time facts - permitting to monitor activity because it takes place. The device routinely picks prevailing or trending commercials on each day foundation with the intelligence you want to pressure down ad prices, and maximize profitability. Monitoring overall performance curve or advert scheduling by your personal preference. Looking and filtering by using ad types, international locations, codecs, enterprise type, CTA, date. Day by day discovering new thoughts or niches tracked by lots of users. Every day trending advertisements picked through huge records and our intelligence.

You have to spend $9 for each month with 29 queries daily. This app also provides unlimited filtering features, search features. However, there is limited filtering for tracked ads unless you register $99 for a month.

Highlight features
  • Offer powerful search
  • Support to find marketing strategies
  • Include ads from many major social networks.
  • Provide daily trending ads picked
  • Find new ideas or niches tracked everyday

Price: Free

Rating:4.9 / 5

Mention by Mention

Shopify Spy Apps by Mention

The monitor website helps you with monitoring your competitors, brand, and strategy online. You don’t have to pay any fee for using.

Mention crawls extensive sources throughout the net which includes forums, blogs, news, and assessment web sites, in addition to social media channels like Fb, Twitter or Instagram - identifying every instance when a key-word of your selection is mentioned. You can completely make a combination of the records so you can observe key metrics and get insights to make sure you are aware of any of your competition’s movements. Understand how your logo is perceived online. Trap and reply to crises before they get out of hand. Improve and construct your social media approach based totally on target audience insights around your key topics. Build your social approach and schedule earlier. Preview and organize content material in a multi-channel editorial calendar.

With this app, now you can point out crawls considerable assets throughout the web such as social media, boards, blogs, news, and assessment web sites.

Highlight features
  • Monitor your online media
  • Can analyze specific competitor
  • Manage your brand
  • Pilot your social media
  • Develope your agency

Price: 0

Rating:4.8 / 5

Intelligynce by Intelligynce

Shopify Spy Apps by Intelligynce

With the Intelligynce tool, it’s easier to import the limitless number of products immediately into your Shopify & WooCommerce shops in just mins.

The built-in product import feature will car-generate the sale rate from the markup percent and can also auto-generate an ordinary rate from the predefined bargain percentage. Plus, it additionally auto-generates useful SKUs (stock preserving Unit) for each imported product variant. Moreover, all picture variations, coloration variations, and size versions are all well imported. This one-of-a-type sales analyzer device sets this software program apart from all opposition. No different merchandise provides these valuable records. Get an immediate evaluation of how properly products are promoting on AliExpress. Right away generate heaps of relatively targeted niche key phrases in just seconds using the built-in keyword generator device.

You can get instantaneous get entry to to a treasure trove of hidden worthwhile niches the use of the “Deep seeks” alternative. Download this tool to advance your store.

Highlight features
  • Can import unlimited products review
  • Receive the exact data products you need
  • Get 33 different metrics for products
  • Provide nearly 380 categories
  • Own the keyword generator tool

Price: $29/month

Rating:4.2 / 5

SocialPeta by Socialpeta

Shopify Spy Apps by Socialpeta

SoicalPeta website is helping the customer solve their problem with either building marketing strategies or investigate the strategy of competitors.

One of the important features of this site providing target market keyword advice, increase the amount of presentation. Drive your ability target audience faster and grow the cost of your advert conversions. Analyze competing audiences and gain notion. Besides, you can find the correct audience person snapshots and set a suitable transport strategy. In-intensity analysis of competitors and advertising audiences to improve advert techniques. Observe famous advertising and marketing strategies to drive commercial enterprise boom and maximize revenue. Moreover, to view network analytics to optimize advert spend. Understand the promotional information of advertisers, provide custom-designed solutions to promote cooperation, and optimize the income of advertising stock. Big ad creatives, presenting the unlimited proposal.

Last but not least, you can capture famous ads and monitor your competition’s advert performance. Via the use of the simplest marketing ideas shop on checking out charges.

Highlight features
  • Discover ads inspiration for your store
  • Develop your ads strategy
  • Expand the advertising audience
  • Display inventory inteligence
  • Show the keyword trend inteligence

Price: $59/month

Rating:4.3 / 5

CommerceInspector by Commerceinspector

Shopify Spy Apps by Commerceinspector

With CommerceInspector, you can locate suggestions for the goods you need to launch next. It provides product-level insights encompass income quantity, launches, and categories.

With this app, you can seek products by means of the keyword across all stores. Sharpen your competitive area with the aid of following almost any store’s metrics. Song sales traits, product catalog, nice-dealers, net site visitors, and greater. And find out the trending stores you must recognize. Compelling innovative is the maximum critical differentiator for ads nowadays — benefit a competitive facet and inspiration by using following each ad your competition release. And effortlessly reference active and inactive commercials. Traders can keep or earn thousands and thousands of greenbacks with a single utility that power growth or will increase efficiency. Discover what applications are being followed or dropped by using the stores you aspire to comply with. Search apps with the aid of category.

