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Top 7 Best Shopify Order Tagger Apps in 2023

7+ Best Shopify Order Tagger Apps from hundreds of the Order Tagger reviews in the market (Shopify Apps Store, Shopify Apps) as derived from AVADA Commerce Ranking which is using AVADA Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by AVADA Commerce experts, if your app about Order Tagger does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Order Tagger app collection is ranked and result in December 2023, the price from $0. You find free, paid Order Tagger apps or alternatives to Order Tagger also. The Top 50+ Shopify Free Apps for Every Store.

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Quick Comparisons of the Best Shopify Order Tagger Apps

# App Name Vendor Pricing Rating Image Action
1 Order Tagger Union Works Apps $15/month. 7-day free trial. 5.0/5 ⭐️ Shopify Order Tagger app by Union works apps Get app!
2 Smart Tags wehavefaces Start from $0/month 4.7/5 ⭐️ Shopify Order Tagger app by Wehavefaces Get app!
3 Easy Tagging Dev Cloud $2.99/month 4.6/5 ⭐️ Shopify Order Tagger app by Dev cloud Get app!
4 Order Automator Speed Boostr $10/month 5.0/5 ⭐️ Shopify Order Tagger app by Speed boostr Get app!
5 TagRobot Accentuate Free 5.0/5 ⭐️ Shopify Order Tagger app by Accentuate Get app!
6 Order Statuses By Ultimatify MyMother $4.99/month 5.0/5 ⭐️ Shopify Order Tagger app by Mymother Get app!
7 Order Tagger Omega $5.99/month. 14-day free trial. 4.7/5 ⭐️ Shopify Order Tagger app by Omega Get app!

Top 7 Best Order Tagger Apps for Shopify stores:

Order Tagger by Union works apps

Shopify Order Tagger Apps by Union works apps

Order Tagger developed by Union Works Apps is another tag order for your Shopify store. Using tags to your orders can aid in grouping orders which are based on the particular set of category. Tagging orders are known as a critical step for building workflows for the order processing as well as fulfilment. In fact, the app allows users to tag orders automatically depending on the condition variety. Additionally, users can generate a rule and as orders match the rules, the app will tag them. This also enables users to collect orders in group based on those tags to help simplify the fulfillment processes and then highlight the orders. When installing the app, users can see multiple available tagging rules, including product based rules, shipping based rules, transaction based rules or billing address based rules and many more. In case you cannot see a rule in the above list, you can get in touch with the app team and see how they can aid you.

Highlight features
  • Get orders controlled and filter orders by tags
  • Use tags to automatically tag orders with conditions
  • Apply orders tags to right person
  • Create order tags rules
  • Provide with available tagging rules

Price: $15/month. 7-day free trial.

Rating:5.0 / 5

Smart Tags by Wehavefaces

Shopify Order Tagger Apps by Wehavefaces

Smart Tags app developed by wehavefaces provides users with a tool to tag orders, customers or products in a smart way. Why do users need the app? And here are reasons. Smart tags app enables to tag your orders, products, and customers based on the vendor, price, weight, type, and quantity or even more. In addition, you can get your store collections enhanced with Smart tags. Besides enhancing your store collections, you can improve the store filter menu with better tags. More than that, you can untag a product or item falling under a minimum value or your shoppers can filter dresses in size M, however, they will be displayed if they are available. With the app, you can get free plans available for any store that has less than about 50 products and take note that paid plans can start from USD2 per month. All you need to do right now is installing the app and beginning to make smart tags rules.

Highlight features
  • Enable to tag users'products, orders, and customers automatically
  • Make tagging rules for users's Shopify store
  • Proivde users with free and available plans
  • Improve users's shop collections and filter menus thanks to smart tags
  • Offer some available smart tags

Price: Start from $0/month

Rating:4.7 / 5

Easy Tagging by Dev cloud

Shopify Order Tagger Apps by Dev cloud

This app can uploads tags to your orders, products, and clients automatically.

Upload tags automatically to orders, merchandise, and customers matching positive standards. The app is virtually sincere. You simply want to set up your rules and the app will cope with tagging your orders, merchandise, and customers that fit the criteria. Overlook approximately including tags manually and store a huge amount of time. You may now also do away with tags and create meta fields if a few criteria match your orders, merchandise or customers. Making use of tags facilitates you organize your keep in a better way. Find your orders, products, and clients effortlessly using tags search. So with this app, you can improve your reviews. Make better reports with the aid of the use of tags to segment your sales, merchandise, and clients. You can use tags to generate reviews that help you higher recognize your enterprise.

To recover more features of Easy tagging, you can purchase it and experience it.

