How to Change the Display Order of Options on Shopify


Last time, we have discussed the way to add variants to a product. Now, I will share with you about the editing variants process. It is clear that knowing how to edit variants of your existing products is an essential knowledge for every shop owners. If you can master this, it will give you the ability to change the variants details of your products in a timely manner. For example, you could change the option details, change the order of the options, edit or delete a variant, and so on.

In this editing process, the order of option names, which are displayed, plays an important and indispensable role. It is because the customers will see your variant options in a certain order, so if you change that order, it might help your customers to view all of the products that you are selling much more easier. Consequently, changing the display order of options becomes one of the effective methods to help you to edit your variants easily and effortlessly.

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Below are some simple steps to help you to reorganize your options’ display order. This instruction could be applied not only for Desktop but also for iPhone and Android.

How to change the display order of options on Shopify

Step 1: Click products

Login into your Shopify account, next, click Products. All your products will appear on the screen.

Step 2: Choose the product you want to change

Choose the product which you want to change its options order by clicking on the name of that product.


Step 3: Click Reorder variants

From the products details screen, scroll down to see the Variants section. Then, click the Reorder variants button that is beside the Edit options button to change the order of that product.


Step 4: Click and drag an option name

After clicking Reorder variants. The dialog will appear. Here, you can re-order these option by click and drag an option name such as Color, Size or Material to change its position.

change options

Step 5: Change the position of values

When you have finished changing the order of all the option names as you want, you can also change the position of its values by doing the same way as you re-order the option names.

change values

Step 6: Choose Save to complete

Finally, remember to click the Save button to save your work.


Above is the brief instruction about how to change the display order of options that you have set in the variant details section. I hope that after reading this instruction, you can apply it in practice in order to raise your sales.

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