You don’t have to pay any things for this powerful website. It’s for free. Just installs CommerceInspector so you will increase your sales.

Highlight features
  • Explore the products that sell
  • Can track the real-time sale
  • Can follow any store's ads campaign
  • Can search for apps by category.
  • Catch the sale trend of the world

Price: 0

Rating:4.3 / 5

Shopify Inspector by Shopify inspector

Shopify Spy Apps by Shopify inspector

In one click, you display all the strategies that the shop owner uses, what are the first-class dealers and the pricing used.

Although you use WooCommerce on any other eCommerce platform, now you have got the possibility to comply with and spy any Shopify shop you want. Shopify Inspector helps you to keep time and hassle, you could without problems apprehend the way to set up your eCommerce save and the way to control it, and the maximum crucial component is - it helps you to find out approximately your competitors, pick out possibilities on your niche, and discover ways to improve your own website collections and campaigns. Create your personal eCommerce income estimates without difficulty in every shop you inspect while having the whole photo of the visitors, satisfactory promoting merchandise, and fees.

Shopify Inspector is a very effective marketplace research tool that will help you recognize your eCommerce shop.

Highlight features
  • Simple and easy to install
  • Reveal all Shopify secret
  • Provide fast and lightweight
  • Can follow and track any Shopify store
  • Free for using in permanent

Price: 0

Rating:4.6 / 5

Panjiva Supply Chain Intelligence by Panjiva

Shopify Spy Apps by Panjiva

Panjiva Supply Chain Intelligence app is a product offering from S&P international marketplace Intelligence, brings you unequaled insights on the global supply chain.

This platform takes the electricity of system learning and statistics visualization to give you clean, actionable insights on international alternate. Apprehend your market share with the aid of seeing where your competitors supply their goods, and which entities are worried about the cargo of goods. When using this platform, you can research alternate lanes or become aware of which organizations have the riskiest deliver chains. Whether you’re targeting consumers, suppliers Panjiva makes it smooth to identify the great income potentialities, analyze more about their commercial enterprise, and make contact.

This technology gives you on the spot perception into the corporations worried at every node of global supply chains. From producers and consumers to delivery and logistics, Panjiva lets in customers to better understand alternate around the globe.

Highlight features
  • Can Search for Importers and Exports
  • Build a lead list for your sales team
  • Able to search your location
  • Receive email in specific time
  • Help you know your competitor better

Price: 0

Rating:4.5 / 5

MOZ by Moz

Shopify Spy Apps by Moz

MOZ apprehend why your web page or your internet site is ranking wherein it’s miles in search results by way of reviewing and tracking inbound hyperlinks.

Evaluate the make-up of your competitors’ link profiles and see in which they’re earning their hyperlinks and how. Hold link equity and visitors from the exceptional oneway links you’ve earned via effortlessly finding and fixing broken links on your website. Lower the number of spammy links pointing in your website and boom best hyperlinks. Find out who’s linking on your competition (but not to you) with Link Intersect. See which content and top pages outperform the others – plus, studies your competitors. This site will reveal when your content is gaining or losing hyperlinks.

Besides, you can find out the most current hyperlinks by using the date. See how web sites are linking to you with the full anchor text records for every link, URL, and domain.

Highlight features
  • Can see the links to any site
  • Support customer to research competitor backlinks
  • Search broken links to your site
  • Can check the spam score of backlinks
  • Find top-performing content

Price: 0

Rating:4.5 / 5

Niche Scraper by Niche scraper

Shopify Spy Apps by Niche scraper

Niche Scraper is a reliable tool that helps in finding prevailing merchandise it’s an effective and superior research bot.

The nice part about the area of interest Scraper is that new products are being delivered by them each day. Essentially, Niche Scraper is a dropshipping tool that allows in locating prevailing products from Shopify shops all around the international. You could also outsource for the goods you want to promote in your Shopify shop. You could discover top promoting products or trending merchandise from a Shopify keep of your desire or pinnacle Shopify shops inside the world. You can easily locate trending products from a top-promoting save on Shopify all around the world. All of us realize that finding a store that is, in reality, promoting nicely can take the long term. Facilitate Fb video advert author generally offers you insights about all of the top promoting products proper on Shopify.

Here you may additionally scratch their advertisements insights like you may find targeting, age, group, pursuits, ads sorts alongside the demographics too.

Highlight features
  • Be updated winning products every day
  • Provide store analysis
  • Facilitate Facebook video Ad creator
  • Create product in video situation
  • Register for free with almost feature provided.