Highlight features
  • Can automatically add tags to order
  • Organise your store again
  • Can improve your report
  • Can add meta fields instead of tags
  • Easy tagging to save your time

Price: $2.99/month

Rating:4.6 / 5

Order Automator by Speed boostr

Shopify Order Tagger Apps by Speed boostr

With the Order Automator app, you could set it to robotically tag orders based totally on order data. It will save your customer’s time in the order process.

You can use order tags to filter and get entry to tags with certain conditions. For example, in case you want to fast see all worldwide orders, permit worldwide order tagging with this app then view your orders filtered via the tag “international”. The Order Automator automatically fulfills these, triggering the notifications to the patron and the whole success technique. Get email notifications based totally on order conditions. For example, you may get an email notification any time a global order is available in. This feature works properly with the car achievement of Amazon orders. You can set it up, so you simplest get order notifications on orders that need to be manually fulfilled.

Moreover, you can cancel the order after a fixed time. This app provides the best condition for the customer while shopping.

Highlight features
  • Provide auto order-tagger
  • Can auto fulfill orders
  • Get email for order condition
  • Can cancel order after a time
  • Save customer time by getting order faster

Price: $10/month

Rating:5.0 / 5

TagRobot by Accentuate

Shopify Order Tagger Apps by Accentuate

There are many apps that help you manage your orders, however, TagRobot can bring you the difference. By using this app, you can segment your clients directly within your store admin from order data. Hence, you can have a clearer understanding of your consumers and better prepare for future plans. Besides, this software helps you to control and fulfill different types of orders. Moreover, you are allowed to filter orders and customers by tags and you can save these tags for future uses then it can save your time working with orders. You can apply these tags for older orders as well to arrange your data. A plus of this app is that there is no charge for you to install and experience its features then you can use it and uninstall it if you are not satisfied with its function.

Highlight features
  • Let shop owners organize order management
  • Available to segment consumers directly within store admin
  • Easy to control and fulfill different types of orders
  • Simple to filter orders/clients by tags
  • Allow administrators to save tag filters for future use

Price: Free

Rating:5.0 / 5

Order Statuses By Ultimatify by Mymother

Shopify Order Tagger Apps by Mymother

Order Statuses by Ultimatify is a Shopify app designed to help you manage your orders effortlessly in the most time-saving way possible. The app allows you to assign tags to orders so that you could search for an order easily using tags, order number, or date range. You could create an unlimited number of statuses, custom fields and tags for each page, where the order overview can be seen. The app also allows you to view the list of line items on order right within the app.

Highlight features
  • Assign tags to orders
  • Orders overview page
  • Create unlimited statuses, custom fields and tags for each page
  • Search for orders easily using order number and date range
  • View list of line items on order right within the app

Price: $4.99/month

Rating:5.0 / 5

Order Tagger by Omega

Shopify Order Tagger Apps by Omega

Order Tagger by Omega developed by Omega aims at including tags to users’ orders by your created rules. Order Tagger helps you deal with filtering or looking-up troubles for your stores on Shopify. The app aids in adding tags to orders by rules you set or filter orders by any attribute. All you need to do is setting up rules or conditions to include tags on orders you want to get them filtered. In addition, Order Tagger is an amazing tool to assist in controlling your customers’ orders. Additionally, you can tag by order shipping which includes price, title, source, shipping Zip/Code. Those tags can be added as the order is consisting of shipping rates or Zip code. Besides, you can tag by order address, which means that you can generate rules based on billing or shipping information. The feature of tag by order other attributes is also available since it allows you to add tags to customer note, email, total weight or total price.

Highlight features
  • Set up rules to add tags to orders
  • Generate rules simply
  • Get orders filtered by tags
  • Create tags by order shipping
  • Make tags by order item

Price: $5.99/month. 14-day free trial.

Rating:4.7 / 5

How AVADA.io ranks Shopify Order Tagger apps list

These above 7 Order Tagger apps for Shopify are ranked based on the following criterias:

  • The ratings on Shopify App store
  • The app’s rank on search engines
  • The prices and features
  • The app provider’s reputation
  • Social media metrics such as Facebook, Twitter and Google +
  • Reviews and assessment by AVADA.io

Top 7 Shopify Order Tagger Apps

Special thanks to all vendors which contributed the best 7 Shopify Order Tagger apps. We honestly recommend you to give every app above a try if possible. We create Shopify apps review series with the aim of helping Shopify online stores find the best Order Tagger for their website. All of the information on the review (including features, description, prices, and links) is collected from the vendor’s website or their own published page/ selling channels.

The list of the 7 best Shopify Order Tagger apps is kept up-to-date on a regular basis by our team. Please feel free to reach us out if you have any questions related to this app review.

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