Price: 0

Rating:4.6 / 5

Built With by Built with

Shopify Spy Apps by Built with

Built With site create lists of web sites that have unique keywords or phrases at the homepage of the website which based on the database that has a generation tracked profile.

This app is a Google fashion seek engine however only searching out applicable keywords observed on the homepage of an internet site and the ability to break down by using web sites the usage of precise technology, classes of technology, locations, traffic ranks, and their web technology spend and of the route, absolutely exportable. With BuiltWith pro, you will have access to the information for hundreds of thousands of online stores. The sheer volume of facts places us at the main edge of coming across worldwide retail traits. You could get right of entry to our filtered retail lists to get an amazing insight into the world you’re inquisitive about or create your very own lead lists with custom filtering.

It’s very easy to filter the BuiltWith app to reveal best a listing of apparel primarily based on purchasing web sites in international locations across the globe.

Highlight features
  • Can improve your conversions
  • Be free to get advanced technology market
  • Have data coverage
  • Provide cyber risk auditing
  • Report your filtering with technology spend

Price: 0

Rating:4.8 / 5

My IP.MS by My

Shopify Spy Apps by My

My IP.MS is a tool that is used for finding hosting companies on any website, or you can see your location.

Though product getting to know is the important thing capability of this device, it performs a huge number of additional operations as well. One of the fantastic characteristics in this tool is its capability of presenting the most lately updated merchandise for users. This effective tool analyzes thousands of android apps on forward, giving you perception into your competitor’s marketplace strategy. A key function of the device is that you may find insights from competitors; you don’t even recognize and song their marketing campaigns. You can also find world hosting companies with 119,154 reference countries. The blacklist IP databases are shown on the site, so you can find whether your IP is on the blacklist or not.

In general, this app is used online, and you can check direct information on it. However, there are some reports to download in excel form.

Highlight features
  • Can find host company on any website
  • Provide blacklist IP database
  • Look up information on live world website
  • Show your location and IP address
  • Show recent IP database visit website

Price: 0

Rating:4.8 / 5

Ahrefs Site Explorer by Ahrefs

Shopify Spy Apps by Ahrefs

Site Explorer provides organic visitors to studies. You can see what key phrases your competitors are ranking for and which pages convey the most seek engine site visitors.

One-way link checker - See which websites hyperlink in your competitors’ websites and gauge the first-class in their back-link profiles. Paid traffic research - learn whether your competition is doing paid to seek advertising and in which they funnel their paid visitors. See what keywords your competitors rank for in seek and what kind of site visitors each keyword brings them. Just enter their websites on the website online Explorer and skim the “organic search” phase of the reports.

The Site Explorer section helps you to fastly discover which pages on a goal internet site have the most one-way links and social shares. When you install this app, you will own a powerful research tool. Let’s optimize your store and watch for competitors.

Highlight features
  • Can search for black links
  • Can analyze the organic traffic
  • Mange to pay traffic research
  • Can research paid keyword
  • The ability to search for pages

Price: 7

Rating:4.5 / 5

Faded: Fill your feed with Facebook Ads by Rahul.ramchand.rr

Shopify Spy Apps by Rahul.ramchand.rr

Faded is a chrome extension built for FB entrepreneurs that filters out all of the non-promotional or non-sponsored posts and fills the feed with Facebook advertisements.

Now, get inspired all the time. That is a simple chrome extension that filters your Facebook feed and fills them with commercials serving as an actual-time concept gallery of creatives being targeted at you. Getting creative got an entire lot easier. It runs a purchaser-aspect script that works until you reload the page or forestall scrolling down the page. The extension does no longer get rid of the remaining two non-promotional posts while you’re scrolling down the web page. This became smooth to hack to stop being unproductive whilst surfing on Facebook and maintaining myself updated on the entirety that works as a Facebook advert. After spending a lot of dollars on the platform, getting to know and unlearning the advert area turned into not to be taken without any consideration.

Moreover, this site does not violate any Facebook regulations since it runs a script most effective on the patron’s side.

Highlight features
  • Support to fills the feed with Facebook Ads
  • Provide a client-side script
  • Mange to increase visitors
  • Easy to hack to stop being unproductive
  • Don't violate any Facebook policies

Price: 0

Rating:2.3 / 5

How ranks Shopify Spy apps list

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  • The prices and features
  • The app provider’s reputation
  • Social media metrics such as Facebook, Twitter and Google +
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Top 13 Shopify Spy Apps

Special thanks to all vendors which contributed the best 13 Shopify Spy apps. We honestly recommend you to give every app above a try if possible. We create Shopify apps review series with the aim of helping Shopify online stores find the best Spy for their website. All of the information on the review (including features, description, prices, and links) is collected from the vendor’s website or their own published page/ selling channels.

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